In Mexico, drug traffickers reportedly recruit teenagers through video games

The Associated Press, the American equivalent of our AFP, reveals that three minors from the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico were approached by a recruiter from a drug cartel thanks to Garena Free Fire, battle Royale on mobile very popular to the point of being the most downloaded game of the year 2019 on […]

Halo Infinite: Ray tracing, but not immediately according to Microsoft

The development of Halo Infinite has not been easy. It has not been a secret for a long time. Postponed for more than a year following a failed presentation to the public, the game of 343 Industries also had to face several important departures within its team. And while it has already been announced that […]

Mon Petit Placement, the new innovative solution for investing online

With a Livret A level with the daisies, it is really not easy to boost your savings. Fortunately, Mon Petit Placement, the French platform for simple investment, is aimed at all profiles and all types of savers! Investing has never been so easy With My Small Placement, it is possible to make your money work […]

PS5: The update 21.02- is here and is playing it mysterious

Sony obviously found something in the PS5’s operating system that needed quick intervention. Indeed, less than two weeks after the release of the latest update, the electronics giant has already released a new update. But don’t expect Sony to go into great detail this time around. Sony has released the PS5 firmware update 21.02- Players […]

Electronic Arts: Opening of a studio directed by Marcus Lehto (Halo)

The North American firm that has been talked about a lot for FIFA lately has other plans on the go. One of them involves opening a structure with one of Halo’s fathers. Via Twitter, Marcus Lehto revealed that he is joining a new Electronic Arts studio being built in the northern United States. Hi everyone, […]

Activision reveals the zombie mode of Call of Duty: Vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is weeks from release. Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games are working hard to market the game. Recently, the classic zombie mode was revealed, which has been a recurring part in previous predecessors. Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies takes place in Stalingrad, one year after the defeat of the Germans. A magical […]

The Witcher 3: imminent arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S versions?

Often referred to as one of the most important games of the previous generation of consoles, The Witcher III is still awaiting its optimization. But maybe not for a very long time. It might have been a little too long since we last talked about The Witcher. Thank goodness this is your weekly dose. But […]

Image of the day: DMC 5 on Steam Deck impresses in 4K 60fps video + one flaw revealed

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, at 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videogame sphere, high-tech or geek that makes the news or who turns out to be completely timeless. Two months from the release of Steam […]

New Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer revealed at DC FanDome

Warner Bros. Games and DC today unveiled a new trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the third-person action-adventure shooter from Rocksteady Studios, the creators of the Batman: Arkham series. Are you afraid ? As expected, the game of Rocksteady therefore presented itself today on the occasion of the DC FanDome. Announced a little […]

Gotham Knights Presents Never-before-seen “Court of the Owls” Video at DC FanDome

As promised by the very plumitif “who you know”, last September, the DC FanDome gave birth to a ramenard trailer on Gotham Knights. This time he is talking about the Court of the Owls. We tell you everything in pictures. It is therefore on the occasion of DC FanDome, held a few hours ago as […]

League of Legends World Championship: Rogue out of race ahead of quarterfinals, Cloud9 qualified

The first European team finished its World Cup without leaving the groups, but it allowed the North Americans of Cloud9 to move up the group to qualify instead of the favorites of China, FunPlus Phoenix. Many scenarios were imagined by the experts when they arrived in the last match day of the first group of […]

Image of the day: The OLED Switch has better autonomy in a particular configuration

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, at 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videogame sphere, high-tech or geek that makes the news or who turns out to be completely timeless. OLED, what a fabulous technology, unbeatable in […]

Metroid Dread: Nintendo apologizes for a bug that prevents progress in the game

So far, the release of Metroid Dread has given both Samus fans and Nintendo something to celebrate. The game was indeed very well received by critics and the public. An annoying problem comes however to try to spoil the party and the Japanese manufacturer has decided to take the lead and to mention it publicly. […]

Image of the day: Cory Barlog atomizes a PlayStation fanboy in the public square

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, at 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videogame sphere, high-tech or geek that makes the news or who turns out to be completely timeless. This is what happens when you think […]

Tales of Arise gets 3 DLC, cover from Lindsey Stirling and sells millions of games

Lindsey Stirling does an outstanding cover of Flames of Hope from Tales of Arise. Bandai Namco proudly announces their latest role-playing game Tales of Arise early after release, 1 million copies sold passed. In the same crank, they roll out one new trailer with flattering quotes from the gaming press. Varvatat’s own review of Tales […]

Goku soon to face the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or the Rugrats? Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl developer “responds”

Nintendo revealed a few days ago the identity of the last character to join the Super Smash Bros. roster. Ultimate. At the same time, the Kyoto firm has reduced to nothing the hopes of the players who demanded the presence of Goku in the game. The hero of Dragon Ball will therefore not be able […]

The games made in France are shown on video with the 2021 selection

This strange day is the perfect time to discover the selection of games made in France. And which will be “discussed” during the first Games Made in France online press conference this Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. on Discord. And who says selection of games made in France, says endless listing. Or not. […]

Image of the day: The best and the worst of Battlefield 2042 in 2 sublime compilations

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, at 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videogame sphere, high-tech or geek that makes the news or who turns out to be completely timeless. No doubt, the “Battlefield Moments” aka “Only […]

Time to see the horror in the white eye once again – House of Ashes is soon here

Next part in The Dark Pictures takes us to the mountains of Iraq where a group of American soldiers are trapped in an underground Sumerian temple. Cut off from the outside world, it will be your job to guide the group to safety. And it is, as usual, a great responsibility that rests on your […]

PS5: Sony announces live event with Horizon Forbidden West and Elden Ring

If Sony had waited long months before putting the cover back via a PlayStation Showcase rich in surprises and Nordic divinities, the approach of the very consumerist end-of-year celebrations should make it possible to rebalance the manufacturer’s dilettante communication. One month after the event, which allowed us to discover new images of the highly anticipated […]

For Sony’s Jim Ryan, sales of games on PlayStation consoles are not enough

The video game industry has undergone a number of profound transformations in recent years. Some business practices that were almost perceived as customs came to an end. And walls considered impassable have fallen one after the other. For their part, manufacturers no longer hesitate to reveal that their ambitions go beyond the installed base of […]

Bloodborne producer has found his new studio

Would the video game transfer window be in full swing? While the aspirant-Yakuza Toshihiro Nagoshi formalized his departure from Sega this morning, the producer Bloodborne unveils the name of his new employer. Last February, Masaaki Yamagiwa announced that he was stepping down as producer at the glorious Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio (by his full […]

GTA The Trilogy The Definitive Edition Announced, Rockstar Promises Improvements

It had been weeks since this had been known unofficially. The thing is now official. The three major episodes of Grand Theft Auto released during the PS2 era will soon be back on current machines. And according to Rockstar Games, it will not be a question of a simple compilation of ports here. Rockstar Games […]

Image of the day: An incredible stroke of luck in BF 2042, our deluge of sniper headshots

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, at 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videogame sphere, high-tech or geek that makes the news or who turns out to be completely timeless. Do you like sniping? Do you like […]

Zelda Breath of the Wild: While waiting for the sequel, Nintendo releases the first episode

On this day that marks the triumphant return of bounty hunter Samus Aran, many players continue to hope to hear about the highly anticipated Breath of the Wild 2 … Unfortunately for them, Nintendo still seems to be as keen to spare the suspense, even if it means playing the clock. And if we haven’t […]

Epic Games Store: The next free games are announced between zombies and paladins

Every week, the Epic Games Store allows itself a fantasy, a madness: letting us add new games to our personal collection for nothing. The two contenders for next week have just made themselves known. Gamers close to their pennies can always imagine tinkering with a competition PC in PC Building Simulator, available for free on […]

Akira Toriyama and Yuji Horii react to the death of the composer of Dragon Quest

On this Thursday, October 7, the small world of video games learned of the death of one of its most emblematic composers in the person of Koichi Sugiyama. The announcement obviously made his former traveling companions react. Koichi Sugiyama, who died last week at the age of 90, is among other things famous for having […]

Twitch responds to massive data and secrets hacked, so does ZeratoR

The world of streaming and other influencers has literally been turned upside down today with the unauthorized release of a huge amount of sensitive and secret data from the Twitch platform. After hours of silence, and certainly panic, Amazon’s streaming platform has finally reacted publicly. Twitch has just officially responded to the hack of its […]

Agent: Rockstar (GTA) seems to have buried its PlayStation exclusive once and for all

In the list of Arlésiennes of the video game, Agent is very well placed. Announced with great fanfare in 2009, the game from Rockstar Games has never really given any news since. Over time, various rumors have shed some light on the project and its abandonment by Rockstar. For its part, the American publisher has […]

What to expect from the Arcane animated series in the League of Legends universe

The wait is coming to an end for League of Legends fans as the very first video game-based animated series launches in a month on Netflix. Arcane will be the first official work of this format produced by Riot Games. Initially announced during the 10-year anniversary of the game that repopularized the MOBA genre, more […]

Naughty Dog: New vice president Arne Meyer promises more well-being

A few months after the completion of the titanic project The Last of Us Part II, the director Neil Druckmann saw himself propelled co-president of Naughty Dog, not without throwing a large part of musical chairs. Last December, the promotion of the person concerned was also accompanied by that of the ex-programmer Christian Gyrling, who […]

Halo Infinite: Flurry of kills with maximum graphics, OUR PC gameplay

It’s Monday, October 4, 2021, and the Halo Infinite beta officially ended yesterday. So now is the time to take stock, quietly, with a home video that you will give us some news … During these two weekends of fierce fighting, we could see what the multiplayer Halo Infinite had in the belly, both aesthetically […]

Smash Bros Ultimate: Sakurai recommends that non-players watch the announcement of the last playable character

As Smash fans know, the latest additional character from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be unveiled tomorrow. Almost three years after the game’s release, Nintendo, Masahiro Sakurai and their partners are about to turn the page. And if the hype for this announcement was already present among fans of the series, the director of the […]

Forspoken: the director reassures players about the next PS5 exclusive

Now expected for next spring, Forspoken could not miss the Tokyo Game Show 2021 … even if it means coming with very little material. Those who had conscientiously noted the schedule recently unveiled by the publisher knew that the very first game from Luminous Productions would brighten up the first day of the Tokyo Game […]

The Tokyo Game Show 2021 without an audience looks like this, the images

For some, the Tokyo Game Show is not what it used to be. But this does not prevent the show from remaining a highlight of the video game year. Despite the health crisis, and the impossibility for a large majority of foreigners to enter Japanese territory, its organizers have nevertheless decided to hold a 2021 […]

Dying Light 2 invites a talented actress, the music of Olivier Derivière is revealed

Practically declared dead at the beginning of the year, before its developers return to the assault, Dying Light 2 still has revelations to make. All very beautiful. Hmm. While, that’s it, Dying Light 2 Stay Human is confirmed on Switch (via the Cloud), new info continues to rain on it. In the fourth Dying 2 […]

Xbox Game Pass: Take-Two boss (Rockstar, 2K) reportedly leaked subscriber numbers

Microsoft no longer communicates the sales figures of its consoles for several years. The American giant prefers to communicate on the commitment of users of its machines and services. As for the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft communicates irregularly its number of subscribers. However, it could be that one of the partners of the Redmond firm […]

Netflix offers a first video game studio, the developer of Oxenfree

The on-demand movies and series service that makes Tudum started this summer to clearly show its desire for video games. And has just taken an important step by acquiring a structure that has made a good reputation. Night School Studio has come into the fold of Netflix. The Californian studio made up of Telltale and […]

Xbox Games With Gold: The “free” games of October 2021 made official

It’s the end of September. And in this early fall, the leaves aren’t the only things falling. The identity of the games that will participate in the Xbox Games With Gold program next October has also just been dropped. On the menu for next month, English, a double ration of Japanese and even French. Microsoft […]

Super Nintendo World: Donkey Kong zone confirmed, info and opening date

Entry restrictions on Japanese territory caused by the COVID-19 pandemic mean that most foreign tourists who want to experience Super Nintendo World have not yet been able to do so. The fact that this 100% Nintendo land has not yet been able to accommodate the majority of foreign tourists does not prevent Nintendo and Universal […]

Mario the movie: French release date and Chris Pratt’s reaction

Among the surprises of Nintendo Direct last week were undoubtedly the announcements related to the new Super Mario movie. And if it will certainly be necessary to wait a long time before seeing the first images of this animated feature film, those interested already have other elements to put in their mouths. Among these are […]

Nintendo Switch: Why the 3-button Mega Drive controller in the West? Nintendo explains

To everyone’s surprise, Nintendo announced the upcoming release of a Mega Drive controller for Switch last week. Quickly, it became clear that Western and Japanese players will not be in the same boat. The advantage going once again to the Japanese players. Nintendo did not wish to let the doubt settle and explained the reasons […]

PlayStation Plus: The “free” games of October 2021 would have leaked

Sony usually waits until the very end of the month to unveil the titles that PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to at no additional cost the following month. The consequence of these late announcements is that they are more likely to leak. And it seems that the Japanese manufacturer has once again stolen the […]

Nintendo Direct: Out of nowhere, here is a “remastered” version of Actraiser

It is certain, the last Nintendo Direct did not miss surprises. But there is one that we certainly did not see coming, it is the return, topspin, of a legend of the Super Nintendo. We turn our backs, what, two minutes ?, and Square Enix remakes us the blow of the restored version of a […]

Elden Pixels releases Alwa’s Collection – and an NES version of the original

Recently we were met by the news that Alwa’s Awakening and the sequel Alwa’s Legacy comes in physical edition, called Alwa’s Collection. The edition comes to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch and will cost around SEK 300. At the same time, a limited digital / physical edition was also announced with the games, soundtracks and […]

New Story Trailer for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. And Star-Lord releases single.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy lands at your selected retailer for game console or computer materials on October 26th. In anticipation of this, Eidos-Montréal loads up with an official story trailer, packed to the brim with the action movie rite of passage. Anyone familiar with the franchise probably knows that Guardians’ leader Peter Quill takes […]

Developers unveil multiplayer mode in upcoming WWII shooter

Activision and Infinity Ward recently provided fresh information on multiplayer mode in their upcoming game Call of Duty: Vanguard. In addition to the bombastic pace, explosions and shotguns, the developers promise an experience beyond the ordinary. To top it all off, a beta version will be released this weekend for anyone interested in the game. […]

World Plays ESO, among other things, withdrew 4 million antiquities

During the summer, Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios had a small event, The World Plays ESO, for streamers, influencers and the collective as a whole for their online role-playing games The Elder Scrolls Online in which players were asked to watch broadcasts for specific Twitch drops and winnings. The purpose of the spectacle was to […]

“Deceitful” and achievable on PS3, Ratchet & Clank rifts judged by Jon Burton (LEGO)

In general, developers, and especially those working for large corporations, avoid attacking the work and / or statements of colleagues head-on. It is not an attitude judged as professional and, after all, we do not know what tomorrow is made of. For the co-founder of Traveller’s Tales, such considerations obviously no longer matter. see also: […]

Marsupilami The Secret of the Sarcophagus in 1st video, between DK Country, Sonic and Rayman

After the first unveils just a few weeks ago, Microds shows us this time the very first video of Marsupilami The Secret of the Sarcophagus, which seems to be a mix between Donkey Kong Country, Sonic and Rayman. A guarantee of quality? see also: Gamescom 2021: The brutal Midnight Fight Express puts roustes in video […]

A beautiful game needs beautiful music – Blue Moon interpreted by Ayaka

“Blue Moon” written in 1934 by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, interpreted and performed by Ayaka. It is not uncommon for releases of Japanese role-playing games to begin with swinging pop songs or revealing rock. That a seemingly epic story like Tales of Arise seems to contain would get a romantic push to song trailer […]

Death Stranding Director’s Cut infiltrates with new trailer

As long as you have the misfortune to follow them on so-called social networks, you will know how director Hideo Kojima and presenter Geoff Keighley do not miss an opportunity to recall the bond that unites them. After having lifted the veil on a certain Death Stranding Director’s Cut during the very summery Summer Game […]

The action-RPG Stray Blade is reassembled and promises a release in 2022

Two years ago, Gamescom 2019 was the opportunity to discover for the first time Stray Blade, an action-RPG after all largely inspired by a famous license that has dominated the genre for a few years. A virus later, the previous 2021 edition of an equally distant Xbox Stream will have been the opportunity to discover […]

The long-awaited trailer is finally here, the Multiverse too

Because it’s both a new Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and Peter Parker’s new big-mouthed adventures, and because of what many rumors of recent months have claimed about it, Spider-Man No Way Home is one of the most anticipated films of this year. For cause and effect, his first trailer was also extremely awaited. And she […]

Call of Duty Vanguard weekend trial on PS5 and PS4, btas dates

Immediately announced, immediately ready for handling. Activision and Sledgehammer have confirmed that some of the players waiting for the next installment of the famous FPS series not at Infinity Ward will soon get their hands on it. see also: Call of Duty Vanguard: Solo, multiplayer, Warzone, Zombie, release date … we tell you EVERYTHING! PS5 […]

The director explains how the multiplayer mode works and issues a challenge

If it remains one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Deathloop retains many mysteries despite the imminence of its release, starting with its very singular multiplayer mode, to believe Arkane’s so far deliberately vague statements. Lyon. Fortunately, the opening of QuakeCon 2021 will have been the occasion to finally lift the veil. Quit […]

Syberia the Before World finds firm release date on PC, later on consoles

Announced about 2 full years ago, the next installment in the Syberia saga has a release date for Gamescom 2021. Or pre-Gamescom if you prefer. The series of the late Benoit Sokal, is indeed shown with this new opus, finally called Syberia: The World Before. see also: Life is Strange: The Switch version of True […]

50% reduction on the 12-month subscription for a limited period

The hour when the question begins to be asked about the games offered in September to PlayStation Plus subscribers, Sony is launching an offer so that they are always more numerous. The kind that can’t be refused. see also: PlayStation Store: The Games less than 20 euros and PlayStation Indies promotions are launched The PlayStation […]

The Games less than 20 euros and PlayStation Indies promotions are launched

The long period of sales that began on July 21 on the PlayStation Store could not last forever. But even if one feels summer is coming to an end – has it only started in the north of France? – that doesn’t mean Sony is abandoning the idea of ​​offering discounts. see also: Rocket League: […]

Life is Strange True Colors spins 13 minutes of gameplay in French

With the new episode of Life is Strange currently in development, we got a lot of things right: announcements, testimonials, revelations about music, French voices or the powers of the heron … But no sequence yet. of game itself. This is the first. see also: Life is Strange True Colors: The Wavelengths DLC is already […]

Ratchet and Clank arrive on PS4 … and PS5 (with 120 fps)

More than 6 years after its release, the competitive car-driven football game from Psyonix will enter its fourth season. A privileged moment that well deserved exclusive content for PlayStation players. see also: We played Windjammers 2, our impressions: Dotemu changes disc! This Wednesday August 18 will launch Season 4 of Rocket League, which will take […]

DICE shows a foretaste of the future and a solo campaign with a new Battlefield 2042 film

I’m one of them is bursting with curiosity about DICE’s latest work Battlefield 2042. Our Swedish pride in the gaming sky is working hard to complete this epic toffee before the launch in October. The game will feature a solo campaign and the traditional online multiplayer mode. But it is the campaign that is currently […]

Exodus short film unveils, starring Michael K Williams (The Wire)

Battlefield 2042 is still expected to officially show us long and crisp gameplay sequences. Before this moment that the most proud campers of the editorial staff hope for very soon, it is the story of the next FPS of DICE which is approached with a new video. see also: Battlefield 2042 unveils its PC configurations: […]

Listen to CRPG nerds, Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous on console in March

Lead your armies to glory and heroism! Or death, up to you. After a thunderous success on Kickstarter which drew in over two million gold coins and a player-driven beta, it’s soon time to gather the troops and go out into a holy war in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous! A spiritual and independent sequel […]

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla takes Paris by storm in launch trailer

After having brought down all the kinglets of a perfidious Albion in full construction, the Eivor war coming from the Far North had promised to attack neighboring Francia, already largely dominated by the German tribe of the same name. While our beautiful capital is currently empty of its inhabitants in favor of a calendar favorable […]

Ghost of Tsushima Legends – Rivals will arrive separately in September

If the Director’s Cut version of Ghost of Tsushima will be released on August 20, the game will come with new updates. And Ghost of Tsushima Legends – Rivals will be released separately next September. see also: PS5: Ghost of Tsushima would receive a standalone expansion this year Last October, some were indeed able to […]

Deathloop becomes gold and will be released on time

Deathloop, the most anticipated game from the writing of Gameblog, especially by a certain Thomas “P”, is well and truly finished according to its developer, since the latter has just announced its passage in super “Gold” version, sesame how important to be launched in the modern video game market. see also: Deathloop: We discovered a […]

A Memoir Blue unveils in video on PS4 / PS5, a narrative game without words

Seen recently on our antennas, A Memoir Blue is, it seems, “an atmospheric journey” which features a certain Miriam who, on the day of her greatest success, plunges back into old forgotten memories … Yes, the pitch may seem a bit “weak”, but you know the beauty of life, simplicity, everything … see also: PS5: […]

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy shows cinematics of a magical character

Eidos-Montreal’s Director of Cinematics and Animation shares a glimpse of one of the game’s biggest characters in a new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy cinematic. see also: Xbox Game Pass: August 2021 delivery is loose, Hades on the program … At the start of the evening, Eidos-Montral has unveiled a new gameplay cinematic, following the […]

Jet Set Radio’s hero invites himself in another SEGA game, the video

Jet Set Radio is unmistakably one of the classic SEGA licenses that fans most frequently demand for a return. But obviously, the hedgehog firm does not intend to accede to these requests for the moment. Little consolation, the hero of the series will be back very soon. Read also: Picross S: The 100% SEGA episode […]

A real game or a simple demo in the fall? Konami provides details

2021 will undoubtedly mark a turning point in the history of Football simulations made in Konami. Finished International Superstar Soccer, farewell Pro Evolution Soccer, place eFootball. While some longtime fans of the Japanese publisher’s series are struggling to get over it, the latter sheds some additional light on his title this year. read also: Konami: […]

McDonald’s wants to win a personalized DualSense, Sony refuses

Offering custom controllers has over time become a frequent promotional practice among console manufacturers and their partners. But for things to go well, the two camps still need to be aware of and validate the process. Read also: The DualSense opens its haptic features a second game on PC A few days ago, McDonald’s Australia […]

Mortal Shell Virtuous Cycle will inject Rogue-like via DLC in August

One of the many titles eager to ride the wave of Souls-like success, and having managed to pull off the game, Mortal Shell will try to seduce players who like to learn while suffering and repeat without having the impression of doing the same thing. See also: Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition TEST: A successful PS5 […]

Mark Cerny, the designer of the console, reveals the additional SSD he has chosen

As we indicated to you last week, Sony has just activated via a beta update the possibility of extending the internal storage capacity of the PS5 by inserting an additional SSD. Several models are already compatible and the one we nickname “the architect of the PS5” has made his choice. read also: Ghost of Tsushima: […]

Last Stop Test (Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch)

It is quite incredible to think that Annapurna Interactive will only celebrate its five years of existence in December, as the American publisher already has a hell of a lot of excellent indie games to its credit: What Remains of Edith Finch, Sayonara Wild Hearts or again Outer Wilds, to name only the most illustrious. […]

World War Z Aftermath presents its new features in video (FPS view, maps, etc.)

World War Z quietly continues on its way and unveils a big expansion called Aftermath. Note also that it will be playable without needing to own the base game. see also: Back 4 Blood: Dates and content, the open Bta gives all its details World War Z Aftermath is almost a full-fledged game as it […]

FORECLOSED has release dates and yummy DualSense features

FORECLOSED is a highly stylistic third-person shooter game from Merge Games and Antab Studio. After a look at the pictures, it is easy to make connections to games like XIII and No More Heroes, but with a distinct neon-colored harmonic. The developers describe the game itself as an “interactive comic book” in the cyberpunk genre […]

The majority of players are the same type of Shepard in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare has for fun compiled some data from statistics of players’ choices in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Among other things, we see how players generally create their Shepard, where male soldiers dominate, while colonizers and engineers are at the bottom. Surprisingly, fewer play than I personally thought female Shepards, despite Jennifer Hale’s superb appearance! Unfortunately, […]

A very difficult AI to differentiate from real players according to DICE

DICE wants to be able to offer bots in Battlefield 2042 to replace missing players on its 128-player and under servers. The Swedish studio wanted to be reassuring about their faculties. see also: Battlefield 2042: Up to 64 bots to fill the servers on next-gen VG247 had the opportunity to interview Justin Wiebte, Design Director […]

A Splitgate mode (free game) that we would like to see in Halo Infinite

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the videoludic, high-tech or geek sphere which is in the news or who is completely timeless. See as well : PlayStation: An ‘unbelievable’ secret discovered on […]

Marvel’s Avengers can be played for free for a few days, but not everywhere at the same time

Marvel’s Avengers have not met the success hoped for by Square Enix. But like a super hero in the face of a complicated situation, the Japanese publisher did not give up so far. He continues to try to find ways to attract new users to his game-service and has just announced an operation to recruit […]

Dead Space returns to PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, video and first info

When it comes to rumors related to the video game industry, a phrase that comes up often is “there is no smoke without fire.” And as players watching the news just saw, the smoke from the rumor of Dead Space’s imminent return just turned to fire during EA Play Live. Read also: Electronic Arts files […]

Insomniac (Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank) no longer makes choices based on hardcore gamers

In 25 years of existence, Insomniac Games has released many games, in various genres. And while some were clearly “general audiences,” like Spyro The Dragon for example, others were aimed more at a seasoned gamer audience. And to believe the Californian studio, it is no longer a question of trying to please them. Read also: […]

Ubisoft unveils Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, a new free FPS, info and video

As you may have seen in the reveal video on Monday, Ubisoft has unveiled its new title, a multi-free FPS called Ladies and Ladies .. Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. Why how ? This is what we will see right away. see also: Harclement: A complaint filed in France against Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot and executives Ubisoft therefore […]

SEGA broadcasts a series of documentaries celebrating 30 years of Sonic

For Sonic’s 30th anniversary, SEGA has, as logic dictates, a number of things: game releases, announcement of a new major episode, shooting of a new film, symphony concert, sale of derivative products, etc. And it seems that the Japanese publisher has not finished with the rejoicing. see also: Sonic Prime: From the concept art of […]

God of War director criticizes Sony’s pricing policy in some countries

Over time, we have had the opportunity to tell you on several occasions about the particularly high selling prices of consoles in Brazil. While these prices, as well as those charged in other developing or poor countries, obviously do not do the business of local players, some figures on the other side of the bar […]

A new Spider-Man with Miles Morales in development? A photo lets him think

Marvel’s Spider-Man is among the best-selling PlayStation First Party exclusives in the brand’s history. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, its standalone expansion is multimillionaire. If we add to the immense popularity of Spider-Man with the general public, everything suggests that Sony is not done with the world of spider-man. And a recent clue that appeared online […]

The best-selling PS4 game of June 2021 on the PlayStation Store was … Cyberpunk 2077

Made unavailable on the PlayStation Store for more than six months by Sony in response to the many technical problems plaguing the game on PS4, Cyberpunk 2077 returned to the virtual store at the end of June. And obviously the players were eager for him to return. Read also: Cyberpunk 2077 changes director and loses […]

SpongeBob vs Ninja Turtles vs Rugrats in new Smash Bros-like, info and video

The American television channel Nickelodeon has under its control a number of cult licenses for people who grew up during the second half of the 90s. And it does not hesitate to exploit them in crossover video games. After offering a Mario Kart-like featuring many of its famous characters three years ago, the chain has […]

JRPG fans debate the best game … during wrestling shows via placards

If there is one thing that gamers do not fear, it is taking part in endless debates during which each participant seeks impose make others understand how right he is. And while these debates are usually found under article comments, on forums, or on social media, some JRPG fans have found an original way to […]

TikTok’s global star has something to show us on Resident Evil Village

The principle is very simple: every day of the week, 7 p.m., find an unusual or humorous image in the form of a visual, Gif or video, related to the video game, high-tech or geek sphere which is in the news or who is completely timeless. See as well : PlayStation: An ‘unbelievable’ secret discovered […]

The Next-Gen version changes its artwork and promises unspecified DLC

One would have thought that the WitcherCon, which you were able to follow a few hours ago, would be mainly focused on the future of the Netflix series, without surprising us on the gaming side. This is partly true, but CD Projekt RED still had an interesting announcement to make. see also: WitcherCon: Relive the […]

Skateboarding, boxing, undercover, dancing, etc. Lost Judgment shows everything it has on PS5

Sony had advised during tonight’s State of Play announcement that third-party publishers would be providing updates on their games during the stream. Among these partners was SEGA, and the latter wanted to show what the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio is preparing for next fall. read also: Yakuza: The English translation of the PSP episode uploaded […]