Success for app that shares name with hot Wordle – the money for charity

Wordle is 2022’s first internet phenomenon. A simple word game that works much like Mastermind but with words. The rules are almost identical to the American play program Lingo and the 50’s game Jotto. The game has taken the world by storm and is now played by millions of players. Two things are truly unique […]

Bug in Safari 15 may leak browsing history – no solution

Update (2022-01-19): Apple is working on fix Changes to Webkit to address the serious security flaw in Apple’s implementation of the javascript api Indexed DB have appeared on Github, reports Macrumors. The fix is ​​in a function that lists available databases and is about only listing the databases whose origin (website) is the same as […]

Digital focus when the government proposes a new consumer purchase law

The government has sent its suggestions on a new Consumer Purchase Act to the Riksdag. The proposal focuses on digital goods and services but also includes changes to consumers’ rights regarding physical goods. An update of the law is necessary to adapt Swedish law to two new EU directives, but in addition to this there […]

Ridley Scott tells the story of Apple’s classic 1984 commercial

Well-known director Ridley Scott is currently completing Kitbag, a film about Napoleon that will appear on Apple TV Plus eventually. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter Scott shares an anecdote from his recent collaboration with Apple, which was the classic commercial “1984” that was shown during one of the breaks at Super Bowl XVIII 38 […]

Apple is adding more Swedish developers to the App Store Foundations Program

Sweden has some of the world’s most talented and creative app and game developers. As part of Apple’s efforts to support talented developers, they will soon welcome the 59th Swedish developer to their App Store Foundations Program, while Apple expands the program to 29 countries around Europe. However, the latest addition is a bit unexpected, […]

Google to brutal rcs attack on Apple: “Holds back”

Google has long complained that Apple’s Imessage has not been made platform independent, but in a new attack, Android CEO Hiroshi Lockheimer accuses Apple of holding back the entire industry by not adopting the new standard rcs that Google wants to replace sms. In a Twitter thread Hiroshi Lockheimer writes that Google is not asking […]

Google gets on the nut of Sonos – can limit the Nest speakers

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has delivered its final verdict in the lawsuit between Sonos and Google, reports Ars Technica. The court goes completely on Sonos’ line and convicts Google of patent infringement. Google’s smart speakers have used technology from five patents owned by Sonos without a license, and several products would have been banned […]

Apple 2021: This was the best and worst of the year

Content: January-March: A slow first quarterApril: Fixes Apple ArcadeApril: Spring Loaded eventJune: Worldwide Developers ConferenceSeptember: Apple vs. Epic round 1California StreamingOctober: The Unleashed event Here is a brief overview of Apple’s eventful 2021, where we also analyze the significance (or lack thereof) of each launch and event. January-March: A slow first quarter The first months […]

This was the worst in 2021 – the editors appoint this year’s flops

Mikael Lindkvist: “Poor translation and the industry’s worst search algorithm” This year’s flop is still Amazon Sweden. Lots of cool stuff, but lousy translation and the industry’s worst search algorithm make the site both confusing and frustrating. Billy Ekblom: “Oneplus Watch does not reach the same heights as the company’s phones” Not bad, though Oneplus […]

Apple boss in in-depth interview about Airpods and bluetooth audio

If you are interested in sound and Apple, the British audio magazine What Hifi has an interesting one interview with Gary Geaves, who holds the title of Vice President of Acoustics at Apple. He bases the development of sound in headphones like Airpods, speakers like Homepod and also technologies like spatial sound. Eric Treski from […]

Inhuman treatment of employees at Iphone factory in India

Update (2021-12-30): Following the announcement that one of Foxconn’s factories in India is being placed under “protective supervision” by Apple, a number of worrying details have emerged about the conditions for the employees. According to a report from the news agency Reuters employees in the state of Tamil Nadu have lived in overcrowded premises without […]

The Netherlands demands that Apple open up for dating apps to use alternative payment systems

Apple’s monopoly in the market for iOS apps has begun to be attacked from several quarters, not least authorities in different countries. Last out is the Dutch competition authority ACM as on Christmas Eve published an order that forces Apple to change certain rules for a certain app category: dating apps. ACM has stuck to […]

Analysis shows: Five percent toxic comments on social media

A new analysis of the Swedish Defense Research Agency, FOI, shows that approximately five percent of the comments on Swedish-language social media contain toxic language. The survey was commissioned by the government, which wanted FOI to analyze threats and hatred against women in Swedish digital environments. This led to two different studies where one looks […]

Tasks: Pictures leaked on Galaxy S22 – can get pen from the Note series

Latest update: “Much better camera” According to the usually reliable leak Ice Universe the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have a 108 megapixel sensor that will be able to take better macro photos with the help of AI. This should result in better details, colors and light. According to Ice Universe, he himself […]

Here are Nio’s new technology-packed Model 3 challengers

During its Nio Day on December 18, the hyped Tesla challenger and Chinese carmaker Nio unveiled a new technology-packed mid-range sedan, called the ET5. The model is packed with new technology, including a 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound system and light strips that can handle 256 colors. The car also comes with scar glasses, developed […]

Tasks: Apple may release two new screens – and one with an Apple chip

For those who want a screen from Apple, there may soon be more options than the crazy expensive Pro Display XDR to choose from. As early as January this year, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claimed that Apple is developing a new screen that is more targeted at consumers, and which will have a lower maximum brightness […]

The Swedish CS: GO stars’ “skins” are auctioned off for charity

For the first time in Sweden, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skins will be participating in the auction Skins for Charity. With eight of Sweden’s largest profiles in the game and some of these players’ most talked about decorations, the auction amounts are expected to reach high numbers. All to help sick children and their families stay […]

Who do you actually e-shop from? Warning finger raised for dropshipping

The Swedish Consumer Agency warns now for the risks of drop shipping. Dropshipping is a business model where the manufacturer sends goods directly to the end customer on behalf of the seller. The seller thus does not function as a regular reseller but more as a broker who does not touch the goods or have […]

Most searched on Google 2021: This is how the Swedes searched

In early December summarize Google annually the search trends worldwide. Anyone who is interested can go down on country level, and in 2021 it was the European Football Championship that won “the most trending search” in our country. On the “how” question, most people wanted to know how many had been vaccinated and “what” was […]

Amazon Prime is now in Sweden – here is everything you need to know

When e-commerce giant Amazon bought into Airmee, it was only a matter of time before Prime was launched. Now the service is here and this is what it means: What is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime is a monthly subscription that covers a variety of services from Amazon. Also read: Best movies and series you can […]

Secret emails show: Microsoft wanted to become an App Store friend with Apple

Apple has taken a stern stance towards streaming services for games and unlike film, TV, music and radio, games that are streamed are not welcome on the App Store. Microsoft has today released its Xbox Cloud Gaming service via web browser to reach iOS users, but email exchanges between the two companies show how far […]

Klarna releases browser extension – Sweden has to wait

The Swedish bank and payment intermediary Klarna is growing so fast and is used by many online stores around the world. Now the company is launching one browser extensions which makes it possible to buy anything in installments without the store having to support Klarna. The new addition has been added through Klarna’s acquisition of […]

Take a break! Now comes Instagram’s new “teen features”

Now Instagram has introduced new features that the photo sharing service says are there to protect teens and provide support to parents. In the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Instagram is now launching a “Take a break” feature that encourages long-scrolled teen users to take a break. The function needs to be […]

Watch out for fake package text messages – spread like wildfire

Update (2021-12-06): Spreads super fast In recent days, lots of fake text messages have been sent out that appear to be about deliveries of packages. Those who click on the link risk getting Flubot in their mobile phone, a trojan that can also be spread via apps disguised as qr readers, pdf tools, training apps […]

Apple intends to charge for the buy-in app, regardless of whether developers use their own solutions

In Apple’s attempt to get an appellate court to stop the verdict in the Epic case, which will force the company to allow other payment systems in apps, the company’s lawyers have argued that Epic is wrong when it claims that Apple will not receive any commission on such payments. It reports 9 to 5 […]

Swedish apps winner at Apple’s App Store Awards 2021

Apple’s App Store Awards 2021 ended with two Swedish game developers receiving an award. The apps were selected according to certain criteria, which were quality, innovative technology, creative design and positive cultural impact. During the presentation, Tim Cook said: “The developers who won the App Store Awards 2021 used their own drive and vision to […]

Cyber ​​Monday – everything you need to know about the sale and where to find the best deals

Find the best deals Here we list the offers on technology and gadgets that we think are most interesting online right now. We reward gadgets we have tested or are really eager to try. We always double-check as closely as possible to make sure that it is not a “fake” campaign, that is, that there […]

Space: Stockholm’s new digital meeting place is now inaugurated

Updated (2021-11-25): Time for Space inauguration Saturday 27 November will be a big day for everyone who has struggled to complete the digital cultural center Space in Stockholm. As you can see later in the article, we wrote about the planned construction just over two years ago – before a covid-19 pandemic came and put […]

Black Friday 2021: Best deals on speakers – here you make the best bargains!

Here we list the offers on everything in hi-fi that we think are most interesting online right now. We reward gadgets we have tested or are really eager to try. We always double-check as closely as possible to make sure that it is not a “fake” campaign, that is, that there are competitors with better […]

Black Friday: Reans best wifi 6 routers and mesh systems

Skip to The article is continuously updated during Black Week and Cyber ​​Monday 2021. Black FridayFollow our surveillance – do not miss any offers! Mesh routers Netgear Nighthawk AX12 From PC for Everyone’s test, June 2021: Asus is very convincing with the Zenwifi AX XT8, great flexibility in how wifi and mesh work, good performance […]

This is how you watch the season’s winter sports on TV and online

As of this season, Nent (the company behind Viaplay) has bought a lot of broadcasting rights concerning winter sports, which in turn means a changed sports offer on SVT. What will be shown on Viaplay is the world cup in alpine, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combination, snowboarding, freestyle and freeskiing. In addition, there are […]

IOS 15.2 makes it possible to use Face ID after changing the screen

Update (2021-11-19): It is now clear that it will be possible to use Face ID even after changing the screen at an unauthorized service workshop. The change takes place in connection with the upcoming update to iOS 15.2. A clip published by Icorrect shows what it looks like after installing the latest beta version: Sharp […]

Here is the new Doro 8110 – adapted for remote control

Now Doro has launched what the company itself describes as the next generation smartphone for seniors, the Doro 8110. The phone is specially developed for seniors’ needs with a focus on user-friendliness, clear sound and image and good ergonomics. The 6.1-inch screen promises soft lines and the lack of sharp edges, large icons and text, […]

Trouble with customer ratings on Elgiganten – completely wrong products are included

Customer reviews are a common feature of e-commerce. They add transparency and credibility and are often used for marketing purposes when gadgets are “fronted” at retailers. It was therefore a confused reader who emailed M3 last week with the discovery that Elgiganten’s system in some cases seems to aggregate ratings and reviews from completely different […]

Apple claims to buy advertising space for popular apps – with App Store link

Apple buys advertising space on Google for several popular apps. It claims a number of major app developers, reports Forbes. Free advertising is not usually something companies complain about, but in this case it is not about a charity towards the developers but according to them about a new way for Apple to increase its […]

Developers critical as Microsoft begins to block “anti-Edge” tools

Microsoft has now started blocking Edge Deflector, a third-party app that prevents Windows users from using Edge in the Windows search results, reports The Verge. The block has so far only appeared in the pre-release version of Windows 11, but according to Microsoft itself, it will apply to all standard users in the coming weeks. […]

Here are all the new Marvel series that are on their way to Disney Plus

In connection with its marketing event Disney Plus Day, the house of mice announced that they have as many as 14 new Marvel TV series on their way to the streaming service. They are as follows: Hawkeye which follows the archer of the same name played by Jeremy Renner which premieres November 24. Moon Knight […]

OWC launches monster-ssd for Mac Pro – up to 64 terabytes

Mac Pro is one of the few remaining computers with an Intel processor from Apple, and is expected to be the last to completely switch to Apple Silicon. This is mainly because it is so extremely expandable. With eight PCI Express card slots, users can install everything, including large amounts of fast internal storage. The […]

Hyundai’s electric concept car makes the network drool

Car manufacturer Hyundai has now presented its new concept car Grandeur Concept EV. A redesigned electric car version of Hyundia’s luxury car from 1986. Something that first attracted attention Slashgear. The concept car has the same rectangular shape as the original, albeit with a new grille, side mirrors and side moldings. And of course retro […]

Valve Steam Deck – here’s Valve’s portable game console

Valve’s portable Steam Deck, one of the hottest news of the year, will not be released until December 2021. But the interest is already great. Therefore, M3 now guides you in everything you need to know before a possible purchase. Valve Steam Deck What is Steam Deck? Portable game console? Laptop? The truth is that […]

Margins separated the finalists – League of Legends

The Chinese League of Legend’s top team, Edward Gaming, faced the reigning world champions Damwon Gaming from South Korea in a long-awaited final match. The 32-day countdown was over. For the first time since 2016, all five matches were required to crown the winners who eventually became the Chinese team Edward Gaming. Despite an empty […]

Here is the new Doro 8110 – adapted for remote control

Now Doro has launched what the company itself describes as the next generation smartphone for seniors, the Doro 8110. The phone is specially developed for seniors’ needs with a focus on user-friendliness, clear sound and image and good ergonomics. The 6.1-inch screen promises soft lines and the lack of sharp edges, large icons and text, […]

Intel’s new Alder Lake faster than the M1 Max – but it comes at a price

When Apple introduced its new Macbook Pro, it made no secret that the M1 Pro and M1 Max are sometimes slower than their toughest competitors. Now the first Geekbench 5 results have been released for Intel’s recently launched, 12th generation Alder Lake series – and the new Intel chips are faster than Apple’s worst. The […]

Time for the playoffs – and Sweden represents at home – CS: GO

Yesterday offered three very different but oh so interesting CS: GO matches. The meetings concerned the last three places for the playoffs in the first major tournament in two years and the chance to play in front of a packed Globe. A playoff placement also means that players get a sticker immortalized in the game […]

The M1 Pro Imac could be a fantastic desktop version of the Macbook Pro

Dylan (@dylandkt), which previously exactly has predicted details about the Macbook Pro, Iphone 13 and 24-inch Imac, has leaked several details about the 27-inch Imac, which undeniably sounds like a return of the Imac Pro, which was discontinued earlier this year. And yes, it should also be space gray. Dylan claims that the Imac will […]

Craig Federighi: That’s why sideloading is a threat to iOS

With the EU’s bill on digital markets risking forcing Apple to open iOS for installing apps outside the App Store, Apple has started sweating and started the PR machinery. Most recently in this venture, it is Craig Federighi, Apple’s Software Director, who has given a speech at the Web Summit 2021 conference in Lisbon, reports […]

Big changes to look forward to in the new Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender is taking the step from just protecting each individual Windows computer to becoming a more complete security solution for the entire home, more in the style of Microsoft’s enterprise security solutions, reports Bleeping Computer. Last week, a trial version of the new Microsoft Defender appeared on the Microsoft Store. It’s limited to Microsoft […]

Apple Hardware Manager: That’s why we skipped Face ID in the new Macbook Pro

In her review of the new Macbook Pro, Joanna Stern has on Wall Street Journal also interviewed two executives at Apple: Hardware Manager John Ternus and Marketing Manager for Mac and Ipad, Tom Boger. When asked why Apple still does not give computers a touch screen, John Ternus replies that Apple already sells the best […]

Preview: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker – a cavalcade of fan service

Square Enix’s endless Final Fantasy series has come in many different forms since its launch in 1987. We have everything from turn-based pixel adventures to giant 3D worlds where action is the key word. Strategic grid-based combat to Gauntlet-like concepts. And of course, the online games, the titles that many of us doubted, but which […]

The migration to MPEG4 in the terrestrial network has now been completed

On Thursday, the so-called MPEG4 migration in the digital terrestrial network ended, something that has caused problems for TV viewers around the country. The biggest change is that SVT1, SVT2, TV3, TV4 and Kanal 5 have stopped broadcasting in sd resolution, in other words it will only be hd resolution in the future. In addition […]

Continued console crisis – do not count on a PS5 under the Christmas tree

In November last year, Microsoft and Sony released the next generation of video game consoles on the market. But Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X has since been plagued by major delivery problems and weak allocation for Swedish retailers. They are still struggling to offer everyone who wants to buy one of the new consoles. […]

Intel on new Alder Lake – “World’s best gaming processor”

“The World’s Best Processor for Gaming.” This is how Intel describes the new i9-12900K, the top chip in the company’s Alder Lake family for desktops that was unveiled today. This is the twelfth generation in a crowd that is expected to include upwards of 60 different processors in more than 500 different computer builds, where […]

Comic bug in new Macbook Pro hides menu bar software behind the flip

Now the Macbook Pro 14 and 16 inches are starting to be sold and delivered to the first customers. The first reviews have been lyrical with few things to complain about. Pre-launch secrets were big and Apple succeeded better than usual in keeping secret, above all, the design with the big feet and webcam in […]

20 years ago Apple launched the Ipod – the world’s best-selling mp3 player

Believe it or not, but on Saturday it has actually been 20 years since Apple launched the Ipod. Admittedly, there was room for as many as a thousand songs on the 5 gigabytes that the iPod then held, but few analysts thought that a music player that cost 399 dollars would sell in some large […]

This is how Zephyr – Razer’s rgb-equipped mouthguard becomes

Razer has now released its rgd-equipped mouth guard Zephyr. The mouthguard is equipped with two N95-rated filters that work both when inhaled and exhaled. The filters should last for three days and can be replaced. RGB lighting is then available externally for flair and internally to illuminate the wearer’s face. There are also a couple […]

Facebook defends its AI – should have reduced hateful content by 50 percent

Facebook’s vice president of privacy, Guy Rosen, writes in a new blog posts that the prevalence of hate content on the platform has decreased by 50 percent in the last three years. The Verge reports that the post appears to be in response to an article that The Wall Street Journal published there, several Facebook […]

Lost the opening match – but Team Spirit came back and won the upset

Team Spirit has won the Dota 2 World Cup, The International. Sometimes, however, it is not the shortest path that becomes the most favorable. For the CIS region’s Team Spirit, it was instead the longest possible distance before they could reach the top. After losing to Invictus Gaming in the first match of the upper […]

Bowers & Wilkins classic Zeppelin speakers get new life

British Bowers & Wilkins is now launching its Zeppelin wireless speaker. The speaker is a reinterpretation of the company’s classic Zeppelin speaker from 2007 which was an Ipod doll. The new Zeppelin is a complete stereo system with “reference quality” drive steps in the speaker cabinet to the left and right of a subwoofer. Bowers […]

Google sues Epic – “breaches Play Store contract”

When Epic Games last year activated a hidden alternative system to buy upgrades in Fortnite on iOS and Android, both Apple and Google responded by removing the game from their stores and shutting down the company’s account. Epic countered by immediately filing a lawsuit against the companies. Apple soon filed a lawsuit, and a month […]

Does Windows 11 ruin game performance? We put the statement to the test

Windows 11 sabs game performance up to 28 percent! At least that’s the feeling that prevails on the internet right now. It’s largely based on tests done by PC gamers Dave James, which showed how a gaming computer equipped with an Intel 10th generation Core i7 and Geforce RTX 3060 Ti was drastically affected when […]

Tasks: Hackers have come across the source code for Twitch

Update (2021-10-07): Twitch confirmed the intrusion The giant hack against Twitch is genuine, the company confirms via Twitter. “Our work teams work with urgency to find out the extent of it,” the company writes. In a blog posts writes Twitch that the hack was possible due to incorrect server settings. The company so far has […]

Switch problems with Joy-Con operation may never get a solution

Nintendo has published questions and answers with Ko Shiota and Totu Yamashita, two of the company’s highest-ranking hardware executives, ahead of the launch of the Switch with OLED screen. Among other things, the managers talk about how Nintendo has continued to make improvements to the hardware in the Switch since its launch in 2017. Power […]

Paddle presents the first alternative to Apple’s buy-in app

Apple was the main winner when the verdict fell in the high-profile conflict with Epic Games, but at one point the judge found that Epic was right: Apple has no right to prevent developers from forwarding users to external stores. The company Paddle intends to take advantage of this, and has now presented an alternative […]

Pokémon begins collaboration with Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan now announces that they have launched one cooperation with The Pokémon Company. The two companies will now work with what is described as “groundbreaking innovative technology” to develop attractions that will allow theme park guests to dive into the world of Pokémon. What this means more precisely is unclear, but the first […]

The migration to MPEG4 in the terrestrial network has now begun

On Tuesday, the so-called MPEG4 migration in the digital terrestrial network began, something that will be felt by TV viewers around the country. The biggest change is that SVT1, SVT2, TV3, TV4 and Kanal 5 will stop broadcasting in sd resolution, in other words it will only be hd resolution in the future. In addition […]

Without Steve Jobs, Apple was “doomed” – this is how it went

It’s been ten years since Steve Jobs died. During his second term at Apple between 1997 and 2011, he was deeply involved in the launch of Imac, Ibook, Airport, Ipod, Macs with Intel processors, Ipad and probably the world’s probably biggest product success ever: Iphone. How would it go without Steve at the forefront of […]

Congratulations Siri! Apple’s virtual assistant turns 10 years old

On October 4, 2011, several years ahead of competitors such as Google and Amazon, was launched Apple’s virtual helper Siri. A couple of years later, Siri came to Sweden and at MacWorld we had fun testing voice recognition with different dialects. For a decade, Siri has been helping Apple users get answers to various questions, […]

Facebook defends Instagram after review: “More benefit than harm”

The Wall Street Journal recently published a report on how Facebook’s own research shows how Instagram makes users – especially teenage girls – feel bad. Now Facebook has published a long comment which addresses many of the specific statements in the report. The comment was written by research director Pratiti Raychoudhury. One of the claims […]

Preview: Guardians of the Galaxy – promising space action from Square Enix

Comic book publisher Marvel has a long history of successful, and some less successful, film adaptations of their superheroes. The boom began in the early 2000s, with the popular film adaptations of Spider-Man and X-Men. Eventually, the genre gained new momentum in 2008, when Iron Man became the beginning of Marvel’s successful universe of coherent […]

The EU bill allows for usb-c for (almost) all gadgets

A common charging standard for mobile phones, headphones, tablets, cameras, portable speakers and handheld game consoles. That means it official bills which the EU just announced through a press conference chaired by Commissioner Thierry Breton. The purpose is mainly to reduce the amount of electronic waste that the jungle of different connections for chargers contributes […]

Ikea releases gaming furniture together with Asus ROG – desk, chairs and more

Update 2021-09-16: Swedish sales start soon for Ikea’s gaming furniture A total of six “families” with over 30 products aimed at PC players will soon be sold at Ikea in Sweden. After more than six months in the Chinese market, the investment made together with Asus Republic of Gamers is now broadening. In October, it […]

Tim Cook answered questions about working conditions at Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook and the company’s SVP of Retail and People, Deirdre O’Brien, held a meeting on Friday where they answered questions from employees. The New York Times writes that the meeting touched on a variety of topics and was sent to Apple employees around the world. Among other things, they must answer questions […]

“Sherlocked” app developer talks about the fight against Apple

In a new article by The Verge app developer Kosta Eleftheriou tells how Apple “Sherlocked” his keyboard Flicktype for the new Apple Watch Series 7, which was presented on Tuesday. The term “Sherlocked” comes from when Apple released Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar which had a new version of the search engine Sherlock which had […]

Sir Clive Sinclair – the creator of ZX Spectrum – has died

It’s not at all impossible that you who grew up in the 80’s sat and played on a ZX Spectrum. The home computer, released in 1982, was a smash hit worldwide. The originator of the machine that would seriously challenge the Commodore 64 is Sir Clive Sinclair. The British pioneer first worked with calculators, but […]

Four years after launch – Switch gets support for bluetooth audio

Being able to play how, where and when we want was used as one of the main arguments when the Nintendo Switch went on sale in stores in 2017. But despite its flexibility, it has record sales the game console strangely enough required an adapter to work with wireless headphones. The latest #NintendoSwitch update is […]

Swedish hackers found serious errors in Icloud – deleted all Shortcut links

One day this spring, all the links to Apple’s Shortcuts suddenly stopped working, which was noticed by several news sites. The cause was thought to be a bug or an internal mistake, but now it turns out that it was the Swedish hacker and security researcher Frans Rosén who accidentally deleted all content in a […]