Chance decides in Lost in Random

Lost in Random gives us a story about two young sisters, Even and Odd, who end up under the mercy of the evil queen. Separated from Odd on his twelfth birthday, Even gets help from Dicey. With their dice friend, they must get through six different areas and save her sister from the queen’s grip. Even and Dicey will fight the queen’s minions in huge game board-like arenas. All this happens in both real-time and turn-based tactics. Collect cards to build a formidable game to defeat the resistance with and meet unique characters.

“We were interested in exploring the feeling of uncertainty as a starting point Lost in Random, instead of focusing on predetermined game mechanics. ” says Olov Redmalm, Game Director and Lead Writer at Zoink Games. “The overall theme of randomness helped us with every aspect of the game, as each element fits into a dreamlike world in its own way, thereby enhancing the player’s journey. We look forward to letting players take part in the fear of the random, with sharp dialogue, mystery and emotional storytelling. How will their experience change their view of the world? Everything portrayed by Even. ”

Lost in Random‘s Dialogue is written by Ryan North, author of Adventure Time and Marvels The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, etc. This will make players immerse themselves in the macabre atmosphere with each new turn they encounter. Artstyle takes strong inspiration from i.a. Tim Burton, Shaun Tan and Alice in Wonderland. The game’s beautiful and very visual surroundings bring the Kingdom of Random to life in a fantastic way.

Lost in Random will get a double soundtrack – Volume 1 and Volume 2. They are available on Spotify in connection with the game’s release. The game costs about SEK 250 ($ 29.99) on all platforms.