Beats Fit Pro is finally coming to Sweden

Beats Fit Pro, which was presented in November, has been hailed in many ways, but was missing from the European market, but soon so.

Apple and Beats are never quick to release their news outside the US, it usually comes but it also usually takes time unfortunately. Beats Fit Pro, which was presented in November, had a fairly immediate start of sales in the United States.

But soon the Beats Fit Pro will also go on sale in Europe, Canada and Japan. Beats Fit Pro are headphones adapted a little more for training so they sit in place, battery life of 27 hours in total, noise reduction, Adaptive EQ and that Beats Fit Pro has an Apple H1 chip that makes it found in the Apple Find network.

Beats Fit Pro goes on sale on January 28 and the price tag will then be SEK 2,495. However, the sale will only take place at the Apple Store as it looks now.