Battlefield 2042: This is how the upcoming big game will be

A new game in the Battlefield series is on the way, and this time it is neither M1 carbines nor trenches that apply. Of course, anyone can guess what time Battlefield 2042 will take place, and in this “near future” premise, interesting conditions are hidden for the decidedly largest and perhaps most innovative game in the series in many years. And this time, only multiplayer applies.

In just over twenty years, the Earth has gone straight to the forest. The environmental and natural disasters have replaced each other and created massive unrest, poverty and other misery across the globe. It is refugee crises, famine and troubled superpowers that are shaping the universe now, as well as the non-resident special forces who have enlisted in either the US or Russian military.

These military experts are fighting for themselves, their families and others outlawed rather than for a leader or government, which is just a starting point from the classic Battlefield formula.

Huge and dynamic battlefields await

However, we still get big battles all over the world, with the small detail that the maximum number of players is now a full 128 (64 against 64). Twice as many as before, in other words, which also opens up for spectacularly large maps where the clashes take place. These are divided into sectors which in their classic Conquest mode are to be conquered by each side. Precisely the sector-based thinking will help to keep all important action concentrated with important sub-goals and elements.

Battlefield 2042
Yep, that rocket is launched during the ongoing battle.

During a press review, Dice demonstrated a whole bunch of impressive battle scenes. Everything from metropolitan environments in South Korea (with skyscraper interiors as an integral part) and huge port areas in Singapore to industrial complexes in Antarctica and tropical jungles in French Guiana.

The review showed how distinctly different the maps are, with major “events”, ie events, that affect the battles. This includes various types of natural disasters (we saw tornadoes and sandstorms) that pull over the game map and threaten all existence in its path. These can also be used as a tactical advantage by the really cunning combatant.

Battlefield 2042
One of the new specialists, whose special feature is that he can mount sliding towers.

Instead of half a dozen predefined soldier types, in Battlefield 2042 you can choose from one of an unknown number of named specialists, all of whom have their own skills. These, on the other hand, reflect much of what we usually find in the series or game genre with drone drivers, doctors, defense specialists who assemble shooting towers and so on.

Regardless, it feels like a fresh initiative to make the playable characters more relatable. Everyone has a specific role, but Dice was also careful to emphasize that all specialists can use all the weapons available. No compulsion here not! Speaking of weapons, these can be modified and mecca for the heart’s desire – even during the battles themselves.

Battlefield 2042

You travel faster over the large maps in the large number of different combat vehicles that are traditionally represented here as well. According to Dice, multi-manned vehicles in particular have been given a boost, among other things by giving each “seat” in the vehicle a pronounced role. In other words, there is no risk of you sitting idle in the helicopter or tank. Other, more original means of transportation include wingsuits and ziplines.

Jump in the sandbox

Dice describes Battlefield 2042 as “the ultimate sandbox game”. Modernities such as battlepasses will be in the game, but only rewards of a cosmetic nature can be found in the paid version (there will be a free version as well).

So far, we have mainly talked about the classic Conquest mode, but the fact is that Battlefield 2042 will be playable in a variety of other ways. Breakthrough is more battles of an attack / defense nature and then we have the new Hazard Zones, a squad-like game mode we do not know much about at all. “It’s not battle royale!” was said on several occasions during the review, perhaps in view of the associations that the name of the game mode makes one draw. Another top-secret game mode will be revealed later this summer.

Battlefield 2042

It was still too early for us to try Battlefield 2042, but from what we have experienced so far, the upcoming war game feels like a fresh new venture by Dice. The battles are much faster and more action-oriented overall, but also the other news we described in the text above seem to fulfill a perfect purpose in the search for “the perfect sandbox game”. We can barely recover until we get the chance to try it for ourselves! Battlefield 2042 will be released on October 22, and then for both the new and old generation game consoles plus Windows PC of course.

It is important to mention in this context that Dice has limited the number of players for Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles to 64, which in itself certainly also entails further limitations in the game’s scale. Dice is concerned that even older machines should be able to enjoy a bug-free and stable gaming experience, quite simply, something we can not argue against at all.