The “worst” builder to work with for indies, according to testimonials

We were talking to you yesterday about statements from a freelance developer / editor frustrated by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s way of managing its professional relationships with smaller companies. Apparently, this testimony has contributed to the splitting of many languages. Read also: PS5: Sony talks about sales and wants to break a record set by the […]

A patch allows you to BREAK everything and cross player like crazy

THQ Nordic just sent us a message via digital carrier pigeon that will thrill followers, and there is, if you want my personal opinion, regarding Wreckfest, its massive destruction racing game. And this should appeal to most humans, starting with a certain Poufy … who already has over 400 hours of playtime on it. Bigre […]

July 2021 “free” games announced, a PS5 game in the bundle [MAJ]

Each month, Sony gives its PlayStation Plus subscribers a gift as a thank you for their loyalty. The builder gives the opportunity to download games for free. Those offered in July 2021 have been unveiled a little earlier than what the Japanese manufacturer was hoping for. Read also: PS5: Sony talks about sales and wants […]

Update, versions PS5 and Xbox Series X | S … For its 10 years Kerbal Space Program takes off the announcements

Ten years ago, ingenious little aliens presented themselves on the PC asking you to help them build a working rocket. Today, for this anniversary, Private Division has something to make fans fly. see also: Killer Instinct: The series is not dead, Phil Spencer must find the right partner Kerbal Space Program update 1.12 known as […]

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora tells us about its new generation engine

If she questioned the real craze around a somewhat forgotten film license for 10 years, the latest announcement from Ubisoft Forward certainly did not hurt our eyes. The rendering of Avatar Frontiers of Pandora is at the heart of a video released recently. see also: Ubisoft Forward: Avatar Frontiers of Pandora unveiled in a first […]

Tales of Arise – Meet the villain and the heroes in a new trailer

Meet the game’s new faces. In this latest trailer, we look out over Elde Menancia, an exotic region on Dahna, as well as its capital Viscint. This is where the player meets Kisara and Dohalim, Tales of Arise two latest characters to accompany Alphen, Shionne, Rinwell and Law. Together they will free Dahna from Renan’s […]

Supermassive Games’ new thriller will be released in October

Now it is finally confirmed. The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes released October 22. That message is given by the developer Supermassive Games, which is currently marketing the game rock hard. A group of soldiers during the Iraq war must fight for their survival when an ancient temple is discovered in connection with a […]

The war of the future is soon here – Battlefield 2042 will be released this fall

This afternoon, the news struck like a bolt of lightning. Electronic Arts and Swedish DICE revealed that a brand new Battlefield game is being released and that the release is already this fall. Battlefield 2042 is intended to revolutionize the modern sandbox genre. Battlefield 2042 takes place implicitly in the near future. The world is […]

Learn more about the action role-playing game Scarlet Nexus with this introductory video

Learn everything you need to know about Scarlet Nexus. Are you just as curious Scarlet Nexus as I am? Then I can recommend this explanation video from Bandai Namco which presents the game’s most important points. It sets the tone for the world you will explore and protect, the characters at your disposal and basic […]

Powerful graphics demo when Horizon: Forbidden West is shown

During Thursday’s game fair State of Play, Guerilla Games showed off their first gameplay sequence from the upcoming creation Horizon: Forbidden West. For just over twenty minutes, the world gets to follow Aloy’s fight for justice in a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. Guerilla Games does not spare the gunpowder with the powerful graphics performance and how […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker gets release date, trailer and lots of news!

In the middle of the darkest night between Friday and Saturday kicked Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2021 running. It started with thunder and crashes with an extra long trailer for the upcoming expansion Endwalker. In the trailer, we get to see dear friends, scary enemies and the occasional new face. We will also see […]

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has finally landed!

Probably the absolute best sci-fi role-playing games ever. BioWare’s most beloved game series returns today in a new, complete package. Packed with 40 DLC, 4k ultra-HD and a smorgasbord of quality improvements through all three games. Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and is compatible with Playstation 5 […]

Olympus will change dramatically when Apex Legends: Legacy is released on May 4th

May 4 will be released Legacy, a major update to Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has worked hard and among the news are new weapons, a new Legend and a completely new game mode. New 3v3 location – Arenas: In Arenas, you compete in new, rotating maps such as Party Crasher and Phase Runner. Before each […]

The Skylia Prophecy – an indie metroidvania – out now

Edit Castlevania vibes from the retro song The Skylia Prophecy The Skylia Prophecy is a pixelated, story-driven action game that undeniably brings to mind the older Castlevania games. The independent publisher 7 Raven Studios describes it as a side-scrolling action role-playing game set in a medieval fantasy environment. You take on the role of Mirenia […]

A Friend in Need – A Preview of The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood

For the past week, we have had the pleasure of logging in to Zenimax Online’s test servers and giving it a try Blackwood, the next major chapter in The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda’s successful online role-playing game is now seven years old (congratulations!) And while the signs of age are beginning to appear on the […]

Bioware explains how they made the Mass Effect games shitty in Legendary Edition

In the latest post on Bioware’s Mass Effect Legendary Edition blog, the studio explains the work behind improving and modernizing the trilogy’s graphics and visuals. Among other things, they identified and reworked over thirty thousand textures! By explaining the method behind the upgrade of one of Bioware’s most beloved games, they invite fans and provide […]

Chasing Static – modern horror in PS1 graphics

The newcomers Headware Games and the publisher Ratalaika have put their heads together in Chasing Static. The game is rendered in an incredibly nostalgic PlayStation look with low-resolution textures, barely animated facial movements and a rendering distance like a short stone’s throw. The most conscious look is a tribute to classic horror games like Silent […]

Murder on Eridanos – DLC for The Outer Worlds will be released next week

On March 17, it will be to solve a murder mystery. Travel to Eridano’s clouds and sniff in a grand murder mystery. Everyone is a suspect and it’s up to you to piece together the clues to Helcyon Helen’s killer. To help you, you have Discrepancy Amplifier, a new manikin that highlights details you might […]

Ubisoft talks about the future of Rainbow Six: Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege was released almost six years ago and has rolled on diligently among all the server halls in the world. Countless walls have been torn down and demolished in the fight between special forces and terrorists. Recently, Ubisoft and the development team organized a kind of digital press conference where they […]

Review: theHunter – Call of the wild (Te Awaroa National Park)

theHunter: Call of the Wild takes us to Te Awaroa National Park in New Zealand. Dazzled beautifully, but not the game for you who lack patience. Expansive Worlds released in December 2020 a new PC DLC package for the game theHunter: Call of the Wild named Te Awaroa National Park, located in New Zealand. I […]

Hawkeye arrives at Marvel’s Avengers on March 18 with a new adventure

The post-apocalypse is coming to Marvel’s Avengers. Then Crystal Dynamics has revealed when Marvel’s Avengers will get their next content update, Operation: Hawkye – Future Imperfect, which takes over just after the previous adventure Kate Bishop – Taking AIM. The update, which lands on March 18, includes a new story adventure, a new boss, a […]

Little Nightmares II will be released on Thursday, scare yourself now with a new trailer

The sequel gets good grades from the press. Then it was soon time for Little Nightmares II to spread fear among fans when it is released on Thursday, February 11 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Stadia, with a free upgrade to Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S later this […]

Disappointed with Bungie’s first steps after sunset

Ever since Bungie announced that they would start driving away old weapons by putting a best-before date on everything, so-called sunsetting, I have been behind the decision. With the argument that they could free up manpower to develop new, exciting weapons, instead of constantly having to maintain and balance the established arsenal – and to […]

This is The Elder Scrolls Online: Backwood – your new adventure and buddy

Bethesda and Zenimax Online Stidios has announced Blackwood, the next chapter and great adventures in The Elder Scrolls Online which will be released on June 1 on PC and Mac (June 8 on consoles). IN The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood we are given the important task of exposing the evil plans of the demon prince […]

Cyberpunk 2077 receives a roadmap and a confirmation from CD Projekt

An important message from CD Projekt. Marcin Iwiński, co-founder of CD Projekt, spoke last night regarding the release of Cyberpunk 2077. His explanation confirms the suspicions that the management made the decision to release the game despite its permission. And as he says, we should not criticize the developers who put their time and talent […]

Something nasty is coming to The Elder Scrolls Online – do not miss next week’s broadcast

Here we go again! The escalation to the next big adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online is up and running and on Thursday next week the developer Zenimax Online Studios will reveal what they are cooking together for 2021 and their online role-playing game. You can watch the broadcast live on January 21 on Twitch […]

This year’s honorable mention 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake

As usual, the nomination of this year’s game is a topic of discussion at the editorial office. Although this year’s coordination did not degenerate into verbal battles, I got a rap on my fingers when I pressed to Final Fantasy VII Remake would be this year’s game. The compromise was this year’s honorable mention. Let […]

Expansion of the year 2020: Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Within this category, it was quite difficult, at least for the undersigned, to weigh expansions against each other. World of Warcraft and its long-awaited Shadowlands finally landed after some delays and took players on new adventures in the completely unexplored shadow land. Greymoor to The Elder Scrolls Online was also a hot candidate who gave […]

Bad situation – Playstation removes Cyberpunk 2077 and gives refunds

In a card message on its official website now Sony Interactive Entertainment announces that they are removing Cyberpunk 2077 from Playstation Store. This means that it is not even possible to buy the game digitally for Playstation 5. The game does not live up to the publisher’s standards in terms of satisfied customers and will […]

Swedish celebrities are revealed in commercials for Black Ops Cold War

Uses Anis Don Demina steal from other artists, pee Martin Mutumba in the shower and like Alicia Lauterbach to smell their own farts? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in Call of Duty’s Cold War-inspired campaign for new Black Ops Cold War. During the decades of the Cold War, information […]

Immortals Fenyx Rising out now – our impressions from the first hours

So far, very entertaining! Immortals Fenyx Rising, formerly Gods and Monsters, developed by Ubisoft Quebec has now been released to every conceivable console. Should the role of Fenyx in a zero to hero story to save the gods of antiquity and the world. Immortals Fenyx Rising is an action adventure in a large open world […]

Neo: The World Ends With You announced for Switch and PS4

Another sequel The World Ends With You is in the making, announced Square-Enix today. The title is Neo: The World Ends With You and the destination is PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The preliminary release date is sometime in the summer of 2021. Just like its predecessor, you participate in a Reapers’ Game. These involve […]

Operation Kate Bishop Taking AIM is coming to Marvel’s Avengers in December

Aim for AIM with Kate Bishop December 8th! Then it finally happens! Crystal Dynamics has been working hard since the release of Marvel‘s Avengers (among other things to mash over 1000 bugs) and soon we will finally get new content for Square Enix action role-playing games. The December 8 the game’s first DLC will be […]

Between the lines – behind the scenes of the stories in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is finally here and takes us on new, action-packed adventures. Not only that, the third expansion to Destiny 2 leads us to a long-awaited place that fans have long speculated about, we will also find the answers to some of the game universe’s biggest mysteries. As all dedicated destination players know, […]

Pre-book Twin Mirror for a little digital swag

Twin Mirror will be released on December 1. Dontnod Entertainment, the developers of critically acclaimed Life is Strange, announces that fans can now pre-book their upcoming psychological thriller Twin Mirror on the Playstation Store, Microsoft Store and Epic Game Store. Advance bookings at Playstation Store gives players an exclusive dynamic theme. The price on the […]

Variks warns of the dark, but who is really listening to him? Beyond Light story trailer

There is only one truth in the dark … Everyone seems to have different reasons to go to Europe. Eris is attracted by the darkness, Drifter wants to secure his survival and Eramis wants to create a new society for his peers – which means we need to die. Varik’s agenda is, as usual, ambiguous, […]

The situation in Marvel’s Avengers – and patches on the wounds

Crystal Dynamics have presented the current state of affairs on the development of their action role-playing game Marvel’s Avengers. In a State of the Game blog post Scot Amos, the manager of the studio, is dealing with a sympathetic status report for the game they put a lot of sweat and tears on. He confirms […]

Burn rubber with hot cars in Cyberpunk 2077, or only in a small Makigai

In the world of cyberpunk, there are lots of car brands. From exclusive luxury cars from Herrera to the iconic sports brand Quadra. But my heart aches for the tiny and cramped economy car Maimai from the Japanese budget company Makigai. IN The World of Cyberpunk 2077 Makigai is described as famous for its compact […]

Thanks! Outriders delayed until February – free next gen upgrade

Enoch has to wait a bit, but the upgrade is free. Outriders, the action role-playing game from People Can Fly and Square Enix, see a delay in release from the Christmas weekend 2020 to February 2, 2021. Given the prevailing circumstances, it is no surprise that another production is postponed. In connection with the announcement […]

New exotic gear in Destiny 2: Beyond Light seems broken – guaranteed fun

A sword with a chainsaw blade? Give me pleasure! Bungie has shown off some of the exotic items we get Destiny 2: Beyond Light and some of it could potentially shake up PvP. The Titans get an activatable overshield, the Hunters learn to flash again and the Warlocks become poisonous. Trailers like this, which focus […]

Taste the Viking saga in the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer

A grand Viking story awaits. If we look through the keyhole that this story trailer is for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla we get a feeling for the viking Eivor and the driving forces he will have. The sibling relationship with big brother Sigurd seems to be one of admiration and respect, which in a natural and […]

Meet Night City’s tough guys in Cyberpunk 2077

A quick tour of the Night City, where gangs and crime abound. Only a couple of months remain before CD Project Red releases its highly anticipated role-playing game Cyperpunk 2077. During the summer, the Polish studio has, among other things, harvested weapons, life paths and equipment in its previews. Now they present the main character […]

A nightmare to collect? See Little Nightmares II collector’s edition

Bandai Namco has now come out with which editions upcoming horror games Little Nightmares II includes. All editions apply to Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The editions can be pre-booked today from Bandai Namcos online store or at retailers. Little Nightmares II released on February 11, 2021. The Day One release gives […]

Explosive Ice – 3 Stasis grenades in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Bungie has now unveiled all three Stasis classes players can take advantage of Destiny 2: Beyond Light November 10. In the latest update with Hunter Revenant they also revealed the three stasis grenades players gain access to with these classes. Previously, Titan, Hunter and Warlock have shared some of the grenades, but with Stasis grenades […]

Everything we know about Cyberpunk 2077 – Attributes, Skills and Perks

November 19 and the release of Cyberpunk 2077 is still a distant dream, but if you are something like me it is a dream you live in every day. If I do not read, watch or listen Cyberpunk 2077, so I think about it. These daydreams always land in speculations about game mechanics. In this […]

Marvel’s Avengers – long-term plans and activities for players

A little of what awaits you in Avengers. Before the release of Marvel’s Avengers Crystal Dynamics and Edios-Montreal have decided to tell more about the more difficult types of activities players will be able to bite into when the game is released on September 4 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC. The clip […]

A closer look at Warlock Shadebinder – Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Bungie has today released perhaps the most interesting information to date regarding the Beyond Light expansion. The information comes in connection with the deep dive in Warlock Shadebinder, the new class for Warlocks that uses the forces of darkness. According to Bungie, Warlock Shadebinder is the master at freezing his opponents thanks to his crystal […]

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey takes its first steps on Steam – out now

In the middle of the chaos that was the online fair Gamescom 2020, the Private Division announced that Panache Digital Games award-winning game Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey now reached Steam! The game was originally released on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Epic Game Store 2019 and during the past year has seen several updates to […]

Watch the gameplay of Peril on Gorgong DLC ​​for The Outer Worlds

Gameplay and comments from Game Director Carrie Patel. Obsidian Entertainment and the Private Division presents here a slightly closer look at Peril on Gorgon, an addition to their critically acclaimed role-playing game The Outer Worlds, which will be released on September 9. In this clip we get a short review of the side quest “Love […]

A closer look at Stasis in Destiny 2: Beyond Light – the power that will change the game

Prevent, freeze and crush your enemies with Stasis. Bungie reveals more information about Stasis, the new power players will be able to use in their fight against the Dark Ages Destiny 2: Beyond Light. which will be released on November 10 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia (and next-generation consoles when they become […]

The Gothic adventure continues with Stonethorn – The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

Tamriel calls! Stonethron, the latest addition for The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is out now and sees adventurers looting two new dungeons. In addition, Update 27 in the bill has followed and carries with it several adjustments and improvements. Stonethorn continues The Dark Heart of Skyrim saga after the Greymoor expansion and is now available […]

Prepare for Gate – Solstice of Heroes returns to Destiny 2 next week

Nothing booked for the holiday? No worries, Destiny 2 will eat up your time in August. Bungie to the rescue! Solstice of Heroes is here to sweep away your boredom and give your last days of vacation meaning. Solstice of Heroes is Destiny 2‘s annual summer event that sends newbies and veterans out to enjoy […]

Night City Wire on Monday – information about Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red announces via Cyberpunk 2077official Twitter that the next shipment of Night City Wire takes place on Monday at 18:00 on Twitch. The broadcast is the second of three planned information sessions for the studio’s long-awaited role-playing games Cyberpunk 2077 and will focus on the game’s three background stories (lifepaths), the weapons we […]

Adam Smasher, the most dangerous man in town – Cyberpunk 2077

During Night City Wire and Cyberpunk 2077’s latest trailer, we caught a glimpse Adam Smasher, the cyborg who is probably the single most dangerous person in Night City. Fans of the table role-playing game, the expansion Firestorm Shockwave more specifically, feel him intimately and perhaps even fear his presence in Cyberpunk 2077. And we are […]

Twin Mirror reappears – is nicer and more morally gray

Dontnod Entertainment revealed Twin Mirror already 2018, a thriller mystery with investigative gameplay and heavy focus on storytelling and choices with consequences. Since the show at Gamescom 2018, the game dropped in the dark and first appeared again during PC Game Show this year, with Epic Store exclusivity on PC and with independent publishing. Twin […]

Overview of the combat system in Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris

The skill tree looks huge! In this new trailer for Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris we get a brief and comprehensive presentation of the combat system. However, the game has much deeper features than can be seen at first glance. For example, we glimpse a skill-tree as fastest and see the parry function in action. […]

Ballad of Buck Ravers from Cyberpunk’s Samurai sings freely on the tube

The Samurai song can now be heard by everyone. Now fans can listen to yet another official Samurai song written by Swedish punk band Refused (which also made Chippin ‘In and Never Fade Away). Ballad of Buck Ravers reflects life as a corporation, that is, corporate employees who, like everyone else in Night City, have […]

Cyberpunk 2077 receives a serial on the Trauma Team rescue service

CD Projekt Red announced this weekend that they will release from 9 September Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team, a four-part comic book from Dark Horse Comics. Written by award-winning Cullen Bunn (Uncanny X-Men) and illustrated by Miguel Valderrama (Giants). Before we light the torches and pick up the high forks, it’s worth noting that this series […]