Christmas gift tips from Sony –

It’s soon time to buy Christmas presents for loved ones, but what to buy? Sony has some tips from their range of products.

Sony WH-1000XM4


Do you know someone who takes their leave seriously? Then Sony’s over-ear headphones may be just right. WH-1000XM4 has won awards in the Nordics for its noise reduction, design and impressive sound. With a lightweight design and ear cushions that relieve the pressure around the ears, they sit both nicely and comfortably on the head. The headphones have up to 30 hours of battery life with noise reduction and 38 hours with the function switched off.

The headphones are available in the colors black and silver.

The price is approximately SEK 4,000.

Sony WF-SP800N


The new sports headphones WF-SP800N are suitable for those who want to invest in their training regardless of level. With noise reduction, unwanted noise is shut out during the walk and the powerful sound makes you want to

increase the pace during the running round. The headphones are also resistant to water and sweat. After a full charge, the case provides a battery life of 18 hours with the noise reduction turned on and 26 hours with the function turned off.

The headphones are available in the colors black, white and blue.

The price is approximately SEK 2,100.

Sony 48A9


For those who enjoy the classic Christmas movies, a Sony 48 ”A9 TV can be something very special. With image and sound of the highest quality, a film experience is given in class. The Aucostic Surface Audio function converts the screen into a speaker so that sound and image are constantly harmonized. Sony’s smart Android TVs allow you to easily access your services, devices and your content for a frictionless viewing.

The price is approximately SEK 20,000.

Sony ZV-1


For those who want to immortalize their Christmas celebrations in a professional way, the camera ZV-1 from Sony can be a pleasant surprise. The camera is designed so that the user can easily create movies in 4K and it is easy to take with you on all Christmas adventures. With the Face Priority function, the face is kept in focus and together with the microphone that reduces background noise and the rotating LCD touch screen, it becomes easy to create memories and produce content with impressive quality.

The price is approximately SEK 9,000.

Playstation 5:

The next generation of consoles is finally here and it’s time to screw up the graphics a notch. Playstation 5 not only delivers top graphics in several games but also a perfect console for playing Disney +, Netflix, Youtube and many more streaming services. Playstation 5 is clearly a console that is future-proof for many years to come, now we will only upgrade our TVs and screens that can handle the same performance as the console.

The price is approximately SEK 6,000.