Oneplus releases Nord-nytt: Two mobiles and a pair of headphones

From being a cocky flagship challenger on the mobile front, Oneplus has broadened the range considerably in recent years. The company’s Nord mobiles have supplemented the offer with different levels of price pressure, and really mixed and matched when it comes to the final ratings. Just two months ago, for example, we were able to […]

E-screen monitors – more exciting than a foldable Iphone

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple is investigating e-ink screens for future foldable iPhones. Now it is the case that Apple certainly tests lots of different solutions, most of which never cross the finish line to become real products. But as a long-time admirer of e-ink screens as a technology, I get excited about the […]

Now Tesla’s Superchargers are opening for other electric cars – see where you can charge

Tesla writes now that their pilot project to make Tesla Supercharger chargers available to manufacturers other than Tesla is now expanding to Sweden. Through the Tesla app (version 4.2.3 or later), electric car drivers who do not drive Tesla can find which stations are available. Tesla drivers can of course charge at the stations as […]

WH-1000XM5: This is Sony’s new flagship headphones

There is no doubt that Sony is one of the very best manufacturers of noise-canceling over-ear headphones. Their products in the WH1000X series are usually rewarded with top marks for both good sound quality and effective noise reduction. Now the long-awaited sequel is released WH-1000XM5with news both inside and out. The design – something we […]

No in the Riksdag – controversial “snooker sites” are not limited

Ratsit, Mr Koll and Lexbase are three examples of search services that today – conveniently and smoothly – allow us to sniff out far more than phone numbers and addresses when we search for private individuals online. Salaries, payment remarks and not least the presence in criminal cases are among the information that is a […]

Sennheiser Sport True Wireless: Headphones with premium sound

In connection with the launch of the new Momentum True Wireless 3 (which we will review shortly), Sennheiser also took the opportunity to introduce the new model Sport True Wireless, which is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and athletes who want to be able to enjoy a first-class audio experience during the workout. . Rating 4.5 […]

Sonos launches cheaper soundbar – and own voice assistant

Sonos continues to broaden its range of soundbars. After compact Beam and mammoth Arc, the company shifts again towards a smaller form factor – and price tag. The new addition Sonos Ray is slightly smaller than Beam, while the price tag of SEK 3,399 is considerably smaller than the middle sibling’s just over SEK 5,000. […]

Images continue to leak on Microsoft’s new “One Outlook” app

Microsoft is working full time on a new desktop client, One Outlook, which may soon replace both Mail and Calendar in Windows 10 and Windows 11. The client is not published yet, but Microsoft seems to have trouble keeping it secret. Some users have managed to download copies of the program, which at the moment […]

Volkswagen is now showing the first sketches of a smaller electric car – price from just over 200,000

Smaller and much more affordable electric car models from the Volkswagen Group have already been promised, but now the first sketches of the upcoming cars are coming. In a tweet, Volkswagen calls the model a new entry-level model. The cars will be manufactured in Spain and will leave the factory in slightly different variants sold […]

Leaked document suggests: Facebook has poor control of user data

A leak document as Vice obtained indicates that Facebook has poor control over what the social media giant does with its users’ data and where it goes. The internal document, which will be written by integrity engineers at Facebook’s Ad and Business Product team in 2021, states that Facebook will largely need to change how […]

Steam Deck updated – gets lock screen and better Windows 11 support

Valve’s handheld gaming computer Steam Deck looks to be a real success, the first of its kind after many valiant attempts by various manufacturers to develop a handheld gaming computer that has all fallen on various technical shortcomings. With a huge demand and long waiting times to be able to order one, Valve’s developers have […]

Apple’s private relay service leaks data through firewall and VPN

Private relay service is a new VPN-like service from Apple that is included in Icloud Plus subscriptions. It’s still in beta but is included in the regular version of Mac OS Monterey. When you activate the function, it starts sending data over the quic protocol to servers at Apple, and nothing seems to be able […]

Done: Then Diablo Immortal will be released for iOS and Android – and PC!

Update (2022-04-25): Blizzard announces that Diablo Immortal will be launched on June 2, after a number of delays. The good news is that the new game will not only be released for Android and iOS, but also for Windows. The version for PC will be a so-called open beta, which means that it will be […]

EU digital market law nears target – could force Apple to make big changes

EU law on digital markets is beginning to approach its final form. Macrumors claims to have obtained a leaked draft of the “final” legal text, and many of the rules that have been discussed in recent years and can affect Apple greatly are included. If the law becomes a reality as in the draft, Apple […]

The App Store is being cleaned up on “old” apps – despite developers’ protests

It seems that Apple has launched a new offensive in its App Store against old apps. In an email that was screened and shared by a bunch of developers with apps on the App Store, Apple says that they will delete the app in question as it has not been updated for a long time, […]

Report: The Iphone 13 series a success for Apple – but the Mini sells minimally

The iPhone 13 series, launched in the fall of 2021, delivers “some of the best results in many quarters”, according to a new report released by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (cirp) and which 9 to 5 Mac first reported if. There are more people who choose a model from the Iphone 13 series today, than […]

The new authority may decide on the private copying

The scolded and questioned model for private copying allowance is about to be redone. By private copying compensation is meant the compensation paid to culture creators when the electronics industry sells storage media that are considered “specifically intended for private copying”. The compensation has been accused of being antiquated, leading to more expensive gadgets for […]

Smart home manufacturers shut down without warning users

American Insteon was one of the early players in smart home products and developed its own technology that mixes wireless communication on the 900 MHz band with powerline technology. Now it looks like the company has suddenly and without warning clapped again, reports Ars Technica. The company’s servers have disappeared from the network, the support […]

Developers warn of fraudulent applications on Mac App Store

Developer Jeff Johnson, who is behind the Safari extension Stop The Madness, among other things, has in one long thread on Twitter attacked Mac App Store. He directs the same criticism against the one that many developers have previously made against the iOS store: Apple is far from doing enough to remove programs that break […]

Google demonstrates concepts for soft notifications

Google Seed Studio has now introduced its new Little Signals concept for softer notifications. Something that was first noticed by The Verge. Little Signals consists of six different objects that are designed to be charming and soothing while they can give notifications. Air can give off small gusts of wind to move nearby objects, such […]

IOS 16 will be unveiled in June – here’s all we know so far

Apple always shows off its major annual updates to their operating system during WWDC in June. No platform is bigger, or more important, for Apple and its users than the iPhone. After iOS 15, we expect that iOS 16 will add lots of new features, but without radical design changes. Remember that nothing is official […]

10 iOS features we hope Apple showcases at WWDC

Table of ContentsInteractive widgetsAlways on screenImprovements to the lock screenRedesign of the app libraryReview of HomeKit / new Home appMore standard options for appsPage loading (yes, earn!)Siri enhancements (again!)Two-factor authenticationBattery percentage in the status bar WWDC is only a couple of months away. Unless there is a dramatic break from tradition, Apple will preview its […]

Microsoft introduces a number of new features for Windows 11

In conjunction with Microsoft’s Future of Hybrid Work event, the company has introduced a number of new features for Windows 11. As seen in Windows Explorer, tabs (called “Sets”) are on their way back to help you navigate the contents of your computer faster. Microsoft’s Context IQ technology will now appear more widely in Windows […]

Forget radiation tracking – here’s the next Nvidia technology that will make us drop our chin

Today, beam tracking is the hottest technology in game graphics. Nvidia’s RTX graphics card is in the second generation and the competitor AMD has hooked up with its own variant in the Radeon 6000 family. But radiation tracking is just the beginning. In the future, Nvidia wants to switch to a more advanced form called […]

Alarm giant pointed out: “Have fun with nude photos of users”

Market-leading Verisure usually gets a high rating in PC for Everyone’s tests of home alarms, most recently this autumn. But the giant has ended up in windy weather after a thorough review signed Aftonbladet. During Thursday came new tasks about the routines of the home alarm company. Former employees testify anonymously about how embarrassing, often […]

Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1 fixes issues with monitors and controls

Update (2022-03-31): Apple released Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1 to the public on Thursday night. The focus is on various bug and security fixes. Among other things, the noted problems with screens and hand controls are remedied. As for the security fixes, detailed information will be published on Apple support pages shortly. If you want to […]

Destiny developer saws Youtube’s removal system – M3

Game developer Bungie has filed a lawsuit in Washington state against ten anonymous Youtube users, reports Ars Technica. Users have used Youtube’s features to report copyright infringement to remove legitimate videos and have pretended to represent Bungie, the company claims. Youtube is not responding to the lawsuit, but Bungie puts a large part of the […]

Intel launches Arc graphics card series for laptops

Has not now launched its new product family with discrete graphics cards for laptops, Intel Arc. These are the very first graphics cards from Intel’s Arc A-Series that in 2022 will include laptops, desktops and workstations. Intel Arc will initially be available in two variants: A350 for ultra-thin latops and A370M for more performance. The […]

Sony unveils new Playstation Plus – so will the Game Pass challenger

It’s hot in the gaming world. Microsoft is investing heavily in the hyperflexible subscription service Xbox Game Pass and is buying game studios on the right and left to sweeten the offer. Playstation has so far taken a more modest approach and has not thrown itself as unconditionally into subscription services for games. We have […]

Here’s Samsung’s Imac clone – sorry for the colorful smart screen

At the beginning of last year, Samsung launched a product that the company calls a “smart screen” – something in between a TV and a computer screen that has a small built-in media player to stream movies and series but no TV tuner or other TV features. Now the second generation of the smart screen […]

The EU wants to force the message giants to let in smaller players

After a long discussion between the EU Council, Parliament and the Commission, agreements were reached on Thursday on several important parts of the forthcoming law on digital markets, which the EU has been working on for several years, reports Tech Crunch. The three legislative bodies agreed that companies should be covered by the law if […]

Apple continues to invest in green technology

Apple’s latest investment in green technology ends up with the company Elysis, the world’s first aluminum manufacturer to replace coal in the smelting process with hydropower. This type of technology produces oxygen instead of greenhouse gases. Apple will now use aluminum from Elysis for the production of the Iphone SE. The aluminum was produced by […]

Mac Studio Storage Upgrade – Possible or Not? The information is divided

Ever since Max Tech’s disassembly of Mac Studio showed that the ssd is on a daughter card, there has been wild speculation as to whether it means a future opportunity to upgrade. Another Youtubare, Luke Miani, has made blows in the case and tried adding an ssd module from one Mac Studio in the blank […]

The European Commission wants to see stricter penalties for technology giants

Former EU Commissioner and now head of “an EU adapted to the digital age” Margrethe Vestager has set her sights on Apple, Google, Meta, Amazon, Tiktok and other technology giants. In a long interview with The Verge, she talks about how the years as a commissioner have taught her that certain market problems lie in […]

Test: Beurer AS99 – activity bracelet with outdated interface

Tested product: Beurer AS99Award: Costs SEK 300 at Amazon Sweden Rating 2 out of 5 Opinion No, Beurer, which otherwise manufactures good stuff such as heart rate monitors and fever thermometers, does not get it with its activity bracelet. Complicated app, poor interface in the watch and small screen lowers the rating. Otherwise, the measurement […]

Tele2’s new collaboration gives Viaplay to customers

Just like Telia, the competitor Tele2 continues to invest heavily in TV and streaming experiences. Today announces the operator that a new cooperation agreement has been entered into with Nent, which will provide content from Viaplay. Tele2, which in January launched an investment in streamed linear TV, offers several Viaplay channels depending on which of […]

Mozilla’s VPN service released in Sweden: “Great interest”

There seems to be no stopping Swedish surfers’ interest in VPN services. There is also fierce competition among the players, who are constantly “forced” to sharpen their offer in order to keep and attract new subscribers. Do not miss our large, continuously updated test of VPN services! Now another player is coming to Sweden. This […]

World premiere for Volkswagen’s electric public bus – M3

Update (2022-03-10): World premiere After some delays, Volkswagen has now presented ID Buzz, a modern interpretation of the classic “public bus” T1. It also comes in a van version called ID Buzz Cargo. Both models will go on sale in a few countries during the autumn, where Sweden is gratifyingly included. Volkswagen will open for […]

Police warn: Fraudsters from “Elgiganten” are trying to skin the elderly

A new wave of fraud against the elderly has emerged in Stockholm County at the beginning of the year. The police are now warning of perpetrators who pretend to call from Elgiganten with a warning that someone has tried to buy expensive stuff or subscribe in the victim’s name. What follows if the victim would […]

What is Facebook Protect – this is what you as a page administrator need to do

Recently, many people who manage pages on Facebook have been reached by calls to turn on something called “Facebook Protect”. We at the editorial office included, which of course runs most of the Facebook pages for our various publications. We are asked to turn on the feature within 15 days so as not to lose […]

Wifi 7 – everything you need to know about the home network of the future

Move on, Wifi 6E! The chipmakers, led by Qualcomm, have already started talking about their plans for the next generation of wifi technology. During this year’s MWC trade show, Qualcomm announced that the Wifi 7 chip Fastconnect 8700 intends to be the first to be launched when it is launched as part of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon […]

Samsung is accused of stifling app performance – admits

Most modern Galaxy phones from Samsung have a piece of software installed called Game Optimization Service (GOS). The name makes it sound like something that raises the performance of games, but in fact it is used to lower the performance of over 10,000 apps including popular apps like Tiktok, Netflix and Microsoft Office. The discovery […]

Stream of Hope back – famous gamers play against childhood cancer

On Saturday 5 March, Stream of Hope will be organized to raise money for research and support on childhood cancer. The broadcast starts at 12:00 on the Twitch channel Streamofhopetv and lasts for 13 hours. This year’s goal is to try to beat last year’s fundraising record of SEK 673,530. New for this year is […]

Developers ask Apple to open up alternative browser engines on iOS

Alternative browsers on iOS are not like on other platforms. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and other browsers all have the same engine – Apple’s Webkit – while those on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux have other engines like Blink and Gecko. This is a problem, says a group of developers who have started the organization Open […]

SMS fraudsters have defrauded small businesses of more than 150 million

After a large police operation with the code name Kapten Krok, a 26-year-old man from Malmö is now on trial, accused of having played a central role in a major fraud scandal, reports SVT. Since the end of 2019, a group that includes the 26-year-old has committed at least 266 crimes against mainly small business […]

Samsung is spearheading the laptop range – here is the Galaxy Book 2 Pro

The big Mobile World Congress has started in Barcelona – and one of the players that usually launches something new in connection with it is Samsung. This was also done this year, when the focus was on the new laptop segment – we have already seen the new Galaxy mobiles. Samsung, which has been selling […]

Here is the first Thinkpad computer with Qualcomm chip

Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo is coming to the mobile fair MWC in Barcelona with a new Thinkpad model which is the company’s first with Arm-based processor. It’s called the Thinkpad X13S, and it’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8CX Gen 3 chip made using TSMC’s 5-nanometer process. Like other Thinkpad models, it runs Windows, in this […]

Huawei is investing in “Super Device” and releasing several news

“Super Device” Huawei calls a new concept for how several different devices can be connected and work better together. Each device can have a function. The company provides as an example a computer that is connected to a “smart screen” for better video conferencing and a PC, tablet and pen that are connected for freer […]

Volvo equips its technicians with the Apple Watch in search of more satisfied customers

Apps are not only something for us ordinary mortals, there are also a lot of companies that develop them only for their own organization. Volvo Cars has now developed an app, the Volvo Service App, for Apple Watch and Iphone for their technicians, something they presented this week. The idea with the app is to […]

Windows 11 may get a watermark on unsupported computers

Microsoft will start experimenting with putting a warning watermark on the desktop if Windows 11 is running on hardware that does not support the operating system, reports The Verge. The warning says “System requirements not met”. A similar warning should also appear on the Settings landing page. The warnings have so far only appeared in […]

Professor: Then Apple can reach a trillion dollars in returns by 2030

Renowned marketing professor Scott Galloway at New York University has published one analysis over how Apple could reach a trillion dollars in returns in 2030. Something that was first noticed by Apple Insider. At present, Apple has a valuation of about three thousand billion dollars but a return of “only” 366 billion dollars. To achieve […]

Kanye West’s next album will not be released on Apple Music or Spotify

American rapper Ye (formerly Kanye West) signs on Instagram that his upcoming album “Donda 2” will not be released on either Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify or Youtube. According to Ye, the album will instead be released on his own platform, Stem Player, a music player that is sold via and costs 200 dollars, […]

Security flaw detected in the T2 chip – short passwords can be cracked

Between 2017 and 2021, Apple released a bunch of Mac models with the T2 chip, a special processor used to secure the boot sequence, manage ssd storage and keep encryption keys safe from the rest of the system. An improvement over older models without T2 is that it should not be possible to guess the […]

Windows 11 is updated – here’s some of the news

Windows 11 has received its first major update. It is also Microsoft’s first “half-sized” update that deviates from Windows 10’s old model with two feature updates a year, both of which make major interventions in the system and are sent out separately from regular updates. The new update instead takes place via several separate updates, […]

Google broadens Privacy Sandbox – Android is also included

Google is looking for a worthy replacement for the third-party cake, so much we know. Under the vignette Privacy Sandbox, the company has, among other things, first launched Floc, which was later put on ice in favor of Topics. The idea with the various initiatives is to provide a more privacy-friendly handling of personalized ads. […]

The lawsuit between Apple and Ericsson is delayed until 2023

Update (2022-02-16): The lawsuit between Apple and Ericsson regarding a number of standard-essential patents (read more below) will not take place until June 2023. According to Foss Patents Apple wanted the trial to begin in December, but the infamous court in East Texas, which specializes in this type of case, considered it premature. Given the […]

The release date for the Disney Obi-Wan series has been nailed down

Update (2022-02-10): It is now clear that the long-awaited TV series Obi-Wan Kenobi will premiere on May 25 on Disney Plus. The series takes place ten years after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, where Obi-Wan Kenobi saw his friend Anakin Skywalker turn into Darth Vader. In the lead roles as Obi-Wan […]

Chinese Xpeng will start selling electric cars at Bilia

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng Motors and the Swedish car dealer Bilia have now signed an agreement for the Swedish market. The agreement means that Xpeng’s cars will be available in Bilia’s Xpeng stores and serviced at their service center. Three Xpeng stores will open in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö in 2022. An Experience […]

Valve’s Steam Deck Impresses – “The Most Innovative Gaming Computer in 20 Years”

Steam Deck, Valve’s version of a true Switch spirit laptop game console, is perhaps the most anticipated portable hardware since… yes, the Nintendo Switch. Some devices have now found their way out of Valve’s vaults and into the hands of some Youtube reviewers. While these videos are not allowed to go into all the details […]

Meta: Facebook and Instagram are threatened by EU data protection

The handling of personal data is one of the hottest debate issues on the web. Especially since the EU’s GDPR regulations came into place in 2018, when virtually all companies and organizations had to review their data management. Not least American Facebook (now Meta), which has had major problems since the Privacy Shield regulations two […]

Several Joe Rogan episodes have disappeared from Spotify

The site JRE MISSINGwhich automatically keeps track of which episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience are available, shows that at the time of writing, as many as 113 episodes of the podcast have disappeared from Spotify. 70 of these removals should have taken place recently according to The Verge while over 40 removals took place […]

CS: GO major confirmed – Belgium becomes new host country

Barely six months have passed since the best teams and players in the world, gathered in the Aviici Arena and settled in the first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major since the start of the pandemic. The major tournaments have the highest prize pool and are considered to be the most glorious. The game developer Valve is […]

Here is HTC’s new vr headset Vive Flow

Latest update: HTC Vive Flow is released in Sweden A couple of months after the global launch, HTC’s new VR headset now finds Vive Flow for Swedish latitudes. The unit focuses more on well-being than many gaming-oriented competitors. User cases highlighted by HTC themselves are meditation, “brain training”, socializing and watching movies, although of course […]

The government wants to see laws that put an end to fake sales

The government has decided on a legal council referral to adapt and strengthen consumer protection in relation to the increased digitalisation. What is proposed are amendments to the Contract Terms Act, the Price Information Act, the Distance Contracts Act and the Marketing Act. Among other things, a requirement is proposed to state a product’s previous […]

Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck will not be released this year

Update (2022-01-27): In connection with Wednesday’s quarterly report, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk chose to confirm the information that the launch of Cybertruck has been postponed. The hope is that the car in question will be launched next year, but it may well take until 2024 before the first copies are delivered. According to The Verge […]

Dutch authority saw Apple’s rule changes for dating apps

Just before Christmas, the Dutch competition authority ACM ordered Apple to open the App Store for alternative payment systems in the dating apps category. January 15 came Apple’s answer – rule changes are underway and developers of dating apps should be able to apply for new powers to be able to direct users to other […]

Google abandons criticized Floc – suggests new alternative to cookies

Last summer, we wrote a well-read article about Floc, a venture for Google’s dominant Chrome browser that was launched as a possible replacement for third-party cookies. These have long been used for advertisers to target ads based on perceived interests, surfing habits and so on. But Floc faced heavy criticism, including from the interest group […]

Empty of Swedes – but the world’s best CS: GO player is still blue-yellow

As usual, January has hosted HLTV’s annual “Top 20 players of the year”. There, the site goes through the year’s 20 best players who have also contributed to their team’s success. Before the top three, it was between some of the most popular players in CS: GO; The two-time (reigning) winner “Zywoo”, “Niko” who placed […]

Success for app that shares name with hot Wordle – the money for charity

Wordle is 2022’s first internet phenomenon. A simple word game that works much like Mastermind but with words. The rules are almost identical to the American play program Lingo and the 50’s game Jotto. The game has taken the world by storm and is now played by millions of players. Two things are truly unique […]

Bug in Safari 15 may leak browsing history – no solution

Update (2022-01-19): Apple is working on fix Changes to Webkit to address the serious security flaw in Apple’s implementation of the javascript api Indexed DB have appeared on Github, reports Macrumors. The fix is ​​in a function that lists available databases and is about only listing the databases whose origin (website) is the same as […]

Digital focus when the government proposes a new consumer purchase law

The government has sent its suggestions on a new Consumer Purchase Act to the Riksdag. The proposal focuses on digital goods and services but also includes changes to consumers’ rights regarding physical goods. An update of the law is necessary to adapt Swedish law to two new EU directives, but in addition to this there […]

Ridley Scott tells the story of Apple’s classic 1984 commercial

Well-known director Ridley Scott is currently completing Kitbag, a film about Napoleon that will appear on Apple TV Plus eventually. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter Scott shares an anecdote from his recent collaboration with Apple, which was the classic commercial “1984” that was shown during one of the breaks at Super Bowl XVIII 38 […]

Apple is adding more Swedish developers to the App Store Foundations Program

Sweden has some of the world’s most talented and creative app and game developers. As part of Apple’s efforts to support talented developers, they will soon welcome the 59th Swedish developer to their App Store Foundations Program, while Apple expands the program to 29 countries around Europe. However, the latest addition is a bit unexpected, […]

Google to brutal rcs attack on Apple: “Holds back”

Google has long complained that Apple’s Imessage has not been made platform independent, but in a new attack, Android CEO Hiroshi Lockheimer accuses Apple of holding back the entire industry by not adopting the new standard rcs that Google wants to replace sms. In a Twitter thread Hiroshi Lockheimer writes that Google is not asking […]

Google gets on the nut of Sonos – can limit the Nest speakers

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has delivered its final verdict in the lawsuit between Sonos and Google, reports Ars Technica. The court goes completely on Sonos’ line and convicts Google of patent infringement. Google’s smart speakers have used technology from five patents owned by Sonos without a license, and several products would have been banned […]

Apple 2021: This was the best and worst of the year

Content: January-March: A slow first quarterApril: Fixes Apple ArcadeApril: Spring Loaded eventJune: Worldwide Developers ConferenceSeptember: Apple vs. Epic round 1California StreamingOctober: The Unleashed event Here is a brief overview of Apple’s eventful 2021, where we also analyze the significance (or lack thereof) of each launch and event. January-March: A slow first quarter The first months […]

CES: Panasonic presents 2022 OLED TV – LZ2000

Panasonic’s new TV, LZ2000, uses sensors to detect the color temperature of the light in the room and adjusts the picture accordingly, for example if you are watching TV when it is dark outside. The feature relies on Panasonic’s Auto AI mode, introduced last year, which uses artificial intelligence that real-time identifies the content being […]

This was the worst in 2021 – the editors appoint this year’s flops

Mikael Lindkvist: “Poor translation and the industry’s worst search algorithm” This year’s flop is still Amazon Sweden. Lots of cool stuff, but lousy translation and the industry’s worst search algorithm make the site both confusing and frustrating. Billy Ekblom: “Oneplus Watch does not reach the same heights as the company’s phones” Not bad, though Oneplus […]

Apple boss in in-depth interview about Airpods and bluetooth audio

If you are interested in sound and Apple, the British audio magazine What Hifi has an interesting one interview with Gary Geaves, who holds the title of Vice President of Acoustics at Apple. He bases the development of sound in headphones like Airpods, speakers like Homepod and also technologies like spatial sound. Eric Treski from […]

Inhuman treatment of employees at Iphone factory in India

Update (2021-12-30): Following the announcement that one of Foxconn’s factories in India is being placed under “protective supervision” by Apple, a number of worrying details have emerged about the conditions for the employees. According to a report from the news agency Reuters employees in the state of Tamil Nadu have lived in overcrowded premises without […]

The SEC forces Apple to release shareholder proposals at the AGM

Ahead of Apple’s next AGM, groups of shareholders have, as usual, put forward various proposals that may be put to the vote. Apple’s board normally decides what issues may come up at the meeting, but this year the company is forced to put up with at least three proposals that the board wanted to delete, […]

The Netherlands demands that Apple open up for dating apps to use alternative payment systems

Apple’s monopoly in the market for iOS apps has begun to be attacked from several quarters, not least authorities in different countries. Last out is the Dutch competition authority ACM as on Christmas Eve published an order that forces Apple to change certain rules for a certain app category: dating apps. ACM has stuck to […]

Analysis shows: Five percent toxic comments on social media

A new analysis of the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, shows that approximately five percent of the comments on Swedish-language social media contain toxic language. The survey was commissioned by the government, which wanted FOI to analyze threats and hatred against women in Swedish digital environments. This led to two different studies where one looks […]

Tasks: Pictures leaked on Galaxy S22 – can get pen from the Note series

Latest update: “Much better camera” According to the usually reliable leak Ice Universe the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 108 megapixel sensor that will be able to take better macro photos with the help of AI. This should result in better details, colors and light. According to Ice Universe, he himself […]

Here are Nio’s new technology-packed Model 3 challengers

During its Nio Day on December 18, the hyped Tesla challenger and Chinese carmaker Nio unveiled a new technology-packed mid-range sedan, called the ET5. The model is packed with new technology, including a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system and light strips that can handle 256 colors. The car also comes with scar glasses, developed […]

Tasks: Apple may release two new screens – and one with an Apple chip

For those who want a screen from Apple, there may soon be more options than the crazy expensive Pro Display XDR to choose from. As early as January this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple is developing a new screen that is more targeted at consumers, and which will have a lower maximum brightness […]

The Swedish CS: GO stars’ “skins” are auctioned off for charity

For the first time in Sweden, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins will be participating in the auction Skins for Charity. With eight of Sweden’s largest profiles in the game and some of these players’ most talked about decorations, the auction amounts are expected to reach high numbers. All to help sick children and their families stay […]

Who do you actually e-shop from? Warning finger raised for dropshipping

The Swedish Consumer Agency warns now for the risks of drop shipping. Dropshipping is a business model where the manufacturer sends goods directly to the end customer on behalf of the seller. The seller thus does not function as a regular reseller but more as a broker who does not touch the goods or have […]

Most searched on Google 2021: This is how the Swedes searched

In early December summarize Google annually the search trends worldwide. Anyone who is interested can go down on country level, and in 2021 it was the European Football Championship that won “the most trending search” in our country. On the “how” question, most people wanted to know how many had been vaccinated and “what” was […]

Amazon Prime is now in Sweden – here is everything you need to know

When e-commerce giant Amazon bought into Airmee, it was only a matter of time before Prime was launched. Now the service is here and this is what it means: What is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription that covers a variety of services from Amazon. Also read: Best movies and series you can […]

Here you can stream all the Spider-Man movies

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, he does everything a spider can. Yes, it has certainly been a few decades since that intro song was the one that was associated with everyone’s favorite spider. Since then, Marvel’s perhaps greatest superstar has been constantly relevant in all sorts of forms, in addition to his original adventures in the comic books. […]

Secret emails show: Microsoft wanted to become an App Store friend with Apple

Apple has taken a stern stance towards streaming services for games and unlike film, TV, music and radio, games that are streamed are not welcome on the App Store. Microsoft has today released its Xbox Cloud Gaming service via web browser to reach iOS users, but email exchanges between the two companies show how far […]

Klarna releases browser extension – Sweden has to wait

The Swedish bank and payment intermediary Klarna is growing so fast and is used by many online stores around the world. Now the company is launching one browser extensions which makes it possible to buy anything in installments without the store having to support Klarna. The new addition has been added through Klarna’s acquisition of […]

Youtube: We receive millions of false copyright complaints

Youtube has published a “copyright transparency report” to show the world how the company handles copyright cases and allegations of copyright infringement. The report is the first of its kind. It applies to the first half of 2021 and the idea is that new reports will be released twice a year. The report states that […]

Take a break! Now comes Instagram’s new “teen features”

Now Instagram has introduced new features that the photo sharing service says are there to protect teens and provide support to parents. In the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Instagram is now launching a “Take a break” feature that encourages long-scrolled teen users to take a break. The function needs to be […]

Watch out for fake package text messages – spread like wildfire

Update (2021-12-06): Spreads super fast In recent days, lots of fake text messages have been sent out that appear to be about deliveries of packages. Those who click on the link risk getting Flubot in their mobile phone, a trojan that can also be spread via apps disguised as qr readers, pdf tools, training apps […]

Apple intends to charge for the buy-in app, regardless of whether developers use their own solutions

In Apple’s attempt to get an appellate court to stop the verdict in the Epic case, which will force the company to allow other payment systems in apps, the company’s lawyers have argued that Epic is wrong when it claims that Apple will not receive any commission on such payments. It reports 9 to 5 […]

Swedish apps winner at Apple’s App Store Awards 2021

Apple’s App Store Awards 2021 ended with two Swedish game developers receiving an award. The apps were selected according to certain criteria, which were quality, innovative technology, creative design and positive cultural impact. During the presentation, Tim Cook said: “The developers who won the App Store Awards 2021 used their own drive and vision to […]

Cyber ​​Monday – everything you need to know about the sale and where to find the best deals

Find the best deals Here we list the offers on technology and gadgets that we think are most interesting online right now. We reward gadgets we have tested or are really eager to try. We always double-check as closely as possible to make sure that it is not a “fake” campaign, that is, that there […]