Colors Live – digital canvas with pen – now out for the Nintendo Switch

Unleash your inner Picasso with Colors Live for the Nintendo Switch. Or just scribble.

Colors Live to Nintendo Switch has now reached the Swedish market! Distributed by Wendros for 629 SEK, this digital drawing program allows you to draw and paint with a pressure-sensitive pen – directly on the Nintendo Switch screen! The idea of ​​pressing a pen against a screen makes the neck hair stand up, but this pen is designed for screens. Colors Live is the layman’s and gamer’s version of the drawing boards used by professional digital artists.

Colors Live has several features that allow you to draw with pencil lines, paint with brush strokes and more. It has the ability to distribute the image in layers, adjust transparency and color palettes. Most things you could possibly need to draw and paint digitally.

You can read more about Colors Live on its official website.


  • Colors SonarPen: a pressure-sensitive pen that senses how hard you press the pen to give different effects in the painting. Just like a brush or stylus.
  • Paint where you want: thanks to Nintendo Switch mobility, you can paint and draw in the comfort of your home or on the go (but please, do not run with your Switch in hand!)
  • Colors Quest: a creative game mode where you get different creative challenges every day. These will help you develop your artistic skills.
  • The Colors Gallery: Colors Live also has an integrated online mode for its collective of artists who together have uploaded four million works of art. Each upload has a Painting Playback that lets you see the creation process in replay. Follow your friends and artists, and share your work. You can do this WITHOUT membership in Nintendo Switch Online!
  • Painting Playback: Record or watch when a painting is created from start to masterpiece and learn how it was created.
  • Paint with a friend: You and a friend can paint together on a common canvas online. Requires Nintendo Switch Online membership.