Console and games broke sales records in Europe

In case you weren’t aware, the Nintendo Switch is an extremely popular console. The immense success of the machine is all the more impressive as it does not seem to weaken over time. And while it was possible to imagine that supply issues would hurt Switch sales at this end of the year, it appears the console and its games are still doing very well.

The Nintendo Switch and its games have just broken several sales records in Europe in the United Kingdom. And this is not a question of estimates. The information was in fact communicated directly by Nintendo. The Kyoto firm explains that it sold more consoles and games in these territories during the week of November 23 than during any other week since the console’s release.

Nintendo specifies that these statistics are linked to internal sales data from Nintendo. In addition, they concern both the sales of physical and dematerialized games. On the hardware side, November has always been a success for the Switch. The weeks leading up to Christmas are, after all, a good time to buy consoles.

The Switch will die, but not right away

This year, however, the console was helped by a very special pack. As previously indicated, Nintendo has indeed marketed a pack comprising a console, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online. To finish with the hardware that the sales record that the Nintendo Switch just broke was previously set in November 2019.

On the Switch game sales side, things are also impressive. So impressive that they broke their record twice in a row last November. A new sales record was first set during the week of November 15 in Europe. Record which was immediately broken the following week.

Switch game sales compete with themselves

If console sales are doing well, and they’re not just the work of speculators, it makes sense that games will follow suit. This year, however, Nintendo was helped by the release of Pokémon Sparkling Diamond / Sparkling Pearl. The game was indeed released on November 19 and has passed the 6 million copies sold across the world in a weekend.

Sparkling Diamond Pokémon on Nintendo Switch

Year after year, it’s legitimate to wonder when Switch sales will eventually run out of steam. Faced with the results obtained this year again by the Nintendo console and its games, it seems futile to speculate on this subject. Especially since the Japanese manufacturer still has big games to release on Switch.

What do you think of these records? Do sales of Nintendo Switch and its games continue to surprise you? How long will Nintendo manage to maintain such a level of popularity? Give us your opinion in the comments below.