Beta version of 1Password 8 out – criticism is pouring in

In 2018, Agilebit released version 7 of the password manager 1Password with a new subscription service. Licenses also continued to be sold, for those who searched properly, and the Mac program received several improvements that made it more integrated into the system. Among other things, it was given the ability to suggest login information for programs and not just websites.

Now Agilebits has released an early one trial version of 1Password 8, which has been completely redone. All basic functions are described in Rust, a programming language known for security and reliability. The program is now an Electron program that will work the same on Mac and Windows (and later Linux).

This is a very early trial version that Agilebits does not want to call a beta, and in addition to bugs, there are plenty of features that have not been added yet but that will be added before the program is released in sharp version.

The transition to Electron from a real Mac application that uses Mac OS standard windows, dialogs, menus and so on has not been well received by users. Agilebits supportforum has been quickly filled with hundreds of complaints at the interface.

Users are also critical of the fact that 1Password 8 does not work at all with locally stored vaults for synchronization via Icloud or Dropbox. Instead, only 1Password accounts apply.