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console release date leaked

console release date leaked

Rumors around the “PS5 Portable” continue. Sony is reportedly releasing a hybrid half-accessory PlayStation 5 half-portable console device and we know when it could be released.

Rumors around a potential PS Vita 2 have now died down. A insider had given hope to those who want Sony to return to the portable console market. The Japanese firm would ultimately opt for a sort of in-between that fans of the brand are already calling the PS5 Portable despite everything. A device that will therefore not walk on the flower beds of the Nintendo Switch or the Steam Deck, but which would reinforce the Remote Play functionality of the PlayStation 5 so dear to the manufacturer. We now know more about its release date.

A release window for the PS5 Portable

No PS Vita 2 on the horizon, but new hardware that looks like a portable console. Known under the code name Q Lite, the device would be a hybrid between the accessory and a cloud gaming console. The one that players are already calling the PS5 Portable will actually require owning the basic console and would be based on the Remote Play functionality that the manufacturer was still promoting a few days ago. It would then require a permanent internet connection with performance allowing a streaming game that can climb to 1080p and 60fps. It’s obviously less sexy than a PS Vita 2 all of a sudden. Tom Henderson, who revealed its existence, had specified that it would be released before the famous PS5 Pro. It has now provided more details about its launch window.

It will be released between the PS5 Pro, which is slated for late 2024 at the moment, and the new PlayStation 5 with a detachable disc drive which will arrive at the end of this year. For now, its release date is set for the end of this year. A lot of people say it will launch in 2024, but right now it’s slated for November 2023 instead. “, explained theinsider in the last Iron Lords Podcast. In