Comics to Games: Worlds We Want in Our Hands

By Callum Rushworth
Comics are more than just tales of heroes and villains duking it out; there are many more stories which have yet to be presented to gamers from the pages of outlandish worlds and larger-than-life characters.
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The Last of Us 2: An Epic in the Making

By Rachel OHara
Gamers may have differing opinions on what is the best game a platform offers exclusively, but the numbers for The Last of Us don’t lie. Since the release date of June 14, 2013, Naughty Dog developers have sold over 8 million units within fourteen months. Those numbers alone say that The Last of Us has made a name for itself that is hard to discredit.
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Why You Should Play: Dragon’s Dogma

By Nico Phillips
Dragon’s Dogma is coming back to PS4 and Xbox One this coming fall, which means it’s time to brush up on your dragon slaying skills. In the meantime, here is why writer Nick Phillips thinks you should play the original.
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