Collectibles: 8 collectible figures for fans who want that little extra

Meet “Headpool”


However, we start with a figure that is highly mobile. At least the main part, which is also the core of this interactive replica of the anti-hero Deadpool’s head. It is equipped with 600 different phrases and its built-in sensors also enable reactions to the environment. The coolest thing of all, however, is that you can program different behaviors and reactions via the associated app. Unfortunately, Marvel could not afford, or perhaps would not, pay Ryan Reynolds to reprise his voice. But the one that is there should be an almost perfect imitation.

Costs SEK 1,399 at Heromic

Breathtaking statues


Cyberpunk 2077 may not have been the great masterpiece we expected. But it still offered a really good adventure with many interesting and colorful characters. And now you can decorate your living room (or man / womancave) with the coolest of them all – Johnny Silverhand, played by none other than Keanu Reeves in the game. The statue version of Silverhand is at least as hard as in the game (no pun intended), with the guitar in one hand and a gun in the other. And if, against ALL odds, you do not like Keanu, there are also statues of V (both versions) and Jackie.

Costs SEK 799 at SF Bokhandeln

May the power be with Grogu

NOT "Baby Yoda"

Soon you will have the chance to click home your own Grogu, also known as The Child, from the popular Star Wars series The Mandalorian. The replica is on a 1: 1 scale, ie in exactly the same size as the animatronic that gave life to the now beloved crab. And in terms of detail, we have a hard time distinguishing this figure from the “real” Grogu.

Costs SEK 4,599 at Heromic

For all the chaos agents out there

Heath Ledgers Joker

Heath Ledger’s masterfully portrayed version of the Joker is now immortalized in vinyl form. Attentive readers will surely notice the mask and the bag, two details taken directly from the opening scene in The Dark Knight. The film also became Ledger’s last, when he died a couple of months after filming it. So why not honor his memory with this super-detailed sculpture?

Costs SEK 847 at Amazon Sweden

Change the dragon

Bruce Lee

Another cool collector’s character from a famous movie. This time it’s Enter the Dragon, starring the phenomenal martial arts expert Bruce Lee. The mini version of Bruce stands on a yin-yang plate which in turn has a golden dragon wrapped around it. There will be no more badass than this!

Costs SEK 1,649 at Heromic

Let Hedwig watch over your home

Hedwig Harry Potter

There is no one who is as faithful as Harry Potter’s own barn owl Hedwig. The collector’s version is made of resin and its hand-painted details make it extremely realistic. For obvious reasons, however, it cannot deliver letters. A perfect gift for a “muggle” who has just turned eleven.

Costs SEK 999 at Heromic

He’ll be back


If you ever wanted to have your own Terminator at home, but worried about the space it will take up, there is now a worthy alternative. This replica is made of polyresin and represents the skull of a battle-damaged T800, complete with a joint system that illuminates the eyes and the remnants of the molten steel. Terribly worse!

Costs SEK 5,398 at Spelbutiken

For Nintendo fans


How cute is not this statue of everyone’s our pink fluffball Kirby? Nintendo’s classic hero is known for his family-friendly escapades, but also from the fighting game Super Smash Bros. And now you have the chance to light up your everyday life with your very own Kirby. To be honest, how can you not just smile at the sight?

Costs SEK 3,298 at Spelbutiken