Comviq now offers 5G subscriptions –

Comviq 5G

5G seems to be becoming more common and of course Comviq wants to be part of this, which now has a 5G subscription, however, there is a downside.

Comviq, which is owned by Tele2, has for some time been struggling with 5G and offering the connection to as many people as possible.

Now Comviq announces that they offer just 5G in slightly different subscription forms. Initially, it will be about three different subscriptions:

  1. 30GB – SEK 275 / month
  2. 50GB – SEK 325 / month
  3. 100GB – 375 kronor / month

When you think of 5G, you think of really fast internet, but this is apparently something that Comviq does not do as they announce that at the moment they will only be offered up to 100Mbit / second if you are on the Tele2 network.