Bloomberg: Three new Macs with Apple Silicon in production

On November 10, Apple holds its third virtual event to present new products, and this time a new generation of Macs with Apple’s home-made processors.

Bloombergs Mark Gurman and Debby Wu now report that Apple’s suppliers are starting production of no less than three new models with Apple Silicon.

These are the 13-inch Macbook Air, the 13-inch Macbook Pro and the 16-inch Macbook Pro. The latter may be somewhat surprising given that it is the most powerful model that in addition to an Intel processor relies on powerful graphics from AMD.

According to Bloomberg, the processors in these three models will be based on the same technology as in the A14 processor in Iphone 12 and Ipad Air.

The two smaller models are Bloomberg almost certain will be shown at the event, while the 16-inch is more uncertain. It should not have come as far in production as the other two, and it may be that Apple does not want to launch a product too long before it can go on sale.

Previous rumors have talked about a new 14-inch model of Macbook Pro, but this time it is not about a new design, but such are not expected until next year.

Bloomberg also writes that Apple is working on a new Mac Pro that is about half the size of today, but has no information on whether it will replace or complement the current model. Since Mac Pro’s size mainly comes from the number of PCI Express card slots, it will be difficult for Apple to build a computer half the size without cutting the number of slots.