BenQ presents new portable projector with 2.1 sound system

BenQ GV30

BenQ continues to come up with new projectors and now it’s time for a portable one with a surprisingly good built-in sound system.

BenQ GV30 is a new portable projector that is clearly interesting in many ways. Among other things, you will be able to use the GV30 on any surface thanks to having 300 ANSI lumens on the power, however, you have to settle for 720p.

But what makes everything a little better even though a portable projector is that BenQ has managed to build a 2.1 system in the GV30, this means that we find two midrange elements of 4W and a base of a full 8 inches.

Because it is portable, we have battery life to think about and according to BenQ, the projector should last for 2.5 hours so perfect for a movie. The GV30 will be able to play material either via HDMI or USB-C, but it also has Android TV built-in so you can easily stream material directly to the projector.

BenQ GV30 will go on sale in September, the price tag ends up at 599 euros.

BenQ GV30 BenQ GV30 BenQ GV30 BenQ GV30