Aztech Forgotten Gods gets gameplay glimpses

Aztech: Forgotten Gods was announced at the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase and now has a little more meat on its bones – enough for a new trailer and a little more details.

Aztech takes place in a fictional world where the American continent was never colonized. You play as Achtli, a young woman who is more than willing to dream of gods with her magic warring glove. When we first got to see Aztech gave it God of WarAnd Immortals-vibbar. Now the two parts have been supplemented with a piece Vexx. Aztechs visual impressions are a lot like platform action games from the PS2 / XB / GC era in general, and seem to itch just the right place for fans of the genre.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods will be released this fall on PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One as well as Series X | S. You will find the latest trailer in the header.