Nvidia believes shortage of graphics cards will continue in 2022

There has been a great shortage of graphics cards and many other components throughout 2021 and this looks set to continue next year as well. Nvidia has struggled to meet the demand for graphics cards, but it is tough, many industries are fighting over components and semiconductors, there is such a great shortage and problem […]

Google has finally introduced several new Nest cameras

Google has finally introduced new Nest cameras that come in slightly different designs but much smarter than before. These are four new Nest cameras and all four have roughly equivalent functions but slightly different prices and different power supply. Google has worked hard to make the cameras smarter and should issue intelligent warnings, among other […]

Article: Payment security at online casinos

Introduction The basis of all e-commerce is that consumers feel secure with their payments. This is especially true of online casinos where money naturally plays a central role. This article discusses the payment security of online casinos. The text will also examine what technology and regulations exist to ensure that players’ personal information is secure. […]


Star Wars: The Old Republic celebrates ten years this year and this will be celebrated big, including the release of a new expansion. Star Wars: The Old Republic lives on and it’s time to celebrate that the game actually turns 10 this year. This will be celebrated big and this by releasing a new expansion […]

Microsoft releases Xbox Series optimized screens

Microsoft has started collaborating with several screen manufacturers to optimize screens for the Xbox Series consoles, but what’s the difference? It comes as a bit of a surprise, but Microsoft has now announced that they have launched a program that will make it easier to find “good and optimized” screens for the Xbox Series. Microsoft […]

Husqvarna presents new impressive robotic lawnmower

Husqvarna Ceora is a new robotic lawnmower that this time is satellite-controlled and will be able to mow up to 50,000 sqm. Husqvarna has previously impressed with its robotic lawnmowers and now it’s time again, Ceora is clearly intended for mowing large areas, really large areas. Instead of laying out loops where robotic lawnmowers should […]

The Nordics look better in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is only getting better and better, bigger and bigger, now it’s finally time for the Nordics to look good in the game. Microsoft has now announced that in their latest major update, which they have chosen to call World Update V: Nordics, contains significantly better maps of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and […]

6 reasons to watch football live – collaboration, external content

Watching a football match live and in the stadium is an experience unlike anything else; there is simply nothing that can be compared to this. An exception may be extra well-filled music concerts, but even these pale in comparison. There are many reasons why you should at least once consider watching a football match live. […]