Comic bug in new Macbook Pro hides menu bar software behind the flip

Now the Macbook Pro 14 and 16 inches are starting to be sold and delivered to the first customers. The first reviews have been lyrical with few things to complain about.

Pre-launch secrets were big and Apple succeeded better than usual in keeping secret, above all, the design with the big feet and webcam in a flick like on the Iphone.

With such great secrecy, it is perhaps not so strange that the occasional bug in the operating system that concerns the flip-flop has disappeared. It turns out that the developers who manage menu bar programs – the icons on the right of the menu bar, which can be shortcuts to settings, display information and more – do not seem to have been informed about the flip.

Quinn Nelson, who runs the YouTube channel Snazzy Labs, has shared a video that shows what happens when you have so many menu bar programs that they reach the flap: They disappear behind. You can still view their menus by clicking on another icon and moving the pointer “behind” the flip, but the behavior is an obvious bug as the menus on the left do not behave that way at all.

When a program has so many menus that they fill more than the space to the left of the tab, the system automatically moves the remaining menus to the right of it, and as usual, menu bar programs are hidden to make room for menus. In such programs, you can no longer move the pointer behind the flip pin, but it will stick to the edge.

Now it remains to be seen if Apple’s fix for the comic bug will be to simply not allow more menu bar programs than will fit to the right of the flip, or if even these will spill over like the menus but in the other direction.