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Hack, slush and even more slush in the medieval war Chivalry 2.

So this is how life ends. Along with three cowardly pigs armed with swords, spears and shields, who force me into a distant street corner and take turns kicking, shoving and stabbing me full of holes. I do not have time to defend myself from the whirlwind of attacks. The heart beats harder and harder and pumps splashing blood out of my many wounds. Soon everything is over.

In one last desperate outcome, I raise my big battle ax in front of me. As if by a miracle, I manage to block the attack of one opponent. I step quickly to the side, raise the ax in a nervous, sweeping attack, wait while I continue to step around the cowards and then finally sweep with the weapon in a straight line in front of me. The sound of three heads bouncing sloppily against the ground.

Triumph! Victory! I shout a roar of joy and let all my allies know that I am still to be reckoned with. Against all odds! Somewhere in the middle of the joy, a sharp arrow lands in my throat, and I collapse in a lifeless pile.

Those fucking archers, then.

Digital online wars from the Middle Ages took their first bold steps with the bizarre one Half-Life 2-modden Age of Chivalry. Parts of that gang later created Torn Banner Studios, and their standalone games Chivalry: Medieval Warfare rushed out on the battlefields in 2012. Many liters of water and the same amount of blood have flowed under the bridges since then, and now that the sequel is finally here, the corpulent and fairly prosperous king of the genre is named Mordhau. Har Chivalry 2 what is required to stage a successful takeover?

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What is it?

Medieval, bloody online wars.


Torn Banner Studios


Tripwire Interactive, Deep Silver


Approximate price

380: –



Tested on

I7 6700K 4GHz, RTX 2080 Ti, 16GB RAM

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If his head was not stuck, he would probably forget it… nevermind.