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‘Atomic Heart’ Boss Fight Trailer Shows 10 Minutes Of Chaotic Battles

‘Atomic Heart’ Boss Fight Trailer Shows 10 Minutes Of Chaotic Battles

Shortly after the game’s big release date was revealed, developer Mundfish is back with another 10 minutes of insane Atomic Heart visuals. This time around, the team has featured a full boss fight as part of IGN First’s reporting month.

The long clip shows a pretty varied boss fight – certainly one that’s more complex than in your average first person shooter – with some pretty impressive attack variety. Here’s a description of the fight, straight from the video overview:

Meet Hedgie in this Atomic Heart boss fight gameplay, which introduces us to a giant mechanical ball boss. This brand new gameplay captured by developer Mundfish gives us an idea of ​​what to expect from the robot enemies and their skills of the upcoming action RPG.

This intense combat showcases some of the skills and weapons players will have at their disposal when this FPS launches next year, and demonstrates just how challenging Atomic Heart’s combat is. From taking shots with an arsenal of powerful weapons to hacking Hedgie with an axe, here’s a taste of what’s to come.”

Mundfish’s outrageous first-person shooter launches in February, including a day-one Xbox