Iam8bit, Moon Studios And Skybound Games donate $ 25,000 to rainforest conservation

To celebrate the physical release of Ori and the Blind Forest as well as its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisp, have the distributors iam8bit and Skybound Games joined forces with the developers Moon Studios to donate money to the conservation of rainforest. Iam8bit donates a base $ 25,000, and between December 8 […]

Swedish player in the first DLC for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Bet that all players in Sweden will call him by a different name. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions has today got the first new players in its Character Pass, including the Swedish nobleman Stefan Levin (who my brain just wants to call the Prime Minister!). In addition, the game gets a great free update […]

Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase – October 2020: A Summary

Nintendo has a little hastily and funny given us a whole bunch of good news via his latest Nintendo Direct mini Partner Showcase. As usual with Partner Showcase, this applies to Nintendo’s partners (second and third parties). The broadcast began with a demonstration of Bravely Default II. The narrator’s voice went through the game’s layout […]

Rice cultivation and action in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin out in November

Released November 20 for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Marvelous Europe announces that Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin will be released on November 20 for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch (Steam on November 10), but hungry fans can already pre-book the deluxe edition for a little extra swag. More about that further down. Sakuna: Of […]

Returning to Animal Crossing: New Horizons after 3 months is pure chaos

A lot happens in three months. I missed a lot of the summer updates too Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I heard there were some fireworks and swimwear. Summer is probably my least popular season. Autumn and winter are my cup of tea. For that reason, the autumn update and Halloween attract me. And pumpkins, lots […]

My Nintendo Store gets nice Mario merch (and ships to Sweden!)

That Mario celebrates 35 years in the spotlight this year has probably not escaped anyone among the game fans. We have received a long-awaited (and hotly debated) compilation of Mario’s foremost 3D adventure in Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a re-release of the first All-Stars game on the Super Nintendo part of Nintendo Switch Online and […]

Review: Captain Tsubasa – Rise of New Champions

We expected an arcade-themed football game in anime costume. One of those expectations came true. In a gaming climate where EA Sports FIFAfranchise and Konami’s increasingly scarred PES (eFootball) is still fighting for the fans, so it was fun to get football from a completely unexpected direction. Japanese Tamsoft are best known for their “anime-erotic” […]

Chronicle: Did Microsoft give up the console war before the next battle even began?

Microsoft’s continued strategy for the future of the Xbox seems increasingly unclear. The question is whether the company is about to change its focus in gaming? This fall, the next generation of consoles from Sony (Playstation 5) and Microsoft (Xbox Series X, as well as the simpler Series S (at the time of writing not […]

Review: Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise (Switch Exclusive)

Outdated graphics and prickly textures create an uneven experience to say the least. The FBI interrogates the former FBI agent Francis York Morgan about a murder case that happened in 2005. Morgan has lost his mind completely and it takes a while before they get him to start telling about the mysterious murder case. What […]

Remember – don’t buy the wrong Expansion Pass for Pokémon Sword & Shield

Tomorrow, the first installment of Expansion Pass will be released to Pokémon Sword and Shield, allowing players to head to The Isle of Armor to experience a new adventure, catch more Pokémon and use new game systems to create the best team of monsters possible. But – there is a small problem with the Passport: […]

Pokémon Sword and Shield expansion Isle of Armor will be released June 17

Soon the adventure in Galar can continue! Recently, The Pokémon Company announced the release of the first add-on Pokémon Sword respective Pokémon Shield, by name The Isle of Armor, is already released 17th of June. As part of Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass (that’s right, it’s one Pass per game, something […]