Black Friday 2020: Best prices on programs and services

Here we list the offers on software that we think are most interesting online right now. We reward gadgets we have tested or are really eager to try. We always double-check as carefully as possible to make sure that it is not a “fake” campaign, that is, that there are competitors with better prices.

We have the subscription services with a monthly price that has a discount compared with the regular monthly price with subscriptions that only apply to one month. Note that many give a discount even when it is not Black Friday if you choose a subscription with a longer commitment period.

The article is continuously updated with more offers.

Cyberghost VPN – a VPN in the highest class

Cyberghost vpn

Cyberghost is a very good VPN service with a low monthly cost if you sign up for a longer subscription. There are plenty of countries to connect to and the speeds are fully approved.

Cyberghost VPN
Promotional price: € 2 per month, or about SEK 20 – if you commit, you commit for three years (+3 months). During the Black Friday week, you save 83 percent on the price compared to subscribing monthly.
Words. Award. The three-year subscription is a specific Black Friday offer. Usually offered 1 month, 1 year, or 2 years.
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Ivacy VPN – cheap and fast VPN service

Ivacy VPN

A VPN that, despite many functions, is easy to use, even though it is unfortunately not available in Swedish. Ivacy VPN is located in Singapore and is subject to their laws and regulations.

Ivacy VPN
Promotional price: $ 1 per month (approx. 8:50 kr). During the Black Friday sale, you can sign up for a 5-year subscription. Long time to sign up, but you save 90 percent of the price by subscribing to a monthly subscription.
Words. Award: Usually, Ivacy VPN offers 1 month ($ 9.50) or 1 year ($ 3.50 / month) subscription.
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Nord VPN – focus on anonymity

Nord VPN

From our test (which you can read here):
“Happily enough, the speeds have been given a real boost upwards since the last time. Against a Swedish server, we reach 138 Mbit / s, the second highest of all tested VPN services (only Cyberghost is faster). Against a British server, we get an impressive 105 Mbit / s s and against American equally fine 105 Mbit / s. In short, really fast across the board. “

Nord VPN
Promotional price: Subscribe 2 years + 3 months for € 3.15 / month (approx. SEK 32 / month). Note: The price is only valid for the first two years.
Words. Award: € 10.16 / month for 2 year subscription.
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Private VPN gives the best VPN services a tough match

Private VPN

Swedish Private VPN has improved on a number of points since we last tested it and is now ready to fight at the absolute top.

Private VPN
Promotional price: $ 2.07 / month (approx. SEK 18 / month) if you sign up for a 2-year subscription.
Ord.pris: $ 4.14 / month (approx. SEK 36) if you subscribe for 1 year.
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Our coverage is entirely editorial and we tell you where to find the lowest price on interesting and good products within our coverage area. Here you can read more about our policy regarding sponsored links.