Big changes to look forward to in the new Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is taking the step from just protecting each individual Windows computer to becoming a more complete security solution for the entire home, more in the style of Microsoft’s enterprise security solutions, reports Bleeping Computer.

Last week, a trial version of the new Microsoft Defender appeared on the Microsoft Store. It’s limited to Microsoft employees only, but developer Ahmed Walid has managed to bypass authentication and install it. He has shared screenshots that show what the interface looks like.

In the description in the store, Microsoft reveals that Defender will be expanded with versions for other operating systems so that users can add all their computers, mobiles and tablets and keep track of security. It includes Mac OS, Android and iOS in addition to Windows.

According to Bleeping Computer, Defender will include antivirus, phishing protection, compromised password alerts, identity theft monitoring, security recommendations and more.

It is not yet known how many of these features will come to the other operating systems. On iOS, for example, there is very little third-party apps can do, but for example, phishing protection is possible.