CD Projekt Red announces a new saga under EU 5

CD Projekt Red confirms the development of The Witcher 4, a new start for the license. The studio also reveals a strong partnership with Epic Games to use the Unreal Engine 5.

Normally Monday is a relatively quiet day, but not there. CD Projekt Red, behind Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher games, confirms a new title in the Witcher universe. In other words, The Witcher 4. We also learn that the Polish studio will abandon its REDEngine engine for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5.

Epic Games to the rescue of CD Projekt Red

When is The Witcher 4 coming out? This is not the time to answer the question since the development is in its infancy. This new episode will mark the beginning of a new saga, without knowing the number of sections planned. To support this new entry and the following ones, CD Projekt Red will rely on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, a partnership which will therefore extend over several years.

Tim Sweeneyfounder and CEO of Epic, said:

Epic built the Unreal Engine 5 to enable teams to create dynamic open worlds at an unprecedented scale and level of fidelity. We are deeply honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with CD PROJEKT RED to push the boundaries of interactive storytelling and gameplay together, and this effort will benefit the developer community for years to come..

Pawel Zawodnychief technical officer at CD Projekt Red, added:

One of the fundamental aspects of the RED 2.0 Transformation internally is a much stronger focus on technology, and our cooperation with Epic Games is based on this principle. From the outset, we didn’t envision a typical license agreement; Epic and we consider it a long-term technological partnership with mutual benefits. It is vital for CD PROJEKT RED to have a technical direction for our future game from the very beginning; in the past, we have spent a lot of resources and energy to evolve and adapt the REDengine with each new game release. This cooperation is so exciting, because it will improve development anticipation and efficiency, while by giving us access to state-of-the-art development tools. I can’t wait to see the amazing games we’ll be creating using Unreal Engine 5!

The Witcher 4 will not be exclusive to the Fortnite store

Despite using Unreal Engine 5, the studio will continue to rely on their REDEngine home engine for Cyberpunk 2077 expansions.

With this collaboration, will the next games be intended only for a PC platform? No, The Witcher 4 will not be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, and will therefore be released on Steam and most certainly GOG.