Technically possible to replace memory and storage in M1-Macs

Apple has made it increasingly difficult to repair and upgrade Macs. Fifteen years ago, it was possible to change both memory and storage in all machines. Today it only works (officially) in Mac Pro. Both the working memory and the ssd circuits have long been soldered to the motherboard in the various Macbook models, and […]

Would make Cloud9 a powerhouse in CS: GO – but now he’s leaving

In recent years, the top tier of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been dominated by players and teams from Europe. In an attempt to change this, the American organization Cloud9 started an ambitious investment on a transatlantic team. Six months ago, commentator and analyst Henry “HenryG” Greer was hired as manager and coach. He was given […]

The battle for mobile players is intensifying: Lenovo launches Legion Phone Duel 2

Lenovo has now introduced its new gaming mobile Legion Phone Duel 2. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5g processor, has a memory chip with up to 18 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory and storage up to 512 gigabytes of UFS 3.1. Legion Phone Duel 2 is also equipped with a new cooling […]

Youtube hits the chest: Better at removing unauthorized videos

Youtube has now presented a new measurement system that the video site argues for shows how they have become better at removing unauthorized videos, reports The New York Times. “Violative View Rate” as the measurement system is called shows the percentage of the total number of views on Youtube that come from videos that do […]

Tim Cook talks about Facebook’s criticism of Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook has appeared in a new interview on the well-known technology journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast for The New York Times. Something that was first noticed by Macrumors. The episode will not be published until Monday, but already now Kara Swisher has shared some excerpts. Among other things, they talk about Apple’s upcoming […]

Snap will look at ways to get around Apple’s new tracking rules

Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, will be exploring different ways to get around Apple’s upcoming tracking rules, reports Financial Times, via Apple Insider. In conjunction with iOS 14.5, Apple will make a new system, App Tracking Transparency (ATT), mandatory. The system means that apps must get permission from the user if they want to […]

Important battery fix for the Iphone 11 series is expected in iOS 14.5

Apple has discovered that the algorithms that calculate battery health sometimes start measuring errors on Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro and Iphone 11 Pro Max. Therefore, the company has developed a calibration function that will be included in iOS 14.5. In a new one support document which is already out, even though the update is […]

Researchers claim: Google collects 20 times more data in Android than Apple in iOS

Douglas J. Leith at Trinity College Dublin has published one research report where he shows how Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android connect to servers at each company even when you have chosen not to log in to Icloud / Google and have declined all questions about sharing data with the companies. The survey was performed […]

Maps updated – more news on the way to Google’s map service

Google has now announced a series of news that will be released this year to the company’s map service Maps. Live View uses AR and is powered by a technology called “global localization” that uses AI to scan tens of billions of Streetview images so that Google Maps can understand the user’s position and direction. […]

Mobile deposit is not recommended – can become a reality anyway

The government’s special investigator, Gunnar Fredriksson, does not recommend a future mortgage for small items such as mobile phones, writes TT. – We see a mortgage as complicated to introduce and it solves only a limited part of the problems we have identified, says Gunnar Fredriksson to the news agency. Instead, the recommendation is that […]

Bang & Olufsen releases wireless gaming headset

Bang & Olufsen has now presented its first wireless gaming headset, Beoplay Portal. The headset is made of premium material and uses two custom-made 40-millimeter drivers with neodymium magnets to provide accurate acoustic reproduction. The headphones also have Dolby Atmos and surround with low latency, adaptive active noise reduction, a mode where you can have […]

Ping quarrel resulted in delayed match and fine – Valorant

During last weekend’s Valorant matches (March 12) in the VCT Masters, there was a notable violation of the regulations. Problems arose when the team 100 Thieves were dissatisfied with the ping on the assigned match server before the clash against Immortals. The team’s coach, “Frost”, started a conversation with the organizers to find a new […]

Hard to get hold of graphics cards – lack of all performance classes

For over a year, the covid-19 pandemic has gripped the world. Restrictions and worries characterize the lives of many. It is not difficult to understand that the interest in computer and video games is great when we are at home more than before. At the same time, groundbreaking launches have taken place on the hardware […]

Hori Wireless Gamepad – good (and cheaper) alternative to the Switch control

Tested product: Hori Wireless GamepadAward: SEK 420 at As Switch’s popularity grows, so does the number of third-party controllers and accessories. Japanese Hori, one of the more experienced manufacturers, has already had time to release a handful of hand-held controllers, as well as other joycon options. But it is their wireless Wireless Gamepad that […]

This is how Huawei’s new true wireless cheat Freebuds 4i becomes

Huawei is now launching its new true wireless headphones, Freebuds 4i, with active noise reduction. The headphones thus sense the sounds of the surroundings through the microphones and generate a reverse sound wave to reduce the noise in the surroundings. The noise reduction algorithm is designed to handle environments such as shopping malls, loud public […]

Extreme turnaround when NiP picked up additional points – CS: GO

Ten days have passed since this year’s edition ESL Pro League started. The tournament is currently in the group stage, which is divided into four groups with six teams in each. Group A has already been completed, where Heroic took home first place without a single loss. The top three teams in each group advance […]

BMW reveals more about the iX investment – has received Swedish awards

The launch of BMW’s electric iX is approaching and now the car manufacturer presents new details and price information about the two model variants that will soon be available on the market, the BMW iX xDrive40 and the BMW iX xDrive50. Both cars are powered by four-wheel drive and two electric motors that do not […]

Jade Raymond’s new studio will make big games for Playstation

Former Assassin’s Creed producer and EA boss Jade Raymond has announced that she’s set up Haven, a new game studio based in Montreal, Canada, to work on a brand new Playstation brand. Jade Raymond is best known for being one of the driving forces behind the creation of the Assassin’s Creed series and the Watch […]

New Sony TV for Europe – “the world’s first with cognitive intelligence”

Sony now announces that their new Sony Bravia XR Master A90J TV will soon be available for pre-order in selected European countries. The company first showed the TV before this year’s CES trade fair and the big news is a Cognitive Processor XR that will process image and sound in a way that surpasses conventional […]

Taiwanese horror game sold again after controversy

Taiwanese game developer Red Candle Games is now writing via Twitter that they have once again started selling their controversial horror game Devotion DRM-free via their own online store. Something that was first noticed by The Verge. Devotion was originally released on Steam in February 2019 but was removed shortly after it was noticed that […]

10 most remarkable entries in the Eurovision Song Contest (what did they really think?)

10. Ukraine 2007: Dancing Lasha Tumbai The contribution we will never forget: Work Serduchka in a disco ball suit and foil hat. It does not get better than this. 9. Lithuania 2006: We are the winners Being cocky can pay off. We are the winners did not in itself win the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, […]

Coreldraw is released in a new version – here’s what’s new

Coreldraw Graphics Suite 2021 has been launched, this year’s update of Coreldraw, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Font Manager, Powertrace and Aftershot 3 HDR. From a Swedish perspective, the news that the programs are now available in Swedish is probably the biggest news. In the past, you have had to use them in English or some other […]

Fresh juice in no time – 8 juicers for a better start to the day

Stylish pressure in the fifties First out is this colorful citrus press from Italian Smeg. The design is directly inspired by fifties aesthetics mixed with futuristic details. We would even like to say that the machine can be confused with a space rocket (in miniature then). The rubber feet hold the citrus press firmly and […]

Oneplus and Hasselblad begin long-term camera collaboration

Oneplus and the Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad are now starting a three-year collaboration. Together, the companies will develop the next generation of camera systems for future Oneplus flagship units. The companies have already collaborated and developed the Hasselblad Camera for Mobile for the upcoming Oneplus 9 series, which will be launched globally on March 23. […]

Apple wants every Fitness Plus workout to be “a work of art”

Apple recently invited the American health magazine Men’s Health to a virtual guided tour of their Apple Fitness Plus studio to tell you more about the design behind the service. “We want to make these exercises magical. We create a work of art, something that inspires and motivates. Many people may not think about how […]

Apple: No, you are not allowed to freely choose the default music service in iOS 14.5

The beta versions of iOS 14.5 that have been out among developers and other beta testers include something that has been called in the press that you can set which music app should be “standard”. It is not uncommon for Apple to speak to the press about upcoming features, but the company has clarified the […]

Google plans to stop showing ads based on browsing history

Google announces now that they are planning to stop selling advertising that relies on users’ individual browsing history. The company also says that in the future they will not build any tools that can be used to track specific data between the company’s products. “People should not have to be accepted to be tracked across […]

This will be the Final Fantasy creator’s new game on Apple Arcade

One of the most exciting upcoming games on Apple’s gaming service Apple Arcade is a role-playing game developed by the company Mistwalker, led by none other than Hironobu Sakaguchi who was behind many of Square Enix’s classic role-playing games. The game is called Fantasian and it will be released later this year. Now new details […]

Steam wants game developers to build support for hand controls

Valve has now released a large amount of data from its gaming platform Steam to encourage PC game developers to consider adding controller controls to their games, reports Engadget. According to Valve’s latest data, a total of 48 million players have so far used hand controls in a Steam game and 10 percent of daily […]

Paramount Plus: CBS All Access changes name before launch in the Nordic region

Update 2021-02-25: Price and launch date in Sweden Paramount Plus, the new streaming service from Viacom CBS that was presented last autumn and is an international new launch of the American service CBS All Access, has now received a Swedish award and premiere date. The launch in the Nordics will take place on March 25 […]

Tiktok downloaded 89 million videos in six months

The video sharing app Tiktok has now released its transparency report for the second half of 2020. According to the report, Tiktok deleted over 89 million videos during the period because they violated the platform’s rules and general conditions in various ways. According to Tiktok themselves, the videos should make up less than one percent […]

Premiere of Disney Plus Star – movies and series for a more mature audience

So far, there have been only family-friendly movies and TV series Disney Plus, but that will now change. Disney Plus: All movies and series you can stream in Sweden Today is the premiere for Star, a new department at Disney Plus that offers hundreds of movies and TV series aimed at an older audience. Among […]

Apple wants to use Steam figures as a bat in the fight against Epic

As part of the court proceedings before the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games, Apple has requested a large amount of information from Valve’s Steam store, reports PC Gamer. Epic has previously been critical of Steam, claiming that Valve devours a large portion of the profits in computer games. Apple’s lawyers believe that this is […]

IEM Katowice running with corona limited format – CS: GO

It has been a year since e-sports experienced restrictions on Covid-19 for the first time. Then Poland’s restrictions on crowds began to apply in the middle of the ongoing Intel Extreme Masters Katowice tournament. This meant that the last matches got played without an audience. Now, a year later, it’s time again same tournament to […]

Microsoft is redesigning the Edge notification system

Microsoft now discusses how the company’s browser Edge handles notification requests from web pages, reports Engadget. The company recently chose that Edge would automatically silence all notification requests from web pages to create a more user-friendly browsing experience. However, the change was confusing for those users who actually wanted notifications, which is why Microsoft has […]

Tasks: This is what Microsoft’s PC interface for Cloud Gaming looks like

According to sources The Verge Microsoft has now begun internally testing a web version of its game streaming service. Microsoft Cloud Gaming, or Xcloud, allows Xbox players to access their games directly in a web browser or via a dedicated mobile app. The browser version of Xcloud will at this stage be able to run […]

Legitimate scanner app is confused with insidious – “bombed” in the Play Store

Zxing Team’s Barcode Scanner app is bombarded with negative reviews in Google’s Play Store, reports The Verge. Hundreds of users have given the app a bottom rating and claim that a new update is taking over the browser and starting to show unwanted ads. At the same time, hundreds of other users have taken the […]

Facebook has doubled the amount of removals related to harassment

On Thursday, Facebook released its latest transparency report which, among other things, shows that the social media giant has doubled the amount of deleted content related to harassment and bullying. The number of removals will peak at 6.3 million during the last quarter of 2020, which can be compared with 2.8 million removals during the […]

Intel’s own benchmarks say that the Apple M1 is not faster

After several months without saying anything about Apple’s new M1 chip, Intel has now released its own measurements of the Arm-based processor which shows that it is inferior to Intel’s own processors in several different respects. According to Intel, tests show that an eleventh-generation Core i7-1185G7 can match or exceed the M1’s performance in a […]

The EU urges Apple to do app justice in the war on privacy

EU competition director Margrethe Vestager now warns Apple and says that the company must give fair treatment to all apps on its platform in connection with the company now changing how access to users’ data is handled, reports Reuters. Tasks: Google makes an Apple – wants to reduce tracking in Android Apple has previously said […]

TEST: Logitech G733 Lightspeed – feather light headset with high comfort

Tested product: Logitech G733 LightspeedAward: SEK 1,590 at Kjell & Company. After pure sound quality, comfort probably ends up on the most important list when it comes to gaming headsets. A headset that is too heavy, rubs too much or is limited by poor cord solutions significantly lowers the overall impression. Therefore, it is with […]

6 weather stations for both new and experienced enthusiasts

With a weather station you can observe temperature, precipitation, air pressure and wind. You can then use that information to make your own weather forecasts. In the past, these devices were staffed by weather observers, but with automation, anyone can become their own hobby weather presenter. Here are some gadgets that can help you along […]

Life in Call of Duty: Warzone is plagued by cheaters

Several professional players are now abandoning Call of Duty: Warzone after the battle royale action game was invaded by cheaters, reports The Verge. Unauthorized tools such as automatic aiming aimbots, wallhacks that let you see through the walls and more have now become commonplace in the popular game. Cheaters have also started broadcasting themselves live […]

Samsung’s smartwatches receive ECG and blood pressure measurement in Sweden

Samsung has received the Galaxy app Health Monitor CE-approved, thus opening up the entire EU area plus the UK for the ECG and blood pressure monitor functions in the company’s latest smartwatches: Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. The ECG function works just like on the Apple Watch and other smartwatches and can […]

Dating app can go for millions of fines after Norwegian review

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, Datatilsynet, now wants the dating app Grindr to pay a fine of NOK 100 million. This after an investigation showed that the company has violated the Data Protection Act, GDPR, reports Techcrunch. GDPR allows fines of up to 4 percent of a company’s annual sales. In 2020, Norway’s equivalent to […]

Tim Cook unleashes new volley in the quarrel with Facebook

On Thursday, the EU held a data protection conference, and one of the speakers was Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who took the opportunity to give Facebook a badly hidden boot. “In fact, an interconnected ecosystem of companies and data brokers, sellers of fake information and those who sow division, of trackers and crooks who are […]

Xiaomi presents technology that charges the phone wirelessly – from a distance

On Friday, Xiaomi presented its new Mi Air Charge technology that will make it possible to wirelessly charge several devices simultaneously. This even if the devices are used, you walk around with them or there is even something between the device and the charger itself, reports Gsmarena. Judging by the pictures released by Xiaomi, the […]

Garmin releases Lily – “The smartwatch that women have been waiting for”

Garmin has now launched its new smartwatch Lily, which the company says is specially designed by women, for women. Something that was first noticed by The Verge. The smartwatch’s design has a more classic look with a round “dial” and is smaller than other smartwatches with a diameter of only 34.5 mm. The smartwatch’s screen […]

Star: Disney Plus raises the price and adds new movies and series

Disney’s streaming service Disney Plus was launched in Sweden during the autumn and has since been mostly relevant for Star Wars and Marvel nerds and families with children. Now Disney is planning to change that! Today, they present for the first time new titles from Star, which will complement the range with more mature content […]

These were the most read articles on Swedish Wikipedia 2020

Wikimedia Sweden, the support association for Wikipedia, has now compiled the most read articles on Swedish-language Wikipedia for 2020. In total, pages were displayed on Swedish-language Wikipedia about a billion times during the year. The first place went to the article about the Spanish disease which was shown over 1.1 million times, of which about […]

The world’s best CS: GO player chorused – congratulations by the Swede

Who really is the world’s best CS: GO player is always a hot topic, and few people manage to remain impartial in the discussions regarding favorite players. When it comes down to it, however, most players and supporters agree that the ranking list “Top 20 players of 20XX” as releases annually is the most […]

Game-destroying bug in Cyberpunk 2077’s new 1.1 update

The role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 continues to be plagued by technical problems. The game, which was originally released in December, quickly became known for being extremely buggy. As a result, developer CD Projekt Red has released several major updates, of which the first major PC update, 1.1, was released last week to address all technical […]

Mobile Bank ID waves goodbye to Android 5 and iOS 11 this summer

In six months, Bank ID will stop working with iOS 10 and 11 and Android 5, also known as Lollipop. It says to read in them updated system requirements on Bank-ID’s website. The iOS versions that stop being supported are from 2016 and 2017, respectively, while Android 5 appeared already in 2014. In other words, […]

Gabe Newell: “Valve has new games under development”

In a new rare interview with New Zealanders 1 NEWS Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell confirms that the company “definitely” has several new games under development that they will present. The company that made itself known for acclaimed titles such as Half-Life, Portal and Counter-Strike had a long period of several years where they barely released […]

Airpods Max disassembled: “Extreme craftsmanship”

When Ifixit opened Airpods Max and started disassembling the different parts, it turned out that they are something completely different from other Airpods models. In fact, they are some of Apple’s most repairable gadgets in several years, and the build quality is, to say the least, solid. Test: Apple Airpods Max – cool over-ear headphones […]

The Swedish CS legend ends as a professional – will stream full time

About six months ago, CS: GO professional Christoffer “GeT_RiGhT” Alesund, was placed on the bench by the team Dignitas. Since then, the future has been uncertain. “GeT_RiGhT” also chose to stay away from social media, and it was not until December 19, when he posted a trailer on his Twitter account, that various speculations began […]

The shack hype continues on Twitch – soon time for a new championship

When the professional chess player Hikaru Nakamura started playing and teaching his sport to some of the biggest names on the streaming site Twitch, the interest in the sport increased enormously. Already in June was arranged the first tournament for streamers, youtubers and other celebrities from the chess website The tournament was renamed Pogchamps […]

Apple’s new initiative is about countering systematic racism

Update (2021-01-13): On Wednesday, Apple presented the Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, a new initiative that is about counteracting systematic racism. In total, this is a $ 100 million investment, with a quarter of the money going to the Propel Center, which can be described as an innovation hub for African-American students. In addition, the […]

Swedish Earin launches slimmed true wireless plugs

Malmö-based Earin today launches the new true wireless handset A-3. Inside are self-developed speaker elements that, according to their own statements, pump through 20 percent more air than the competition. By letting more air through, the base becomes deeper. Unlike other true wireless, the A-3 lacks that protruding pin, where the microphone is usually located. […]

Then there will be the Exynos 2100 processor in the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung unveiled its new processor Exynos 2100 on Tuesday. The processor is expected to first appear in the company’s new flagship mobile Samsung Galaxy S21 which will be shown on Thursday 14 January. According to Samsung itself, the new processor is 33 percent stronger for multi-core processors and 19 percent stronger for single-core processors compared […]

CES: Asus delivers several heavy news for gamers

A bunch of deliciously designed products with the player in sight sum up tonight’s Asus launch. We want to point out that the specifications below most likely not included in the basic configurations. Asus says “up to this or that processor / graphics card”. ROG Flow X13 is a 13-inch ultraportable computer available with AMD […]

CES: JBL launches new series of headphones and a sound locker

The headphones in the Tour series are designed for work contexts and have a lot of smart features. Tour One is a pair of noise-reducing over-ear headphones while JBL Tour Pro Plus is a pair of true wireless. Both models have adaptive noise reduction, something called “adaptive ambient aware”, a function that adapts noise reduction […]

Apple invites to AGM – reveals concerns over competition investigations

Anyone who has owned shares in Apple since no later than 28 December can now register for this year’s Annual General Meeting, which this year will be held virtually on 23 February. In the invitation, Apple urges all shareholders to pre-register their votes so that they are guaranteed to be counted. At the same time, […]

She will be the next person to join Apple’s board

Apple announced on Tuesday that Monica Lozano, CEO and head of the College Futures Foundation, has been elected to the company’s board. “Lozano brings with him his broad knowledge of leadership from both the public and private sectors, as well as a long background in the fight for equality, opportunity and representation,” Apple itself wrote […]

New Apple policy caused Telia to completely turn around a moisture-damaged Iphone

This summer, Linda happened to drop her Iphone XS Max on the hill. The screen was smashed, but thanks to her insurance policy with Telia, she received a factory-refurbished replacement phone – also an Iphone XS Max – from the operator. The factory-refurbished unit has been “reused in the service flow in line with Telia’s […]

Some Airpods Max users suffered from condensation in the headphones

On twitter, a number of users have testified that condensation occurs in the Airpods Max and in some cases have leaked into the elements themselves, reports 9 to 5 Mac. After that, at least one user has discovered that the headphones are difficult to detect if the headphones are on the user. Another user should […]

Swedish Intel veteran: We welcome the competition

With his 16 years at the processor giant Intel, Thomas Melzer has had to look at the PC development from the first floor. His journey has gone through positions as a solution architect, technology missionary and several specialist roles to now include responsibility for one of the company’s five data center laboratories. Thomas describes himself […]

Project Titan: Everything we know about Apple’s self-driving car

Update (2020-12-22): Reuters: Apple wants to start building cars with new battery technology in 2024 According to the news agency Reuters Apple has decided to build a self-driving car and the goal is for it to be launched in 2024. The large traction patch is a new type of battery that will provide longer range […]

TEST: Triart Play rental film – unique range of rental films and series

Tested service: Triart Play The odd bird in our big test of rental movie services is also the most niche. But not in a negative sense. Triart Play offers a lot of productions you will not find in other services, such as some foreign films that otherwise do not find our latitudes. Among these we […]

Apple strikes back at Facebook criticism: “We stand up for users”

In large ads in the American press, Facebook yesterday accused Apple of destroying the advertising market for small businesses by giving users an opportunity to stop collecting user data in a forthcoming iOS update. Something that, according to Facebook, prevents companies from providing consumers with targeted ads. Apple has now responded to Facebook’s criticism. The […]

Twitch tackles harassment – bans “simp”, “incel” and “virgin”

The streaming platform Twitch updates its harassment policy by banning various terms when used with intent to insult someone. “Simp” is one of the most frequently used insults, which usually refers to men who are desperate to get the attention of one or more women and court them in different ways. Two other terms that […]

Strange change: Apple has stopped posting standalone Mac OS updates

Apple has made a strange change in the handling of Mac OS updates, without warning or explanation. Mr Macintosh was first with the discovery, which then has reported by Howard Oakley at Eclectic Light Co. What it’s about is the standalone update packages Apple has always previously posted on its support pages, so-called delta and […]

Judges order Tim Cook and Craig Federighi to testify in Fortnite cases

A U.S. judge has ordered Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s chief software officer Craig Federighi to testify in the case of Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple. Apple will also assist with requested documents detailing how the App Store works, reports Apple Insider. In August 2020, Epic Games’ game Fortnite was banned from Apple’s […]

Test compares Apple’s M1 Macs and Microsoft’s fastest Arm-based computer

Apple’s new processors are fast – faster than all Intel processors for laptops – but above all energy efficient. It is the arm64 architecture that forms the basis of the cpu cores and makes them so efficient, so the question is how they stand compared to other computers with the same architecture. Our colleagues on […]

Test: Roccat Elo 7.1 Air headset – great features for the money

Tested product: Roccat Elo 7.1 AirAward: SEK 1,099 at Proshop Design and comfort Roccat Elo 7.1 Air consists of the headset itself, a small USB audio interface that is connected to the computer and a charging cable. It is fully compatible with PC, unfortunately not for the different consoles on the market. In the Turtle […]

Tim Cook calls for work on climate change at the UN summit

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a short speech in connection with the online event 2020 Climate Ambition Summit, where he said that both countries and companies around the world have an obligation to work to do something about climate change, reports Macrumors. During the speech, Tim Cook highlighted Apple’s own environmental initiatives, such as the […]

The stuff that makes a skiing holiday comfortable, safe – and fun!

Charge with good energy Long days on the ski slopes also mean many hours without access to electrical outlets. Fortunately, you have access to something that works just as well – the sun’s rays. With this power bank, powered by solar energy, you can charge your phone or other devices in the middle of the […]

TEST: Shure Aonic 50 – wireless headphones with active noise reduction

Tested product: Shure Aonic 50Award: SEK 3,188 on PriceSpy That M3 tests headphones from Shure can hardly be seen as a common phenomenon. The relatively unknown brand has over the years launched a bunch of headphones for the consumer market, mainly in the form of in-ear models, targeted and intended for a relatively narrow target […]

Samsung launches new 110-inch micro-LED TV

Micro-joints are predicted to be the next big technological leap in monitors, with all the advantages of oled without any of the disadvantages. Extreme contrast conditions, wide color range but without burn-in effects and with lower power consumption. So far, the technology has not really reached the name: Samsung has released several large TVs with […]

Apple is accused of looking between the fingers of labor law violations in China

In 2014, China introduced a law that puts a cap on temporary labor in the manufacturing industry. At most 10 percent of a factory’s staff may be short-term employees. But according to a report from The Information Many companies break the law and Apple’s major suppliers Foxconn, Quanta and Pegatron do so with Apple’s good […]

Bloomberg: Confident Apple wants to break Intel’s top circles

According to a new report from Bloomberg Apple has significantly stiffer processors on the way for future Macs. The M1 chip with its eight cpu cores and as many gpu cores is just the beginning, and the company is said to have Intel’s fastest circuits in the binoculars. Analysis: Three exciting technologies that may come […]

The Swedish CS star was VAC-banned – but everything was a mistake

Late last week, a surprising message came when one of Fnatic’s CS stars, Freddy “Krimz” Johansson, announced via Twitter that his account had been VAC banned. Being VAC-banned is named after Valves, the founders of the game, anti-cheating system and means that you have violated CS: GO’s rules regarding cheating or use third-party applications that […]

These are the best apps of the year according to Apple

Apple has named this year’s best apps and games for Iphone, Ipad, Mac and Apple Watch. Those who have taken home the title “Best of 2020” are said to stand out from the crowd due to their “high quality, creative design, user-friendliness and innovative technology”. – We have seen remarkable contributions from many developers around […]

TEST: Miele Triflex HX1 Pro – powerful and flexible shaft vacuum cleaner

So it was time for another well-known heavyweight in white goods to take the step into a product category where previously Dyson’s models are considered to be the best and also the manufacturer most competitors use as a yardstick. Rating 4 out of 5 Opinion A stylish, flexible and really competent shaft vacuum cleaner, which […]

Now users in selected locations can contribute to Google Street View

Google Maps now gets a new update that allows users to create Google Street View images using their mobile, reports The Verge. To be able to use the function, the user must have an Android device that is compatible with Arcore, a Google certification for ar applications that require a sufficiently strong camera, motion sensor […]

Gaming on the new Apple Silicon M1 Macs – opportunities and problems

Apple has never had much left over for gaming, and Mac OS has rarely received game-promoting news. The company stopped updating the old graphics engine opengl a long time ago. Although Metal is really powerful, Apple has not bothered to make sure that the framework has all the features for games that are in competing […]

In a month, the new drone rules will take effect

The Danish Transport Agency reminds of that new rules for drones will come into force on 1 January 2021. Drone cards will now be required to fly drones. The training takes place online at with a subsequent knowledge test. Educational materials are already available on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website. All drone operators must […]

So many developers will get new lower fee on the App Store

Apple currently has over 20 million registered developers and the App Store has around 1.8 million apps from around 500,000 developers. As Apple now introduces a lower commission of 15 percent for developers whose business draws in less than a million dollars a year, an overwhelming majority of developers will benefit from the reduction, reports […]

Black Friday 2020: Cheapest Games – Right Now! (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo)

Best deals on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 games Here we list the offers on video games that we think are the most interesting online right now. We always double check as carefully as possible to make sure it is not a “fake” campaign, that is, there are competitors with better prices. Black FridayFollow our […]

Black Friday: Reans best wifi 6 routers and mesh systems

For gejmers If you are crazy about gaming and need a fast wireless connection, then the Asus RT-AC86U may be for you. Good coverage that can be expanded by creating a mesh system. You can also enable Gamer Private Network, which creates a private connection with low latency and lag-free gaming. Asus RT-AC86UPromotional price: SEK […]

The stars of the western world change teams in the League of Legends – here are the latest tours

A lot has happened on the player front since the world championship ended just over a month ago. Some of the biggest names in the top tier have changed teams or chosen to end their careers. Let’s go through some of the biggest events that the last few weeks have given us. TSM: We start […]