Beamdog continues to “improve” Baldur’s Gate games and Icewind Dale

For the past ten years, the Canadian studio Beamdog has updated old role-playing classics, including Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2 and Icewind Dale. And now it’s just this trio Enhanced Editionversions that are about to get a juicy update, which players can beta test in this now.

You can read about all the news in version 2.6 on Beamdogs official forums, where the changes are summed up in a total transition to 64-bit architecture (which in short means that games can access more memory, extra grateful to modem makers), “hundreds of bug fixes” (including many specific to spells), improved pathfinding (character ability to find the most sensible path to the stated goal) and increased multiplayer stability.

“Adventures of Neverwinter content” has been added to the three games, and the beta version of version 2.6 can be tested until next week’s Tuesday, November 24th. Instructions on how to proceed to participate can be found here.