Bbq set: The barbecue tools you need for a successful barbecue evening

When you are willing to spend thousands of kronor on a grill, it is not enough to try to turn the meat with a regular kitchen tongs. You need real donuts that also have longer shafts, unless you belong to the small category of people who like to have their skin scorched by annealed carbon.

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Here are five barbecue sets for you who want to keep your skin intact.

Abosea BBQ set

bbq tools

If you click home Abosea’s bbq set, you will receive 21 parts made of stainless steel, stored in an aluminum bag complete with a digital meat thermometer. Of course it comes with a barbecue spade, tongs, barbecue fork, cleaning brush, spice brush and four kebab skewers plus a lot of other things.

All tools have heat-resistant handles.

Costs SEK 330 at Amazon Sweden

Laguiole Vernhes Barbequeset


At Bagaren och Kocken we find Laguiole Vernhes Barbequeset, an elegant bbq set that is also in a nice bag. The set contains barbecue tongs, barbecue shovel, knife, apron and last but not least, a barbecue glove that keeps the hand cool and comfortable.

Costs SEK 670 at Bagaren och Kocken

Esschert Design


The Esschert Design grill set is not in a bag, instead the tools are stored in a durable bag. The set consists of four parts: grill fork, grill tongs, grill shovel and a brush to clean the grill with. Everything is made of high quality material. The back of the grill fork and the grill shovel are designed to be able to open caps.

Costs SEK 518 at Amazon Sweden



With the cocky name Cackss, you get a grill set that contains 26 parts, all packed in a neat bag that is easy to take with you. The set contains a barbecue fork, barbecue spade, knife, brushes, bottle opener, skewer, tongs, brush head, eight corn holders, six kebab skewers and a lot more.

The parts are made of steel. The grill tongs are lockable, so you can easily handle the crib on the grill. The grill spade has a built-in bottle opener and all grill tools have long non-slip handles.

Costs SEK 450 at Amazon Sweden

Phoenix BBQ set


From Cervera we find a bbq set that contains eight parts. You get all the tools you need for a successful barbecue. The set contains a 42 centimeter long grill fork, grill shovel and pliers. You also get a brush for cleaning and four 42 centimeter long skewers. Everything is made of stainless steel. Weighing 1.92 kilos, the set is easy to carry.

Costs SEK 690 at Cervera