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Autonomous? Nope. California moves against Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ claim

Autonomous? Nope. California moves against Tesla’s ‘full self-driving’ claim

By Matt McFarland, CNN Business

“Full self-driving,” the controversially named driver-assist feature from Tesla, may have finally met its match.

Tesla’s foil isn’t a silver-haired US Senator, world-class autonomous driving experts, or some of the country’s preeminent safety advocates. They’ve all warned that “full self-driving” isn’t really full self-driving. The technology is designed to navigate local roads with steering, braking and acceleration, but it requires an attentive human driver who’s ready to take control and correct the system, which “may do the wrong thing at the worst time,” Tesla warns.

But while these critics may have the traditional bully pulpit of the Senate or other institutions, they have no real power to change any policy on their own. An actual impact may instead come from an unglamorous public agency, one that many Americans think of as only capable of offering customers long wait times: the Department of Motor Vehicles. The California DMV has become the first US government entity to formally move against the naming of “full self-driving.”

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