Best stuff 2021 – here are the editors’ favorites

Mikael Lindkvist: “The perfect balance between performance and range”

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S

After many swaying trips with tough and clumsy rental scooters in Stockholm, I decided to buy this model myself. In my eyes is Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 1S the perfect balance between format and performance / range and I mourn that the season is over. It is no coincidence that the manufacturer dominates the market, this year’s favorite gadget in my eyes is this electric spark.

Petter Ahrnstedt: “The best computer I have ever tested”

Macbook Pro 14 with M1 Pro

It’s hard to choose between Iphone 13 Pro and Macbook Pro 14, though Macbook Pro 14 with the M1 Pro is probably the best computer I have ever tested and a bigger step forward than what the Iphone 13 Pro did compared to the 12.

Andreas Bergsman: “Brutal suction”

Dream D9

Dream D9 is the budget segment’s Rolls Royce, which with an almost brutal suction power effectively cleans the home all surfaces. The flexible app means good opportunities for customized cleaning according to different needs and even if the mopping function is of the simpler kind, it does a lot of good.

“A mobile that should inspire more manufacturers”

Fairphone 4 5G

Andreas Thors: Fairphone, the environmentally and justice-conscious mobile phone, has been around for a while. In the past, the draw has mainly been a good conscience if you buy one. With Fairphone 4 5G they are now showing that an ethically made mobile can actually be good too! A really nice middle-class mobile that is just in time.

Martin Appel: Fairphone mobiles are made without conflict minerals – in factories with good working conditions. All important components are replaceable, which gives them a long service life. Nya Fairphone 4 5G is the first of the company’s models which is also a really good phone.

Billy Ekblom: No, Fairphone still does not make the best smartphones. Far from it. This year, however, the justice mobile manages to reach a much higher level than before Fairphone 4 5G, while manufacturers rave about the environment, repairability and consumer rights with a generous update cycle. Fairphone shows the way and should really inspire more manufacturers to re-prioritize.

Karin Enblom: “Good quality, design – and a really good price”

Nothing Ear 1

The wireless headphones Nothing Ear 1 do what should be so easy but which still seems so difficult. They combine good quality and stylish design with a really good price. This is how good technology should be in 2021 – can we get more of that product next year?

Jan Sandbladh: “Very effective noise reduction”

Philips Fidelio L3

Philips Fidelio L3 is a pair of headphones with fantastic sound that sits comfortably on the head. In addition, they have a very effective noise reduction, a feature-rich and practical app and touch controls that are actually really useful.

Mattias Inghe: “Performance for professionals”

Macbook Pro 16

Nya Macbook Pro 16 with M1 Max, because it gives the computer industry a much-needed boot in the butt and shows that it is possible to build performance for professionals from scratch in new ways.

Jonas Ekelund: “A desktop computer does not have to be boring”

Imac 24

With this year Imac 24 Apple shows that a desktop computer does not have to be boring. With spectacular design and excellent performance, Imac is back as the computer we want on the desktop.

Raphael Cano Felix: “The most comprehensive subscription for games”

Xbox Gamepass

Microsoft Gaming, Xbox Gamepass, has grown into the most comprehensive subscription for you who want a large library at the moment. Unlike other similar services, it is not only older titles that are offered, but also recent releases such as Forza Horizon and Halo Infinite. Nowadays, you can also stream the games to your computer or mobile for those occasions when you are not close to your Xbox. In short, a really consumer-friendly initiative.