BMW is testing new ways to charge: Subscribe to the cruise control

It is a model that BMW has already tested on previous occasions, then with Carplay that could be “rented” for a month, a year, or purchased for 20 years. That move, however, met a lot of criticism and Carplay now comes with BMW cars instead, but that does not prevent BMW from trying to rent out other features in the future.

The German car manufacturer has in July shown its new Idrive 7.0, with news such as improved navigation and support for Car Key, which Apple first showed at its WWDC trade show in June.

However, the biggest news is that BMW is once again investing in car subscriptions. The new system gives BMW the opportunity to access comfort functions such as from adaptive cruise control, seat heating and heated steering wheel.

No prices or exactly what features to rent are unknown, but in the future a user could, for example, rent access to adaptive cruise control for a certain period.

The BMW 5 Series is one of the first cars to get the Idrive 7, and more models will follow. Some pre-existing BMW cars built before July can be updated to Idrive 7, but exactly which we have no information on.

In this context, it can also be mentioned that Idrive 7.0 gives Android users access to Android Auto in their BMW cars. Idrive 7 will be released during the month of July.