Canon reveals that EOS R3 is being developed

Canon is full of news and now reveals, among other things, that the EOS R3 is under development, which could be their new affordable camera.

Instead of it leaking, Canon has now chosen to confirm that the EOS R3 is under development and reveals a bit what we have to look forward to.

This is a mirrorless camera and should be a combination of the top models 1DX Mark III and EOS R5. A nice news that we can see in the picture is that the camera will have a vertical grip directly in the house, a news that I think many will appreciate.

Another good news is that Canon has already revealed that the EOS R3 will have a full-frame sensor CMOS that is backlit, this will, among other things, significantly improve autofocus thanks to the second generation Dual Pixel.

Canon has not revealed much more than that, so we do not know when the camera will be released, any prices or more specifications.