Bad Swedish in the Mac program? How to change the language of individual programs

Many developers today are trying to break into new markets by adapting their programs to other languages. It became common on iOS because Apple made it much easier to add more languages ​​to apps on the App Store, and has since spread to the Mac as well.

Unfortunately, many developers do not use professional technical translators but rely on robotic translations and perhaps a quick review of an underpaid translator who is not necessarily an expert in the program’s niche area. When even Apple’s translators make mistakes (have you noticed that the Applications folder has changed its name to “Apps” in Big Sur?), It’s not surprising that small developers do not have the resources to make it perfect.

From time to time we come across programs that have barely made any effort at all. They may have completely wrong incorrect translations or mix translated pieces with pieces in English (as long as you have not chosen another language as a second language in System settings -> Language and region, otherwise it may be a mixture of Swedish and the other language).

Poorly translated
Not the best translation…

When you come across one of these annoying programs, it is easiest to force the program to be in English. Most programs are based on English and add other languages ​​afterwards, it is rare that the English version is “broken” or has other oddities. In the past, it was awkward to switch languages ​​on a single application: you basically had to go into and root the application’s files, something that was not even possible with Mac App Store applications.

Since Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, there is instead a convenient setting directly in System Preferences.

  • Go to Language and region and select the new tab Program / Apps.
  • click plus button bottom left.
  • Find the program you want to force language for and select a language.
  • Restart the program and it has changed language.

The technology works just as well if you prefer to have the system in English, for example to be able to follow the many more guides to different things that are available in English. You can then switch selected programs to Swedish instead so that you find functions you are used to.

There are some exceptions when this setting does not work. Firefox, for example, only has one language that you choose when you download it. You can add additional languages ​​to the application settings, but it does not appear in System Preferences.