Congratulations Siri! Apple’s virtual assistant turns 10 years old

On October 4, 2011, several years ahead of competitors such as Google and Amazon, was launched Apple’s virtual helper Siri. A couple of years later, Siri came to Sweden and at MacWorld we had fun testing voice recognition with different dialects.

For a decade, Siri has been helping Apple users get answers to various questions, perform tasks in connected homes and play TV shows on Apple TVs. Despite the fact that Apple had a certain lead, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have seriously challenged (and often surpassed) Siri in various areas – but in the Swedes’ beloved Iphone, she still reigns in superior majesty.

Over the years, MacWorld has written 1,166 articles mentioning the virtual assistant at least, and one particularly appreciated article is the one with fun questions you can set to Siri. But also our list of useful and some slightly unexpected commands has been appreciated by you readers.

The future for Siri and virtual voice assistants in general can be said to be fairly bright, but how exactly Apple’s product can be developed in the future is uncertain. It is clear that Apple has made several acquisitions in recent years (see here and here) in machine learning and other areas where you want to develop Siri.

Thanks to William who reminded us of the jubilee!