Total War: Warhammer 2 Makes Me Uncomfortable

By Will Ford
Am I crazy, or has this gone completely under the radar? What are the odds, do you think, that they serve this one up at a triple A price, perhaps with a side of pre-order bonus that becomes day-one DLC for anyone not willing to risk buying a buggy mess?
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Five Facts about the Tenchu Series

By Ben McNeill
Leaked footage of the new Assassins Creed hit the web recently. The rumours have now been confirmed; it’s going to take place in ancient Egypt, a rather original setting for a stealthy assassin. However, many fans let out a little sigh of disappointment, as their hopes for an AC game to take place in feudal Japan have once again been dashed (Feudal Japan is the perfect place for Assassins, it’s where ninjas were created for god’s sake!) Luckily, for all the stealth and ninja enthusiasts out there, there will always be Tenchu.
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