9 infrared heaters that extend the summer’s night out

Warm and Qbeautiful Qiulao wall-mounted infrared heaters have ipx65 rating and heat you and your company with1,880 nice warming watts. The heating elements are located in a robust and stainless steel casing, which makes it suitable for balconies, balconies and more. Best of all, the heat only takes a few minutes to emanate over your […]

The verdict has been handed down in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers of the Northern California District Court has now ruled in the high-profile case between Apple and Epic Games, reports Appleinsider. Apple has no monopoly and therefore does not violate federal competition law, but locking into its own payment system violates California’s competition law. The company is therefore required not to prevent […]

Facebook shows off its smart glasses – Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook has now unveiled its first smart glasses, Ray-Ban Stories. The product is a collaboration between the social media company and the eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, which owns Ray-Ban. The smart glasses will allow the wearer to take photos and video from a first-person mode and can also be used for audio media and audio calls. […]

Homey is completely redoing – the smart home hub is moving to the cloud

For many years, Dutch Athom has been responsible for one of the most versatile smart home control systems with its Homey hub. In addition to a well-developed support for various wireless protocols that let your smart gadgets “talk” to each other, they also offer powerful tools for home automation. Today, the company makes a major […]

The Swedish game developer is shaken by accusations of bullying

It is now well known that problematic work environments, especially abusive treatment of women, are common in the gaming industry. Developer after developer is revealed to have silenced incidents with managers who either bullied or sexually harassed female employees. Activision Blizzard is just the latest major example of that, and now the turn has also […]

Best manufacturers for you who want to keep your Android phone up to date

The hallmark of Android has been fragmentation. Many phones do not receive the latest updates to Google’s operating system until several months after its release … or not at all. In contrast to Apple’s Iphone, which often runs the latest version of iOS several years after the phone was launched. But which brands are best […]

Microsoft kicks out “old” PC from pre-testing Windows 11

Update (2021-09-02): For just over a month now, members of the Windows Insider Program have been able to test the pre-release version of Windows 11, but now the requirements for which computers are allowed to be used are being tightened. In the future, only newer computers that meet the official system requirements will be allowed, […]

Asus releases new worsting laptop for creators

Asus has launched two new worsting computers in the Proart series for demanding professional users. Proart Studiobook and Proart Studiobook Pro look the same on the outside and have the same 16-inch OLED screen with the third-generation OLED panel from Samsung. According to Asus, Samsung has developed technologies to alleviate the risk of burns that […]

Setbacks for Apple and Google in South Korea – must allow other people’s payment solutions in apps

In the past year, it has become increasingly likely that legislators around the world would start taking the hard line against Apple’s and Google’s strong control over the app markets on iOS and Android. South Korea has now become the first to make a difference. On Tuesday, the country’s National Assembly voted through a bill […]

Spotify integration one of several news in Philips Hue

Signify continues to expand its smart lighting system Philips Hue and has today launched several new products. On the hardware side, we find a new E14 variant of the light source White Filament, and an updated E27 model with support variable temperature from warm orange to daylight. The standard light sources, known only as Philips […]

New study: All the video meetings of the pandemic have destroyed our self-image

A new study, conducted by M. Rice, Emmy Graber and Arianne Shadi Kourosh at Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine, points out that all video meetings that occurred in connection with the pandemic can destroy many people’s self-image, reports Wired. According to the study, doctors have noticed a trend with patients who suddenly claim to […]

After Tim Cook’s meeting in the White House – Apple will strengthen security in the supply chain

In the past year, several major IT incidents have highlighted the importance of IT security not only for individual companies but for the economy and society at large. The Solarwinds hack was a wake-up call for many, and even in Sweden many felt the effect when Kaseya’s remote administration system was hacked. Yesterday, President Biden […]

“Rekkles” out – “Larssen” last Swedish jump: League of Legends

Few people and even fewer teams have had the chance to take home the victory from the European finals LEC Spring and LEC Summer. As the names suggest, they are played during their respective seasons and we are now approaching the decisive weekend for which team will be able to pinch the trophy. It is […]

Apple enters into settlement with US developers – rule changes on the App Store await

In 2019, a group of small American developers filed a lawsuit against Apple in which they claimed that the company’s App Store is an illegal monopoly. During ongoing competition crime investigations around the world, Apple has now chosen to enter into a settlement with the developers. The settlement was presented in two press releases, and […]

Time to put the headlight on the best feature of the Iphone – which no one uses

I do not remember how many times I have helped someone with their Iphone – a neighbor, friend or family member – and how I showed them how to find something with Spotlight. When I explain how a simple swipe on the home screen allows them to search for something on their phone – an […]

Bad Swedish in the Mac program? How to change the language of individual programs

Many developers today are trying to break into new markets by adapting their programs to other languages. It became common on iOS because Apple made it much easier to add more languages ​​to apps on the App Store, and has since spread to the Mac as well. Unfortunately, many developers do not use professional technical […]

New vulnerability in IOS exploited by NSO’s spyware program Pegasus

Shortly after the latest revelations about the Israeli NSO Group’s spy software Pegasus – which has been used to hack iPhones belonging to journalists, activists, politicians and lawyers in various countries – new revelations are now coming. Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto has discovered a new previously unknown vulnerability that has been used […]

Finally positive news – E-sports received a visa waiver

It has been a turbulent period for the potential e-sports events that Sweden would have to hold this year. When the organizers of the Dota 2 championships, the International, realized that they were not guaranteed visas and access permits for all participants into Sweden, a heated debate began. E-sportsmen, fans and organizations opposed the Riksdag, […]

Test: Huawei Freebuds 4 – True wireless with lousy noise reduction

Tested product: Freebuds 4Award: From SEK 1,443 on PriceSpy Huawei is increasingly investing in audio products, not least headphones. This spring, we tested the price-pressing Freebuds 4i and before that Freebuds Pro, the manufacturer’s stylish top model that convinced on most points. Rating 2 out of 5 Opinion Freebuds 4 are a pair of feather-light […]

Slut-dirty on Onlyfans: The giant service bans pornographic content

The video site Onlyfans has over 120 million subscribers, most of whom are there for porn. On the site, anyone can create an account and share photos and videos to subscribers. Those who follow a certain creator can also send “tips”, and creators can chat with and share content individually with subscribers who give a […]

Heavy organizations push Apple for “child protection”

The other day, the German government sent a letter to Apple criticizing the company’s recently unveiled investment in a program that will control all images sent to Icloud against a database of known child pornographic images. Now it has 85 organizations around the world – including EFF, the Pen Club, ACLU and Privacy International – […]

8 infrared heaters that extend the summer’s night out

Showtime with Opranic Opranic Thor is a portable infrared heater with a minimalist design in a black aluminum construction that looks good on the patio. Opranic Thor radiates heat broadly and gives a nice glowing glow. The heater uses something they call ir-x technology, which heats objects directly without heating the air. It is ipx4 […]

This is how the Iphone 13 and Pixel 6 can shape the future of the smartphone

Last week Google showed off its upcoming Pixel 6 phone, but in true Google fashion, not too many details were revealed, but enough to create interest in the products. Despite the lack of details, it still gives an indication of what smartphones will look like in 2021. So far, Google does not manufacture premium phones, […]

Here are the gadgets you need to grow at home in a smarter way

A smart start Photo: Gardena You have to start somewhere and what is better than a starter kit with the most essentials? Put the sensor in the garden and it will collect all the necessary information directly to your smartphone. Remaining gadgets also give you full control over the irrigation system and are also compatible […]

The summer is over – time to pack up before the start of your studies!

There is a lot to be fixed before the start of studies, and it is easy for the pennies to fall away when, for example, furnishings and study materials are to be purchased. You will need everything from phone and computer to insurance and accessories. We list here things that we really like and that […]

This is how Apple can fix everything that is wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

With only a few weeks left until Apple’s upcoming launch of the Iphone 13 with a smaller “notch“, Upgraded cameras and 120 Hz screen, Samsung has launched a new flagship phone: Galaxy Z Fold 3. It is their third generation foldable phone and belongs to one of the most innovative smart phones launched this year, […]

Apple Support Provider wants to monitor employees and their families

Teleperformance is one of the world’s largest call center companies, and performs telephone support for giants such as Apple, Amazon and Uber. NBC News reports that during the spring, the company has forced employees in Colombia who work with Apple to sign a new contract that involves major encroachments on personal integrity. The contract allows […]

Beta version of 1Password 8 out – criticism is pouring in

In 2018, Agilebit released version 7 of the password manager 1Password with a new subscription service. Licenses also continued to be sold, for those who searched properly, and the Mac program received several improvements that made it more integrated into the system. Among other things, it was given the ability to suggest login information for […]

Tasks: Google wanted to buy Epic to avoid app fights

According to new legal documents published, Google considered buying all or part of Epic Games in connection with the companies coming into conflict over Epic’s app Fortnite, reports The Verge. According to Epic, Google felt threatened by their plans to circumvent Google’s official Play Store fees by distributing Fortnite in other ways. Google has gone […]

Ikea launches smart air purifier with support for Homekit and Google Assistant

Last year, Ikea launched the air purifier Reasonable, a simple story that costs SEK 600 and can clean the air in rooms of 8-10 square meters. Now the company has launched a new model called Strong Wind which is much more advanced. First of all, strong winds are available in two designs: a classic model […]

Google claims to have created time crystals in a quantum computer

In a recently published research article, researchers at Google claim that they have used a quantum processor to observe a real time crystal, this writes ZDNet. According to the researchers, time crystals are “a new phase of matter.” A new status has been theorized that has the potential to join the ranks of solids, liquids, […]

Facebook allows the fossil fuel industry to spread disinformation about the climate

The report states that Facebook failed to apply its own rules to prevent disinformation from the petroleum industry during last year’s US presidential election, the newspaper writes. The Guardian. The report identified increased advertising on social media from, among others, ExxonMobil and other companies that extract fossil fuels, all with the aim of shaping the […]

Facebook shuts down researchers’ accounts

Facebook closed the accounts, which now stops the possibility for researchers to study political ads and misinformation, this writes TechCrunch. Facebook accused the researchers of “unauthorized scraping” of user information, which could jeopardize the privacy of other users. Facebook’s actions affected Laura Edelson and Damon McCoy, two well-known researchers who are connected to New York […]

Heavy dropouts from Blizzard’s management team

Blizzard, the company behind several popular game titles such as World of Warcraft, Star Craft and Diablo, is having a blast. Yesterday, CEO J. Allen Brack announced that he is resigning with immediate effect, this writes The Verge. Jesse Meschuk, the company’s global HR manager, also filed his resignation yesterday, something a company spokesman confirmed […]

All about Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series – then it premieres in Sweden

It has now been confirmed that the Prime Video production of The Lord of the Rings will premiere on September 2, 2022. The series takes place during the second age of Middle-earth. Among the directors is Swedish Charlotte Brändström, who has directed two episodes. The story begins in a time of relative peace, thousands of […]

Bang & Olufsen launches the first true wireless headphones with adaptive noise reduction

In neighboring Denmark, Bang & Olufsen has launched Beoplay EQ, the first true wireless headphones with adaptive noise reduction. Adaptive noise reduction is a more sophisticated technology that uses both microphones and speakers to adjust the sound to the noise level around you. Bang & Olufsen claims that Beoplay EQ does just that and effectively […]

Elon Musk calls App Store charges “global internet tax”

On Friday, Tesla and Spacex CEO Elon Musk wrote via Twitter that Apple’s App Store fees constitute a “de facto global tax on the Internet” and that “Epic is right “. Macrumors writes that earlier this week, Elon Musk, during a conversation with shareholders, also said that Tesla plans to let other companies use their […]

This is how Samsung will increase interest in mobiles with folding screens

With the help of a major advertising campaign later this year, Samsung will try to get more people to be attracted by their foldable phones, this writes Bloomberg. During a conference call where Samsung’s financial quarter was discussed, much focus was placed on phones with folding screens. During the conversation, Samung’s management promised that they […]

Framework laptop – replace and upgrade all components yourself

Framework is right on time now that the right to repair movement has begun to gain ground. The computer that has now been launched uses modular technology, which makes the parts in the computer easy to replace. Another advantage is that you can configure the computer completely according to your needs. There have been laptops […]

New research: Electricity is extracted from sweat from the fingertips

Researchers at the University of San Diego have now succeeded in generating electricity by using sweat from their fingertips, this writes CNET. A patch-like flexible strip that is put on the fingertip converts chemicals, which are already present in small amounts in human sweat, into electricity. As the fingers continuously produce sweat, electricity can be […]

Google Deepmind getting better at folding protein – could revolutionize biology

The open database Protein Data Bank today contains the three-dimensional structures of about 180,000 proteins that occur in various organisms of all kinds, from humans and fruit flies to fungi and bacteria. Google’s subsidiary Deepmind is expanding its database of estimated structures for an additional 350,000 proteins. These are structures that the company’s machine learning […]

The inauguration of the Olympic Games in Tokyo was set to music by video games

Video game fans watching the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics may have noticed that familiar music was playing as the athletes marched into the arena. It all started with the theme from Dragon Quest, which is one of Japan’s most beloved game series, followed by music from Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Chrono Trigger, Sonic […]

California sues Blizzard for “sex harassment culture”

The California Department of Employment and Housing, DFEH, has sued Blizzard Entertainment and parent company Activision Blizzard, claiming the companies have created a culture of “constant sex harassment” and gender discrimination, reports The Verge. Within a few hours after the news was out, several women who work or have worked at the company had come […]

Sony releases new soundbar – HT-A7000

Sony has now unveiled its new flagship for soundbars, the HT-A7000. The soundbar has 7.1.2-channel surround sound with two upward-facing speakers, two directional trebles and five forward-facing speakers, as well as two built-in subwoofers. The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Through the Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro, the HT-A7000 will be […]

Sony releases new soundbar – HT-A7000

Sony has now unveiled its new flagship for soundbars, the HT-A7000. The soundbar has 7.1.2-channel surround sound with two upward-facing speakers, two directional trebles and five forward-facing speakers, as well as two built-in subwoofers. The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Through the Vertical Surround Engine and S-Force Pro, the HT-A7000 will be […]

Windows 365: Soon you can run Windows in your browser

Microsoft yesterday introduced Windows 365, which makes it possible to run a full version of Windows in a browser on any device. Initially, the service will only be available to companies. The technology works just like Microsoft’s Xbox streaming service, which creates a virtual Xbox in the cloud. Similarly, Windows 365 creates a virtual PC […]

Web trackers worried – Apple’s Private Relay could be the end of digital fingerprints

First, Apple and later Google stopped the use of unique ID codes for each mobile phone, and instead introduced an ad identifier that can be reset by the user. Then Apple started stopping the use of cookies to track users, and most other browser developers have hooked. The introduction of app tracking transparency this spring […]

The United States may impose federal “right to repair” rules through the FTC

In recent years, various US states have tried to enforce “the right to repair” laws, but so far no one has succeeded – often under pressure from companies that make money from being alone in repairing their own products, such as Apple. Now reports Bloomberg that a first step is being taken towards a national […]

Samsung releases new robot vacuum cleaner – Jet Bot 90 AI Plus

Samsung has now released its new smart robot vacuum cleaner Jet Bot 90 AI Plus. The vacuum cleaner is described as the world’s first equipped with a 3D-active stereo sensor that can precisely scan an area to find difficult-to-detect objects and obstacles as small as one centimeter. This then prevents the vacuum cleaner from getting […]

The best hand controls for Iphone and Ipad – they will be better this autumn

With a wireless controller connected to an Apple gadget, you can get a lot of gaming fun. Although the mobile versions of many popular games are well adapted for touch screens, there is still a big difference in precision and agility if you use a hand control. IOS, Ipad OS and TV OS have long […]

Collectibles: 8 collectible figures for fans who want that little extra

Meet “Headpool” However, we start with a figure that is highly mobile. At least the main part, which is also the core of this interactive replica of the anti-hero Deadpool’s head. It is equipped with 600 different phrases and its built-in sensors also enable reactions to the environment. The coolest thing of all, however, is […]

The big e-sports event for charity is underway

After last year’s success has the month-long event Gamers Without Borders once again opened the virtual gates. During a magnificent folk festival, various entertainment programs are held to raise as much money as possible. Take part in podcasts, participate in virtual concerts, compete in cosplay, participate in audience tournaments and not least check out the […]

Tales of Arise: We play Bandai Namco’s new role-playing game

Pre-tested game: Tales of Arise (PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Windows Launch: September 10, 2021Award: From SEK 568 on Prisjakt.se (PS5) Bandai Namco’s Tales of series of role-playing games may not be as well known (or recognized) as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but have always been there alongside the giants. […]

Setback for Valve – Dota 2 party in Stockholm threatened

E-sports is fighting against the wind to be accepted in the Swedish National Sports Association. Just over three weeks ago, a new vote took place on applications submitted by the Swedish e-sports association and the e-sports association SESF during the annual The Swedish Sports Confederation. Once again, the applications were rejected by the federations during […]

Tasks: Windows 11 can be significantly faster than Windows 10

Update (2021-06-20):Since this article was first published, Windows Central has gone out and updated its data on test results. These turned out to be not entirely correct. Although Windows 11 provides some improvement in performance over Windows 10 according to these initial tests, but not as large as first assumed to be the case. Below […]

Source about the Windows 11 leak: Microsoft has more planned

The computer world is holding its breath ahead of June 24, when Microsoft will reveal its plans for the upcoming Windows operating system. Excessive hints from the company and speculation from the world’s technology journalists have determined in advance that it is Windows 11. The other day one leaked alleged preview version of the upcoming […]

Windows 11 may be shown this summer – new video blocks rumors

Windows 10 is the latest Windows. That’s what Microsoft said back in 2015 and aimed at the company continuing to build on its operating system with regular, minor updates. This autumn, one of these updates, which has gone under the working name, is expected “Sun Valley”, but now there are signs that this may in […]

Instagram says: So we “know” what you are interested in

Facebook-owned Instagram has now published a new one blog posts where they tell a bit about how they arrive at what should be displayed in Instagram user feeds and how this is ranked. Instagram’s basic interpretation is that users in both the flow and stories prefer to see content from their friends, family and relatives. […]

TEST: JBL Boombox 2 – portable speaker with real pressure in the sound

Tested product: Boombox 2Award: SEK 4,890 at Netonnet Now is the time to take stock of suitable playback devices and prepare for the coming summer months, which many of us are more than happy to spend outdoors. Maybe it’s time to invest some capital in a new portable speaker? Rating 3 out of 5 Opinion […]

Rapport points out two percent of the 1000 hottest App Store apps for scams

A new survey conducted by The Washington Post, via Engadget, shows that as many as two percent of the 1,000 most lucrative apps on the App Store are engaged in scams. In total, the apps may have defrauded users of as much as 48 million dollars, corresponding to approximately 397 million kronor. Among the malicious […]

In the middle of the shortage – Nvidia launches Geforce RTX 3080 Ti

There is still a screaming shortage of graphics cards in the world, but the manufacturer Nvidia continues to accelerate with new launches. During this year’s (virtual) Computex trade fair, as expected Ti versions of the RTX 3080 and 70 cards up, and will be on sale already on June 3 and 10, respectively. If you […]

Chrome should start warning about unreliable browser extensions

Insecure browser extensions are a problem. There are times when Google removes an extension from the Chrome Web Store that turns out to contain malicious code or does something else wrong. Google removes such extensions, but when the company becomes aware of a problematic extension, it may have already been installed by thousands of users, […]

New graphics from AMD take up the laptop battle with Nvidia

AMD is sharpening the graphics capabilities for gaming consoles with three new circuits based on RDNA 2. These are intended as direct challengers to Nvidia’s cards in the Geforce RTX 30 series. The new circuits were unveiled during the ongoing Computex trade show. These are the RX 6800M, 6700M and 6600M, which offer up to […]

This is AMD’s answer to Nvidia’s upscaling technology

Now AMD has finally presented its answer to Nvidia’s almost magical Deep Learning Super Sampling technology (dlss). At the company’s virtual press conference during the Computex trade fair, AMD presented the Fidelityfx Super Resolution (fsr), as the new technology is called. AMD has chosen a more traditional upscaling technology that takes an image rendered in […]

Galaxy Watch 4: Everything we know about Samsung’s next smartwatch

Samsung’s smartwatches have long been among the absolute best on the market. They have also been one of the Android user’s main alternatives to the Apple Watch, even though the Galaxy Watch watches are not even powered by Google’s own Wear OS. Samsung watches have instead been powered by their own Tizen, something that will […]

Apple is delaying the launch of paid subscriptions for podcasts

Apple has informed podcast creators that the upcoming feature for having paid subscriptions via Apple Podcasts has been delayed, reports Macrumors. The function will now only appear in June. Apple itself writes that: “We’m writing to give you an update on the availability of Apple Podcasts’ Subscriptions and channels. We & # 39; ve enjoyed […]

E3 2021: Here is everything we know about this year’s gaming fair

E3, or Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the world’s largest gaming fair, which has been held in Los Angeles since 1995. And whether it is Keanu Reeves who thinks that everyone in the audience is “breath taking”, or press conferences that are unbearably rigid, there is no denying that the fair has offered many unforgettable moments. […]

The alarm: Klarna users could see other people’s information in the app

Update at 4.20 pm: Can log in again Klarna now announces on its status page that users can log in again via app.klarna.com. Technical details about what may have caused Thursday’s incident have not yet been shared by the company. Update at 15.00: CEO regrets “self-inflicted incident” Klarna still keeps a low profile about the […]

IKEA is working for more trust and integrity in the digital home

As our homes are filled with more and more technology, we have been given completely new opportunities, but have also become more vulnerable to new disturbances and privacy-related dilemmas. In order to create new ways to promote integrity and trust in the digital home, IKEA launches today, May 26, its new project Everyday Experiments together […]

Update to Xbox Game Pass turns Surface Duo into a portable Xbox

Xbox handheld or Surface Duo? 🤔 https://t.co/ubbsEAW3r8 pic.twitter.com/cAJmvkR3w3 Tom Warren (@tomwarren) May 24, 2021 Microsoft has now released a new update to the Xbox Game Pass app on Android that turns the Surface Duo into a portable Xbox, reports The Verge. The update makes it possible to use the Surface Duo in its laptop-like “Compose” […]

NiP got it right on server mess – moved on after replay – CS: GO

What was supposed to be a show for Swedish Ninjas in Pajamas when they would play their first match with newly acquired Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz ended instead in a minor disaster. The last few days have been about accusations, wrong decisions and various other unrest. This after NiP was forced to finish playing an online […]

Preview: Deathloop – Bethesda’s new shooter is something out of the ordinary

One of the titles we are most looking forward to this year is without a doubt Deathloop, an action revealer from Arkane Studios. The developers are perhaps best known for the Dishonored games, but also have a couple of Wolfenstein titles in their luggage. In other words, the DNA bodes well for their new title, […]

Apple responds to criticism from Spotify, Match and Tile

The U.S. Senate Justice Committee is investigating whether Apple is violating any competition laws, and has received testimonies from several companies in the Coalition for App Fairness organization: Spotify, Match and Tile. The company has now submitted a response to the committee, signed by Apple CEO Kyle Andeer. Apple believes that the companies ‘allegations are […]

RTX 3050 and new Intel processors in focus when Acer releases new

Acer has now introduced three new gaming laptops. Nitro 5, Predator Helios 300 and Predator Triton 300 all come with Intel’s new eleventh generation H-series with laptop processors and Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 30 series with graphics cards. Including new Geforce RTX 3050 and Geforce RTX 3050 Ti. The Acer Nitro 5 (pictured above) is described […]

Here are the car features that disappear – due to the lack of chips

Difficulties in obtaining semiconductors for cars have forced the automotive industry to more or less creative solutions, writes Automotive News. Common to the various manufacturers is that they have been forced to remove chips from the functions that are not directly necessary for the car, in order to save on semiconductors that can be used […]

Tasks: The new Macbook Air is released in the same colors as the Imac

Update (2021-05-07): According to the well-known technology leaker Jon Prosser, this year’s models of Macbook Air will be released in the same colors as the latest models of Imac, ie blue, green, pink, silver, yellow, orange and purple. The last time we saw colorful laptops from Apple was in 1999 when the Ibook G3 was […]

Tim Sweeney: “Epic had agreed to a special agreement with Apple”

The main hearing between Apple and Epic has begun. On Tuesday, the court heard Epics CEO Tim Sweeney, who was questioned by Apple lawyers, reports 9 to 5 Mac. Apple’s lawyer had questions about Epic’s use of Metal and other Apple developer technologies, among other things, and thereby tried to show that Epic has benefited […]

House of the Dragon: All about the new Game of Thrones series

After a long wait, a catastrophic end to Game of Thrones for many and an even canceled spin-off series, it finally seems as if we see some success for the future Game of Thrones spin-off series House of the Tarragon. Namely, HBO has now published pictures from the recording! Given this development, we thought we […]

The comment platform Disqus can be fined millions in Norway

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, Datatilsynet, has notified the comment platform Disqus that the authority intends to issue a fine of NOK 25 million to the company for having violated the Data Protection Act, GDPR. Disqus is an American company, owned by Zeta Global, which offers commenting platforms that have previously been used by several […]

Millions disappear in text message fraud – now the police warn again

In three months, fraudsters have defrauded private individuals and companies in western Sweden of SEK 6.7 million through textile fraud. This is what the police write on their website. The messages usually appear to come from credible senders, such as the bank’s blocking service or debt collection company, and those who have received an SMS […]

Apple chiefs already considered lower App Store fees ten years ago

New information obtained in connection with Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple shows that Apple’s top manager of the App Store, Phil Schiller, in 2011 considered whether the company’s fee should be reduced for purchases related to the App Store, reports Bloomberg. In an email sent in July 2011 to Eddy Cues, head of service at […]

Contributed to cult Macbook satire – now “Giggle” is gone

Juan Joya Borja, also known as “El Risitas” – roughly “Fnittret” in Swedish – has passed away at the age of 65 after a period of illness. It reports several media, among others Vice. You probably recognize him for his extremely odd and contagious laughter in the many different (deliberately) mistranslated parody clips that have […]

HP Plus launched – to simplify printer life for small businesses

A completely new ecosystem for printers, which will enable safer, more durable and productive printing. This is how HP describes its new hardware and software-based service HP Plus, which from now on will be integrated into selected printers aimed at small businesses and consumers. Big test: Best Photo Printer (Ink) – Under the Thousand Note […]

After six years of suspension – now Valve lets “Jamppi” into the heat

Being caught cheating is almost like a death sentence in e-sports. Counter-Strike features the dreaded VAC banner, Valve Anti-Cheat. The anti-cheating system tells you if you have programs on your computer that are not allowed and the punishment has until now been permanent. For the individual player, a VAC course is extremely tedious and the […]

Signal hacks Cellebrite – and reveals copyright infringement

Israeli Cellebrite is known as the company whose hardware and software help police and other authorities to hack mobile phones. It is not as infamous as the Israeli NSO Group, whose Pegasus malware has been used to spy on Al Jazeera journalists, among others, but the company’s products have been used in the United Arab […]

This is Fitbit’s new luxury fitness tracker – Luxe

Fitbit has now presented its first product after the company was bought by Google, the luxury fitness tracker Luxe. Luxe is described as the thinnest fitness tracker ever and according to Fitbit themselves should also be the most comfortable to sleep with. The fitness tracker has a steel case which according to Fitbit is manufactured […]

Most people like inclusive emoji and want even more

In recent years, the emoji standard has expanded from a collection of yellow smileys and various symbols to a large collection of figures that symbolize and represent more of human diversity. And the more inclusive emojis are popular, a survey from Adobe. The company asked around 7,000 users in Australia, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, […]

E-sports year 2021 – the biggest events to look forward to

Last year was marked by planning difficulties as almost all tournaments had to change places, postpone the date or cancel the entire event. Several championships have been completely sonic postponed and few games have managed to name a world number one in 2020. The common denominator for the problems was of course the covid-19 pandemic. […]

Here are the companies that are most often used in phishing attempts

Net fishing has increased during the first quarter of 2021. Now the IT security company Check Point published a new report showing the brands that cybercriminals tried to exploit or emulate to steal personal information from individuals and companies. According to the report, the most utilized industries are technology, logistics and the banking sector. The […]

Sony releases new: This is how the new top mobiles in the Xperia series will be

This year’s top phones from Sony have seen the light of day during a press conference on Wednesday morning. These are the super luxurious Xperia 1 III and the slightly less luxurious Xperia 5 III. It has been a while since Sony took the more specialized film and photo track and the company does not […]

Technically possible to replace memory and storage in M1-Macs

Apple has made it increasingly difficult to repair and upgrade Macs. Fifteen years ago, it was possible to change both memory and storage in all machines. Today it only works (officially) in Mac Pro. Both the working memory and the ssd circuits have long been soldered to the motherboard in the various Macbook models, and […]

Would make Cloud9 a powerhouse in CS: GO – but now he’s leaving

In recent years, the top tier of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been dominated by players and teams from Europe. In an attempt to change this, the American organization Cloud9 started an ambitious investment on a transatlantic team. Six months ago, commentator and analyst Henry “HenryG” Greer was hired as manager and coach. He was given […]

The battle for mobile players is intensifying: Lenovo launches Legion Phone Duel 2

Lenovo has now introduced its new gaming mobile Legion Phone Duel 2. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5g processor, has a memory chip with up to 18 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory and storage up to 512 gigabytes of UFS 3.1. Legion Phone Duel 2 is also equipped with a new cooling […]

Youtube hits the chest: Better at removing unauthorized videos

Youtube has now presented a new measurement system that the video site argues for shows how they have become better at removing unauthorized videos, reports The New York Times. “Violative View Rate” as the measurement system is called shows the percentage of the total number of views on Youtube that come from videos that do […]

Tim Cook talks about Facebook’s criticism of Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook has appeared in a new interview on the well-known technology journalist Kara Swisher’s podcast for The New York Times. Something that was first noticed by Macrumors. The episode will not be published until Monday, but already now Kara Swisher has shared some excerpts. Among other things, they talk about Apple’s upcoming […]

Snap will look at ways to get around Apple’s new tracking rules

Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, will be exploring different ways to get around Apple’s upcoming tracking rules, reports Financial Times, via Apple Insider. In conjunction with iOS 14.5, Apple will make a new system, App Tracking Transparency (ATT), mandatory. The system means that apps must get permission from the user if they want to […]