Apple has terminated Epic Games’ developer account – Fortnite is completely removed

On Friday night, Apple chose to close Epic Games’ developer account, after the company deliberately violated the rules for the App Store and more or less started an open war against Apple’s fees. As a result, it is now not possible to download any of the Epic Games games from the App Store, not even […]

A 19-year-old American was behind the language fad on Scottish Wikipedia

The other day we wrote about how large parts of the low scottish edition of wikipedia are written in pretend scottish – seemingly pure copies from english wikipedia with individual words replaced from the first word in the dictionary. The Guardian reports that it is a 19-year-old in North Carolina who is behind 49 percent […]

The highest prize pool ever in e-sports

From tournaments held in small warehouses to mega-spectacles in large arenas. From about ten spectators totens of thousands. E-sports have developed enormously in recent years and with this also the prize poolsgot a real swing upwards. The different e-sports have had different ways of financing the tournaments and the players’ performances. Some choose to have […]

LG launches battery-powered air purifier mask – M3

South Korean electronics maker LG has now unveiled its new portable air purifier, Puricare Weable Air Purifier, in connection with the IFA trade fair 2020. The idea with the portable air purifier is, according to LG, to replace homemade masks, which can be of varying quality, and disposable masks, which may be lacking. Puricare Wearable […]

Special investigators must review the private copying compensation

The government writes in one press release that they have now decided to appoint a special investigator, who will be commissioned to review the remuneration to authors and other rights holders in the case of private copying. – The current private copying allowance has become obsolete for several years, for example, the average person no […]

Pictures show what Apple’s Airpower looked like on the inside

Update (2020-08-23): Pictures show what Apple’s Airpower looked like on the inside The well-known technology leak Mr-white has published a number of photos on his Twitter account (@laobaiTD) which are said to represent the inside of Apple’s charging power Airpower. Apple AirPower Picture From @ 艾奥 科技 – Mr · white (@laobaiTD) August 21, […]

Epic Games originally wanted special treatment according to Apple

Fortnite developer Epic Games has done a great job of fighting what they call Apple’s monopoly on the distribution of software on iOS and the sale of digital goods on the platform. But according to Apple’s legal response, in June Epic Games will first try to get special treatment from Apple’s App Store manager, Phil […]

Epic launches “Free Fortnite” tournament in the middle of the App Store brawl

Epic Games is making sure to capitalize on the quarrel with Apple and is now organizing the gaming tournament “Free Fortnite Cup” starting on 23 August. “These are the last days that the entire Fortnite community can play together. Apple has blocked Fortnite from the App Store, preventing players from updating to new versions,” Epic […]

Tiktok collected the mac addresses of Android users

Wall Street Journal has researched several versions of Tiktok’s Android app released between 2018 and 2020 to see what kinds of information about the users it uploads to the company’s servers. The results are generally that the app behaves much like most apps, with one exception. Until an update in November 2019, Tiktok tracked Android […]

Microsoft surprises with Surface Duo – mobile with Android apps

Update (2020-08-12): Microsoft Surface Duo will be launched in September Microsoft’s first foldable mobile, and the company’s first Android mobile, will soon be ready for launch. Microsoft has now confirmed a launch date: Surface Duo will be released on the market on September 10th. It tells the company in one blogs which was published on […]

We play Marvel’s Avengers: Cinematic Adventure with popular superheroes

With less than a month left until Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montreal’s lavish Marvel’s Avengers launch, the question marks are still many. After spending a weekend with a beta version, some question marks have been straightened out as exclamation marks, while others make us wonder if the online adventure will really be ready on release day. […]

Apple’s automated system happened to shut down developers’ programs

On August 4, developer Charlie Monroe woke up to an inbox full of complaints that his various Mac programs had stopped working, reports 9 to 5 Mac. It turned out that his entire developer account with Apple had been suspended and his certificates revoked. After a long wait to get hold of someone at Apple, […]

WH-1000XM4 – here are Sony’s new noise reduction headphones

Sony has long been one of the largest in the market when it comes to noise-canceling over-ear headphones. Now comes the fourth generation of their immensely popular flagship model, this time named WH-1000XM4. Test: Full pot for Sony’s noise-reducing headphones WH-1000XM3 The WH-1000XM4 may look almost identical to its predecessor WH-1000XM3, but on the inside, […]

Here are the rules browsers and email apps must follow in order to become standard apps in iOS 14

With iOS 14, users will finally have the option to choose standard apps other than Safari and Mail for web links and email. Now Apple has presented developer guidelines who want to add the feature to their apps, and there are stricter rules than usual that apply. The rules for browsers are strictest: When the […]

Tasks: Apple Watch Series 6 gets faster and more water resistant

Last update (2020-07-31): Tasks: The next Apple Watch can measure blood oxygenation ECG functionality may be accompanied by a new, advanced sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6. Leaked code in iOS 14 has previously pointed out that Apple can equip the next generation Apple Watch with a biosensor to measure blood oxygenation, a crucial […]

Halo Infinite: A preview of this autumn’s perhaps hottest game release

The Halo series is more or less synonymous with the Xbox, ever since the very first game Halo: Combat Evolved for the first Xbox console. The feeling of exploring the ring world, the perfect balance between the weapons and the addictive multiplayer mode are some of the elements that have etched themselves in the memories […]

Big leak may have revealed new products – and dates for Iphone launch

Twitter has been overwhelmed by claims about future Apple products recently, from about July 25 onwards. And there are real leaks about future products, as well as specific ones – if the information is correct. Among other things, the Twitter user Anonymous writes that Apple will release nothing less than a new Imac, Airpods Studio […]

TV channel starts showing sports with audiences made in Unreal Engine

No fans? Not on FOX Sports. Thousands of virtual fans will attend FOX’s MLB games this Saturday. – FOX Sports (@FOXSports) July 23, 2020 As is well known, it is quite sparse in the stands these days in connection with the security work around the coronavirus. Something that the American TV channel Fox Sports […]

Apple releases “jailbroken” Iphones for security researchers

For the first time ever, Apple makes iPhone IOS without iOS normal strong locking. Or rather: This is the first time such devices have been released outside Apple’s secure test lab. The company has launched Apple Security Research Device Program, a program to allow security researchers to apply to borrow one of these Iphone models […]

Otoy releases pre-release version of Octane X – new professional renderer for Mac

When Apple launched the new Mac Pro, several collaborations with developers of various professional programs were also presented. A massive workstation like the Mac Pro is only as useful as the programs you can run on it, and Apple seemed to realize that Adobe was not enough. Among the companies presented was Otoy, whose 3D […]

Twitter confirms how the hack went – now all employees must be further trained

On July 15, a number of Twitter accounts belonging to big companies and world celebrities such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama were hacked in a coordinated campaign to attract naive Twitter users to send money via Bitcoin. Over the weekend the company published an update about the hack and confirms previous information about how […]

Xiaomi launches new training bracelet and several other gadgets

On Wednesday, the Chinese technology company Xiaomi chose to launch a number of new products. These included the training bracelet Mi Smart Band 5, the new entry-level mobile Redmi 9 and the electric scooter Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2. Photo: Xiaomi The training band Mi Smart Band 5 has a 1.1-inch amoled screen with activity […]

New EU rules will strengthen app developers’ position against Apple and Google

Many European developers have complained about how powerless they are against Apple and Google, the companies whose stores are the only way to distribute apps to the vast majority of mobile users. On Sunday, a new EU directive came into force: 2019/1150 – promoting fair conditions and transparency for business users of online brokerage services. […]

Playstation 5 vs Xbox Series X – performance, games and hardware

After a different spring and summer where major gaming events were completely absent, Sony and Microsoft have instead chosen to let us know details about their next gaming consoles sporadically. Although we do not know exactly everything yet, we have listed the details that have so far been provided by each company and also the […]

Pre-installed malware detected in budget smartphones

Malwarebyte’s security researcher has now discovered malware pre-installed on the budget smartphone ANS UL40, which is linked to Assurance Wireless, which in turn is owned by Virgin Mobile USA, reports ZDNet. However, it is unclear whether the mobile phone is still sold by Assurande Wireless. Malwarebyte’s security researcher made a similar discovery in January on […]

“Evilquest” may be the first virus for Mac in over 20 years

The recently discovered malware program Evilquest, or Thiefquest as it is also called, includes a feature that encrypts your files and tries to trick you into sending bitcoin to the fraudsters who spread it. The only problem is that there is no feature to actually unlock the files after paying the villains. The few affected […]

Mac OS Security Failure – Apple’s “fix” is of no use

security researcher Csaba Fitzl on Offensive Security has detected a vulnerability in Mac OS that allows standard accounts to read all files on the hard disk, including files belonging to other user accounts and files protected by Catalina’s privacy protection. Apple claims have been clogged with the error, but for the “fix” to work must […]

Twitch, Youtube and Reddit take in a little more to the hatred

The large social media has in recent years been increasingly criticized for not doing much to curb racism and other hatred on their platforms. In recent months, criticism has increased to the point of almost exploding after George Floyd’s death. Some of the companies have begun to act more vigorously, including Twitter, which was previously […]

Tasks: Apple tests Mac OS on Iphone – but it does not replace IOS

Apple has repeatedly denied that Mac OS and iOS should be merged into an operating system, but it certainly doesn’t stop the company from speculating and testing slightly different configurations. According to data, Apple is currently conducting long-term testing of an iPhone running Mac OS, write Apple insider, which is in theory possible now that […]

Harry Potter Video Games: Everything We Know About Avalanche Software’s Next Big Game

After several semi-successful mobile game launches in the form of Wizards Unite and Hogwarts Mystery is now another game from the Wizarding World on the way! Also read: Here you can stream all the Harry Potter movies This time it is a massive sandbox game where the player gets to discover Hogwarts as a student […]

Tasks: “Intel’s Skylake Problem Made Apple Switch to Arm Processors”

Rumors that Apple would switch to its own, arm-based processors have been circulating for a long time, and during this year’s WWDC the rumors finally came true. However, the transition has been planned for a long time, and according to new data, there was a specific event that eventually led Apple to fully focus on […]

Cyberpunk 2077: Everything we know about next year’s big game

Updated (June 26, 2020) Check out new gameplay from Delayed Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpunk 2077 may have been delayed again, but as a patch on the wounds, developer CD Projekt Red has released a new official trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk adventure as well as a review of the game’s Braindance system The Gig trailer showcases […]

Nintendo is said to lower its ambitions for mobile games

Nintendo says they will lower the ambitions for their mobile games and the returns they can provide, reports Bloomberg. Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furakawa noted in May that the company will not necessarily release as many new gaming apps to the mobile market, but instead focus on existing titles. The last mobile game Nintendo released was […]

Microsoft shuts down its Twitch challenger – merges with Facebook

Microsoft has now decided to shut down its live streaming service Mixer. Instead, Microsoft has signed a deal with Facbook that will allow Mixer users to be transferred to Facebook Gaming, reports Mspoweruser. The switch to Facebook Gaming will take place in the coming weeks and Mixer will shut down completely on July 22. In […]

Here are the requirements for Apple’s new operating system

After Monday’s Apple event, it wasn’t long before the first pre-release versions of Apple’s new operating system were sent out to registered developers. To upgrade to iOS 14, you must have one of the following devices: Iphone SE‌ (all models) Iphone 11 Iphone 11 Pro Iphone 11 Pro Max Iphone XS Iphone XS‌ Max Iphone […]

New rules for drones from 2021 – you are affected

From January 1, 2021, new, EU common rules to apply to drone pilots. Both private individuals and professional users as well as manufacturers are affected when different types of drones are to be divided into entirely new categories, certificates of competence issued and training completed. The new rules have been developed to strengthen the safety […]

Dropbox confirms password manager – and more new features

On Tuesday, Dropbox presented several new features previously seen in storage services such as Microsoft’s Onedrive and Google Drive. Dropbox Passwords is a kind of password manager that can be used to enter passwords automatically. The feature should be used to get encrypted passwords for Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. Dropbox Passwords is not a […]

8 sites where you can buy great gifts – without breaking social distance

When you have been trapped for months and avoided friends, family and relatives, various birthdays and other special days begin to stack up. Whether you are at risk or not, there are good reasons not to participate in these events, if they are now held at all. Why not take the opportunity to send a […]

Mac OS 10.16 can be historic – here’s the news we want to see

Apple’s classic developer fair WWDC is fast approaching, and Mac OS is particularly interested in this year given the recurring rumors that Mac will eventually get support for arm processors, and of course Apple’s own A processors from the iPhone and Ipad. The current Mac OS Catalina was in many ways a messy update, with […]

Here is the lighting that will take your garden to new heights

Guide: How to light the entire garden Smart spotlights Yes, faithful M3 readers are well acquainted with Philips Hue. For those of you who are not loyal readers, we can tell you that Philips Hue is smart lights that can be controlled through Google Assistant, Apple’s Homekit and Amazon Alexa. The Philips Hue Lily Starter […]

Home sitting creates new IT security risks – so you shouldn’t relax

Winter has become summer, but there are absolutely no normal months that have come and gone during the first half of 2020. The progress of the corona virus has caused much concern and many Swedes have been sitting at home to a much greater extent than normal. Technical tools and other tools have enabled telework […]

Tasks: New Macbook model will be first with Arm processor

Update (2020-06-13): A few days ago, credible information came out that Apple intends to begin the process of replacing Intel’s processors with proprietary Arm processors shortly (read more below). Now technology leaker Fudge (also known as @choco_bit) claims that a new 12-inch model of Macbook is likely to be released first. In appearance, it looks […]

Samsung makes PC comeback in Sweden – releases trio with spring-light laptops

It is many years since Samsung sold computers here in Sweden. Last year we saw signs of a return, but the Nordic launch of the Galaxy Book S was delayed at the last moment. But now it’s time. Samsung is back – with a clear view of the premium segment with hard working, moving individuals […]

NiP continues after substantial overtime shaker – CS: GO

The first playoff game for Ninjas in Pajamas in the tournament Dreamhack Masters became an intense struggle to stay. After NiP’s group play round led them to the lower section, each match equals winning or disappearing. In the first round, the Danes in Astralis faced the resistance. An Astralis who recently got forced to change […]

Intel launches new hybrid processors for ultra-slim computers

Intel has now officially unveiled its new hybrid processors in the Lakefield series, expected to emerge in the very slimmest laptops in the future. The word “hybrid” in this context means that they combine a large kernel (Sunny Cove) with four smaller Tremont cores, most focused on managing background processes. This gives the new processors […]

The electronics industry saw state mobile mortgages – M3

The electronics industry, the organization that collects companies that sell computers, televisions and other electronics, doesn’t like the government’s new proposal about mortgages on mobile phones. In a release the organization writes that a mortgage requires several things that will render it ineffective and negative for Swedish companies. With a significantly higher price in Sweden […]

That’s why Apple and Foxconn shut down automated iPhone manufacturing

The Information has interviewed David Bourne, who today leads the development at Carnegie Mellon University’s robotic institute, but for many years worked with automation for, among other things, Foxconn. Foxconn has long been exploring the possibilities of automating the assembly of electronics products to cut down on the large workforce, not least in the manufacture […]

The classical music app Concertino is released on the App Store

Listening to classical music on streaming services is not the easiest. Apple Music, Spotify and all the others have an interface focused on popular music sorted by artists, albums and songs. Classical music does not work that way. Composers, works, musicians and compositions are important parts here, and it is not possible to sort through […]

Sonos launches its own radio service – so does Sonos Radio

Updated (Mar 03, 2020): Sono’s own radio program comes to Sweden Speaker manufacturer Sonos continues to invest in its recently released radio service. Now it is Sono’s own programs that are available in more European countries. Sweden is one of them, and it will be possible to access the new features via a software update […]

Playstation 5 will be released in 2020 – all about Sony’s new console

There are indeed strong “next generation” winds on the web and one of the hottest snack icers is what Sony is cooking up for Playstation 5, the sequel to their hugely popular Playstation 4. Confirmed: Then the Playstation 5 is released Many have been excitedly waiting for a launch date – now it has finally […]

Ipad OS 14: Five important changes we want to see in the new operating system

Although this year’s WWDC event will be anything but a regular WWDC, we expect, as every year, to see new versions of Apple’s entire operating system. Including Ipad OS 14. At last year’s WWDC trade show, Ipad’s operating system got its own name for the first time, and quite rightly so, with several unique features. […]

What (k) unlucky – disruption to Google’s fiber was caused by grazing animals

Signed broadband connection in a Stockholm suburb was once down over a week due to a severed line. It was rats that had arrived, and it is apparently not uncommon for cables that are almost unprotected to be buried only a short distance away. The more unusual cattle-related interruptions are believed to be, but that’s […]

More easily navigated Android for users with disabilities

In conjunction with Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google has released several updates to its products to make it easier to use for people with disabilities. The biggest of these is by far Action Blocks, a new Android app that helps users with cognitive disabilities to carry out everyday smartphone things with just a single touch. […]

What happens to Apple’s headset? Here’s everything we know

Update (2020-05-24): Munster: Apple will “own the future” for personal computers with Glasses Apple’s monstrous success in the wearables category – where Apple Watch and Airpods account for the biggest successes – will help the company in its launch of Apple Glasses. This is according to Gene Munster, an analyst at Loup Ventures, in an […]

Sony Launches Xperia 10 II – Enhanced Intermediate Mobile with 21: 9 Display

Updated (May 5, 2020): Xperia 10 II is finally on its way After launching in February (read more below), Sony has finally announced when we can buy the company’s new mid-range mobile in-store. On June 10, the Xperia 10 II will be yours for the target price of SEK 3,990, which is an increase from […]

Tile asks EU for help – thinks Apple is putting sticks in their wheel

Tile, the company behind a series Bluetooth trays that can be used to keep track of where you got your stuff, is now asking the EU for help as they believe Apple is abusing its power and favoring its own products, reports Financial Times, via macrumors. According to Tile, Apple makes it deliberately harder for […]

Xbox Series X: Everything we know about Microsoft’s new console

About Xbox Series X We are moving ever faster towards the next generation of games and beyond Sony’s Playstation 5 their main competitor Microsoft also has its own monster machine in progress. The sequel to the Xbox One consoles will be named Xbox Series X. The upload for the next generation console war has been […]

Here are the biggest issues in this spring’s Windows 10 update

Last Wednesday, Microsoft’s major May update of Windows 10 was finally released, also known as Windows 10 2004. The latest version of the operating system comes with several new features, as well as several new flaws. Microsoft says they are currently investigating ten pieces, reports ZDNet. The fact that new operating system updates also come […]