Chicken Police: Paint it Red – Review

IN Chicken Police goosebumps are literal.

The obvious weakness of Chicken Police is that it is a detective story in the crowd. The greatest strength? That the aesthetics and world construction are completely unique. The game has not only been built with cynicism, jazzy tones and smoky bars but of feathers, sexy tails and literal goosebumps.

Chicken Police: Paint it Red begins a rainy New Year’s night in Clawville. Santino Featherland is a cop on dekis who only has 121 days left to retire. However, life has been tough on Sonny and rather than “the golden years”, he already seems ready for “the big sleep”. And just that, he’s a rooster.

Let’s tear off the patch at once. Chicken Police is nothing special in his whodunnit approaches. It’s a detective story with tired clichés, expected twists and a rather sloppy resolution. At the same time, it is unique. Because as you probably remember: Sonny is a rooster.

So is colleague Marty. The police chief is a grim bloodhound, behind the counter on Sonny’s favorite hook is a hardened raccoon and the nightclub owner who desperately needs our help is a seductive, secretive blue-gray cat. The team has not contented itself with placing animal heads on human bodies, but all races and species shine through. The Wild Gentlemen have gone a wild extra mile.

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What is it?

Hard-boiled detective with claws and poultry.


The Wild Gentlemen




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Intel Core i7-7700, Gefore GTX 1080, 16 GB RAM

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