Comviq now offers family subscriptions –

Comviq has now released a family subscription that simply becomes cheaper the more people there are and then includes just enough surfing.

Now also has Comviq finally released a family subscription which I think had a demand from customers.

The arrangement is so that a person in the family signs a subscription for SEK 275 a month and then 30 GB of surfing is included, then other family members can join this and then get 30 GB each but for SEK 145 a month, so each member gets 30 GB each and every one does not share anything.

In short, the first subscription costs full price while everyone else subsequently gets the same subscription for half the price. If you already have a subscription with 30 GB surf, you can change this to a family subscription on Comviq’s website.

As usual, there is no lock-in period and free calls, SMS and MMS.