Big leak may have revealed new products – and dates for Iphone launch

Twitter has been overwhelmed by claims about future Apple products recently, from about July 25 onwards. And there are real leaks about future products, as well as specific ones – if the information is correct.

Among other things, the Twitter user Anonymous writes that Apple will release nothing less than a new Imac, Airpods Studio and a Homepod Mini in August. Here, however, the “leak” is already wrong at one point. Anonymous claimed that a new Imac would be launched this week, but that has not happened.

Iphone event September 8?

Furthermore, Twitter users Komiya and Ihacktu Pro, respectively, claim that Apple may hold an Apple event on September 8, an event that will take place entirely online. Then, according to the information, Apple will release both the Iphone 12 series, Apple Watch Series 6, an Airpower wireless charger (!) And some form of Ipad.

Ipad and Mac event October 27?

Finally, Ihacktu Pro states that Apple is expected to hold an event on October 27 that focuses on Mac and Ipad. A new Ipad Pro will be shown here, as well as the first Macs with arm processors. According to the information, these will be a new Macbook Pro 13 inches, as well as a smaller Macbook.

Maybe Apple Glass can also be shown, but this only happens if Apple can hold an event with journalists on site when they want the product to be tested.

Doubtful truth content

Finally, we get to add a real piece of firewood here. Admittedly, the information is interesting because it is unusually specific, and some details are also in line with other rumors circulating recently. However, the sources are relatively uncertain, and even if the information were to be completely or in detail already today, a lot can happen before September and October are here.

The future simply has to show.