Bugsnax available April 28 with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass

Hey Xbox fans! I’m Kevin Zuhn, Creative Director at Young Horses, and today I’m talking about bugsnax

If you are not known, bugsnax is a first-person adventure game where you collect species-bug, species-snake creatures and feed them to your friends. You play as a journalist who follows the trail of lost explorer Elizabert Megafig to Snaktooth Island, where she discovered Bugsnax before mysteriously disappearing. The only way to track her down is to capture tons of Bugsnax and feed them to Lizbert’s scattered gang of misfits. However, anyone who consumes a Bugsnak quickly mutates into what it has eaten!

It’s a unique blend of slapstick comedy and narrative mystery with a touch of body horror as a side dish. If that sounds appetizing, then I have good news: bugsnax is coming to Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and will be available April 28th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, cloud gaming (beta) and Windows 10 PCs!

To make this new launch even more exciting, the Young Horses team and I have been working hard on a free content update called The Island of Bigsnax

The Island of Bigsnax contains approximately three hours of new story and quest content where you explore a strange island that has risen from the sea, teeming with giant Bugsnax! You can also take on new challenges in the town of Snaxburg to earn furniture and accessories for your personal cabin. And I’m always happy to say that you can now find cute hats to put on your Bugsnax collection.

There are also tons of quality of life updates, smaller story beats, and juicy secrets hidden in the game. For new players on Xbox, all of this updated content will gradually be integrated into the game. You play a bigger and better bugsnax from the beginning!

I am really very happy to bring bugsnax for a new audience, especially with all these free updates so that I can share this weird and crazy world with all of you.

That said, I hope you enjoy bugsnax