CES 2021: Here is the biggest news from the technology fair

For the first time ever, we at M3 have reported from a digital CES trade fair, one of the world’s largest trade fairs for consumer technology that is otherwise held annually in Las Vegas. Now that the fair is officially over, we have summarized some of the biggest launches that took place during the past week.

This is just a fraction of everything that was launched during the week. If you want to take part in our entire CES monitoring, you can read more here!

Sony CES 2021

Sony offers 4k and HDR streaming to its Bravia users

Sony is releasing a new series of TVs within the Bravia series which goes by the name Bravia XR. These have a new processor that will adapt the image to how we see and hear. It should also be able to turn stereo sound into surround based on what is happening in the picture.

As you know, Sony is not only a manufacturer of technology such as televisions, headphones and game consoles, they also produce movies. Now they are launching Bravia Core, where users of Sony’s TVs can access their library of big movies, such as Venom, Resident Evil or Spider-Man. Users should also be able to take part in behind the scenes material. It remains to be seen if and when this will be available in Sweden.

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Samsung CES 2021

Samsung launches neo qled and giant micro led devices

As you know, Samsung has run hard with its qled TVs. They have now shown off their latest generation of TV models: Neo Qled. By using a new technology they call quantum mini led and a brand new processor, they get even better control for the led panel. They release two models, one with 4k and one with 8k

They also showed off two giant micro-LED TVs: consumer devices, a 90-inch one and a 110-inch one. Mikroled is the technology we first saw Samsung use to create the giant screen The Wall.

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LG oled 42 inches

LG shows off its smallest OLED TV to date and cloud gaming services

Tired of the TVs just getting bigger and bigger? Does a giant screen not fit your interior design style or do you simply not fit a giant TV in the living room? Now you no longer have to compromise on quality when choosing a slightly smaller screen, LG is showing off its latest OLED model in 42-inch size.

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LG also took the opportunity to tell a welcome news to gamers during the fair. Now, new TVs from the manufacturer will receive support for both Google’s cloud game service Stadia and Geforce Now. Stadia has been around for a while in Sony’s TVs, but Geforce Now is LG’s first.

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HP Elite Folio

HP’s new laptop has a 24 – hour battery life

Elite Folio is HP’s new laptop with a slightly odd, “pull forward” design, where the screen can be pushed forward at an angle and set up like a tablet over the keyboard. But the design is not the only thing that stands out in this computer, as HP claims that it sits under the hood on a battery that lasts for over a day.

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Super fast screen in the latest laptop from ROG

Asus is releasing, according to itself, gaming laptops with the world’s fastest screen in a laptop. ROG Strix Scar 17 has a refresh rate of 360 Hz and a response time of 3 milliseconds. Crazy fast in other words!

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Nvidia delivers thunder graphics for laptops

Nvidia is showcasing its new graphics chips in the RTX 30 series, intended for laptops for gamers on the go! We can expect to see the first computers in January.

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Intel Core H

Intel processors for ultra-flexible laptops

Intel launches new processors for iCore H series laptops. These are specifically meant to be in what they call “ultraportable” computers. Computers with 11th-generation Intel Core chips will also be the first to support Alexa voice commands for Amazon-certified smart home cameras

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Lavie Mini

Lenovo shows smart glasses and Switch challengers

During this year’s trade fair, Lenovo unveiled several interesting gadget news. In addition to a pair of smart glasses in the form of the Thinkreality A3, they also showed for the second year in a row a portable gaming concept, not entirely unlike the Nintendo Switch. This time it is in collaboration with the company Nec and the concept goes by the name Lavie Mini. The minicomputer comes with a display with full hd resolution and an i7 processor under the hood.

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Oneplus Band

Oneplus releases activity bracelet

The mobile manufacturer Oneplus is releasing its first activity bracelet. Oneplus Band has all the functions we usually see in smartwatches and training bracelets, such as various sensors for activity measurement, heart rate monitor and heart rate monitor. Unfortunately, it is only available in India to begin with.

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