How Odd: Howard’s the New Han Solo Movie Director

By Jake Mellor
The upcoming Han Solo Movie has cycled through numerous suggested titles, and there has still yet to be a final one announced to the public. Now a new cycle has begun; one of directors. A few days ago, original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were dismissed from the project following “creative differences”, which is usually Hollywood slang for “arguments”, between them and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.
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To End All Wars: Wonder Woman Gets Her Own Multiverse Event

By John Esposito
With the release of DC’s Wonder Woman coming this week, NetherRealm Studios is taking the opportunity to give Wonder Woman the spotlight in Injustice 2. This news was revealed earlier in the week during an Injustice 2 Charity Match , but it has now been officially revealed on Injustice 2’s twitter.
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Rise up, Castlevania is Coming to Netflix this July

By Nico Phillips
This is an exciting development and we can’t wait to lock ourselves in and hideaway from the sun this summer. Castlevania is an amazing video game series and so far, from what we’re seeing, it’s going to be a bloody successful Netflix series too.
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