Code in TV OS 14.5 indicates new model of Apple TV

Update (2021-04-06):

References to 120 Hertz in TV OS 14.5

For a long time now, credible information abounds that a new model of Apple TV is under development.

Latest news is that 9 to 5 Mac has discovered references to “120 Hz” in the latest beta version of TV OS 14.5, which proves that an upgrade is underway. In order to be able to offer support for television sets of 120 hertz, HDMI 2.1 is required and in the current models, HDMI 2.0 is used.

Otherwise, we will see a more powerful processor that makes it possible to play more demanding games than those currently offered. In addition, the maximum amount of storage is doubled to 128 gigabytes, which makes it possible to fit more apps and games on the device.

There will probably also be talk of a new hand control, something that will increase interest in the gaming service Apple Arcade another notch.

According to previous information from Bloomberg we also get to see a new function for the remote control that makes it possible to find it when it has gone astray. In other words, a variant of “Find my Iphone”, but for indoor use.

The current model of Apple TV was launched in September 2017, so it should undoubtedly be time for an upgrade relatively soon.

Previously (2021-03-30):

New remote control under development

Apple has a new remote control under development, which will replace the Siri remote control when the next model of Apple TV is released, reports 9 to 5 Mac.

The site’s sources state that the new remote control has the internal designation B519, which can be compared with its predecessor which had the code name B439.

The Siri remote was launched in 2015 with the fourth generation of the media player, now called the Apple TV HD. It received a small upgrade with a white ring around the home button when Apple TV 4K was released but otherwise looks the same.

The remote control has received a lot of criticism over the years, among other things for being easy to neglect and for the lack of physical navigation buttons.