Confirmed: Lobster revived – as an electric car

The American car manufacturer GMC has revived the old name Hummer and during the week showed a completely new, electrically powered version of the car, called the Hummer EV.

It has now been confirmed that Google’s Android operating system will run on the car’s 13.4-inch infotainment screen and on the 12.3-inch screen behind the wheel. writes Engadget. This can mean that the car also gets access to apps like Google Maps through the Play Store, which can be clearly useful in the car.

Lobster as an electric car
Photo: GMC

The system runs on an Intel processor that should have 64 GB of memory. Guess it refers to storage memory and not working memory, but here the details are vague. In addition, this will be the first car in the world to use the Unreal Engine for graphics.

The Hummer EV will be at least the second car in the world to run Android as an operating system. First out with this was Volvo’s and Geely’s electric car Polestar 2.

Hummer EV will start selling in 2021, with a price tag from 112,595 dollars, which at the time of writing corresponds to 985,000 kronor, but that is the price before Swedish VAT. More and cheaper models will be launched until the year 2024, with price tags from 79,995 dollars, approximately 700,000 kronor before Swedish VAT.

Whether any of the models will come to Sweden is not decided, nor does it seem very likely.