Calculator on Ipad? Concept shows what it can look like

WWDC is just around the corner, and with it a new version of the iPad OS. The iPad still lacks a calculator, sometimes to the surprise of new Ipad users. The story of why goes back to the days of Steve Jobs. Last year, Apple’s Craig Federighi also commented on the matter:

– We want to do it (a calculator, editor’s note) when we can do it really, really well. We have honestly just not come to us to do well yet, but that day may come, Federighi said then.

Now a person named Evyatar Mor has potentially done the work for them. Evyatar Mother shows one concept where the calculator is simply housed in the Control Center. Pressing a calculator icon picks up a calculator approximately the size of an iPhone. In this way, it does not cover the entire screen and does not look abnormally inflated, which was Steve Jobs’ biggest shock test.

Maybe the calculator does not have to be a separate app on the iPad, but simply something that is opened from the Control Center, just as the remote control for Apple TV does nowadays. And Shazam for that matter. Here you can see more pictures of the concept.

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No rumors indicate that the iPad OS 15 contains a calculator, but who knows – maybe there is a surprise.