Bright Memory Infinite finds its release date … on PC

Whether or not you discovered it before its first demo at an Xbox event, the price will be the same. PC gamers will be able to dive into Bright Memory Infinite first, and in no time.

Zeng Xiancheng’s game will arrive in its full version very soon. Bright Memory Infinite will indeed be available on PC on November 11. It doesn’t leave much time to prepare. But that’s okay, it’s not the first game to do that in recent years, we’re not going to blame it for looking for our death. Okay, maybe a little. Regarding the Xbox Series X | S, we will have to wait, obviously.

Shelia may cry

Seriously dynamic and spectacular FPS with a lot of melee, Bright Memory Infinite easily immerses us in its universe between science fiction and fantasy with each trailer. The last, which goes with the announcement of this release date, is no exception to the rule. But now, we will have to ensure keyboard / mouse or controller in hand. It will be necessary to see if the beautiful promises hold on the length.

And speaking of promises, the main ones are technical:

Bright Memory Infinite supports 21: 9 ultra-wide monitor display, the fifth generation of TAA, as well as optimization for Xbox controllers. With NVIDIA providing technical support throughout development for Ray Tracing, DLSS, NVIDIA Relfex, and Latency Minimization, Bright Memory: Infinite promises to deliver the ultimate gaming experience to all gamers.

Which should at least make it possible to have something comfortable on the computer. Finally, note that players who purchased Bright Memory on Steam, released in November 2019, will be entitled to a gift. You have purchased a song, you will be entitled to all:

With the release of Bright Memory Infinite almost upon us, we wanted to remind you that Steam users who purchase Bright Memory prior to the release of Bright Memory: Infinite on November 11 will receive Bright Memory: Infinite for free, with the game automatically added to your library on release.

And because it seems inconceivable not to customize a heroine and her arsenal, be aware that skins will be available for purchase – although some may be unlocked in-game.