Atea invests in climate – borrows robot from Apple

All old mobile phones that lie and collect dust contain valuable raw materials that are costly to extract. With that, it takes time to disassemble phones, so Atea has started a collaboration with Apple’s robot, Daisy.

The collaboration means that the Atea Group will be the first in the Nordic region to sign an agreement with Apple’s sorting robot Daisy. The robot must utilize resources that wear out the environment to extract, but which are necessary components in mobile phones, such as tungsten and tin. In one hour, Daisy is able to disassemble and sort components from 200 mobile phones.

– It’s great fun that we are the first in the Nordics to sign an agreement with Apple to start using Daisy. In sustainability, we talk a lot about closing the loop, ie reusing materials in new manufacturing and eliminating waste in the process. The investment with Apple is in line with Atea’s sustainability plan for 2030. Among other things, we will reach our 1-1 goal; for every new IT product we release, a used unit must be taken back, says Chiara Selvetti who is sustainability manager for Atea Sweden.

Apple Daisy
The result of Daisy’s sorting

The Daisy robot has been designed and built by Apple to disassemble units and make use of the material inside. The robot can identify and disassemble 23 different iPhone models at a speed of 200 units per hour, which is about 1.2 million units per year. Apple has two robots, one of which is in the Netherlands.