Bloomberg: Confident Apple wants to break Intel’s top circles

According to a new report from Bloomberg Apple has significantly stiffer processors on the way for future Macs. The M1 chip with its eight cpu cores and as many gpu cores is just the beginning, and the company is said to have Intel’s fastest circuits in the binoculars.

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In the next round of launches, which include 16-inch Macbook Pro and Imac, Apple is expected to have processors with up to 20 cpu cores running – 4 efficiency cores just like on the M1 but 16 performance cores (four times more than in the M1).

Bloomberg points out that the development is not yet complete and that problems of various kinds can put sticks in the wheels for Apple. New Macs are expected to arrive this spring and it is possible that they will have to settle for 8 or 12 performance cores.

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Even further ahead, Apple has plans for processors with up to 32 performance cores, especially for the Mac Pro, which is expected to be the last of the new Apple Silicon Macs with a launch in 2022.

On the GPU front, Apple has more to prove, and here Bloomberg claims that the processors that come with the 16-inch Macbook Pro and the entry-level models of the Imac can get 16 or even 32 cores.