Best snow thrower – guide to the right snow thrower for you

More power with petrol – Toro Power Lite ES

Toro snow thrower

Petrol-powered gives you more power and this single-stage snow thrower from Toro is called Power Lite ES and is a compact model that weighs 25 kg. It throws the snow 7.6 meters and has a capacity of 499 kg / minute. The sling has an electric start.

Award: From SEK 7,190 at PriceSpy.

Caterpillar feet for large snow drifts

Ariens Pro Hydro Rapid Track

If you feel like throwing the snow far away from the driveway, then Ariens Pro Hydro Rapid Track 28 is for you. This scavenger crawls on caterpillar feet and can throw the snow up to 18 meters. Stepless speed and electronic fuel injection give you almost unlimited opportunities to get loose on the snow – this one shovels away 71 tons of snow per hour.

Award: From SEK 45,990 on PriceSpy

Let Stiga do the work


Stiga ST 6276 PB is a petrol-powered snow thrower with a 76 centimeter wide shovel that swallows snow in batches and minutes. Ideal for homeowners or those who need to shovel away snow during working hours. STIGA ST6276PB clears snow from large areas and all types of surfaces. With a Briggs & Stratton engine and 16-inch wide-patterned wheels, it handles slopes and hilly areas. It has an electric start, is easy to control and is equipped with a LED headlight.

Award: From SEK 29,990 on PriceSpy

Snow removal at a reasonable price


If you live in the south of Gävle, perhaps SEK 30,000 feels like a high price for a machine you may never need to use. Fortunately, there is AL-KO Snowline 620 E II, a slightly efficient petrol-powered glue that creates passability on medium to large snow-covered surfaces. It has a working width of 62 centimeters and is equipped with headlights and electric starter, in addition to the usual starter cord. AL-KO Snowline 620 E II sends the snow away 15 meters and the ejection tube can be adjusted.

Award: From SEK 7,395 on PriceSpy

Plow away the snow with battery operation


Here is an alternative that is both cordless and petrol-free. Ryobi RST36X5140 clears the driveway on snow so you do not have to visit the back emergency. The motor is brushless, which increases both the life and efficiency of the machine. The working width is 51 centimeters and handles snow depths up to 25 centimeters. The machine is equipped with two LED lights. The machine comes with a Max Power battery of 4.0 Ah and an associated charger.

Award: Costs from SEK 5,499 on PriceSpy


Clas Ohlsson

If you want a really simple variant, then direct your steps to Clas Ohlsson and look at their CO / TECH 31-5053, an electric machine that can handle simpler jobs. The machine is driven forward with the help of the feed screw, the adjustable draft allows you to choose where the snow should end up. The working width is 46 centimeters and it can handle snow depths up to 25 centimeters.

Award: Costs from SEK 1,395 on PriceSpy