Bang & Olufsen is a true-wireless Beoplay EQ

Bang & Olufsen continues to launch new headphones and this time a pair of new true wireless, compact and full of technology.

Beoplay EQ, which is the name of the new headphones, has a stylish design with a color that really gives a feeling of luxury.

But in addition to its design, Beoplay EQ is full of technology where we find automatic noise reduction (ANC) that almost feels a bit like standard in today’s headphones. The headphones are also IP54-rated, which does not make them waterproof, but they can handle moisture and dust on a smaller scale.

As for the battery life, it is about 6.5 hours with ANC activated and 7 hours with ANC off, no major differences. The case itself should give another 20 hours, which can feel a little stingy. Once we are going to charge the case, we do this with USB-C or wireless, however, there is no mention of fast charging.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ goes on sale on August 19 and the price tag is 400 euros.