Confirmed: Apple discontinues included chargers and headphones

Update 20.10:

Apple has now confirmed that it does not come with any charger or headphones with the four new Iphone 12 models. The same is true of other models such as the Iphone XR, Iphone 11 and Iphone SE.

However, a charger cable is included, but nowadays it is lightning at one end and usb-c at the other.

Due to the change, prices are reduced a notch for the older Iphone models.


In connection with the launch of this autumn’s new Apple Watch models, Apple announced that it will discontinue the included charger, this with reference to the company caring about the environment.

According to Bloomberg’s well-informed reporter Mark Gurman, Apple will also drop the included charger for the iPhone with tonight’s event. The change applies not only to the Iphone 12 but also to other models such as the Iphone SE.

Reasonably, there should be talk of reduced prices for the models concerned with the change, especially as there may also be talk of removing the included headphones.