BioWare talks about the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect again

While many games will have been postponed to 2021, we should not too quickly forget those that we are sure not to see anytime soon. so that no one forgets them, BioWare evokes the fate of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Because the calendar renewal is always the opportunity to visit one or the other loved one that we would not have seen for (too) a long time, the CEO of BioWare Gary McKay took his digital pen to evoke the projects in progress on the side of Canada, and place one for two highly anticipated titles: the next episodes of Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

Stakes & Dragons

In one long blog post, the one who recently celebrated his first birthday as the new CEO of the studio, like Jacky and Ben-J, takes stock of an eventful year:

It has been another difficult year, our work and our family lives continue to be disrupted by the uncertainty of the global pandemic. We had to keep thinking to adapt to changing circumstances. But despite all of this, it was an absolute joy to run a studio with so many incredibly talented people, a team that is always pushing its limits.

A group of talented veterans have joined us to work on the future of Dragon Age. We’re focused on a solo experience based on choices that will matter.

The prospect of a 100% solo episode had already been mentioned last winter, but it always gets better by repeating it.

The devil is in the details

But because life is not made only of dragons (except for Camille), McKay has therefore also placed one for the next Mass Effect, not without sending the most curious to their dear studies:

If you’re curious about Mass Effect, I encourage you to take a look at the poster we released for N7 Day. If you look closely, there are a handful of little things hidden there; in my opinion, there are at least five surprises on the visual, all of which point to an incredible future for Mass Effect.

The poster unveiled in November had indeed not failed to make talk about it, some thinking to see here Liara, here Urdnot Wrex, or the silhouette of a Geth in the crater. According to the director general, there may still be unpublished clues …

If the next Mass Effect does not have the slightest release window, Dragon Age 4 is potentially expected for 2023. It is far.