Atari VCS has been given a release date

If you are hungry for an Atari VCS or have been waiting for the console for a while now, we can announce that the release date has been confirmed with a short wait.

Now we finally know that the Atari VCS will go on sale on June 15th. Atari VCS was first presented in 2017 and has since had a rather complicated journey, first the console was called “Ataribox” which was renamed Atari VCS in 2018.

This is a console that will have hundreds of Atari 2600 games built in, but according to Atari themselves, you will be able to install other operating systems such as Windows, Linux, ChromeOS or SteamOS on it as well.

However, the Atari VCS will not be a cheap console, the standard version will cost $ 299 while the slightly more exclusive console that has walnut tree shells will go for $ 399.